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Praise him.
~ Zeltrek

Zeltrek is a Roblox myth who's known for supposedly being around since 2009, making him one of the oldest myths to date. It was rumored that weird things were happening with his account, and that he's a satanist. This is further strengthened by the pentagram on his arm.


Zeltrek's current avatar consists of a full dark stone gray body. He wears the Worshipper pants and the "Cowl of the Worshipper" shirt. He also wears the Scarecrow face, and the "Skeletal Disguise" mask.


It was believed that Zeltrek originally joined in 2009 and was later terminated from bringing up the subject of Satan/Satanism a lot of times, which didn't stop him. Even though the Roblox Moderators "banned" him, his account would still appear out of nowhere. He had multiple accounts named something along the lines of "Zeltrek" and these accounts all had something in common, they all had words for "Praise him" in Greek. He has no places whatsoever so you could only find references through his profile.




  • Zeltrek follows 8 people, all of which have his username with an extra word added at the end and can be seen in his game.