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I am trapped in a nightmare with no exit to run toZarayan's most used quote

Zariah Miller' mostly known and Zarayan or Zara is the main character of the book series called "Nightmares aren't always a dream". She is a young woman who was friends with the Creepypastas when she was a child but due to an accident her relationship with them changed forever. Zarayan used to be a normal human girl with wonderful parents and amazing friends or so she thought she never knew that two of her closest friends where Creepypastas and that she was half Creepypasta as well.


Zarayan was a normal 20 year old woman with dreams to become a surgeon like her father. Once she finished college she began working as a surgeon in a small village called Simiane La Rotonde with her best friends Liu Woods and Nina Hopkins. Zarayan never knew what was the real reason her parents had moved from her hometown she only knew that her parents had moved because the Creepypastas had kidnapped Zarayan when she was only 7 years old.

Zara wanted to know what really happened that day but she decided it was best for her to ignore the voices in her head telling her that her parents where lying to her. One day Zarayan went to buy groceries and she accidentally stumbled upon the forest where she was knocked unconscious and taken hostage by the Creepypastas. When the Creepypastas presented themselves to her she was terrified because she had no memory of them even though they remembered her very well. As the days passed by Zara slowly starting to remember them and was surprised that her best friends Liu and Nina where Creepypastas but then Zarayan and the Creepypastas became aware that someone with the initials "E.V" was after her. That didn't seem to worry Zara much but when she found out that her parents had been killed by a mysterious being she felt an unspeakable rage take over her and she wanted to find a way to become more stronger to be able to find that bastard that killed her sweet parents.

Everyone gave her the idea of becoming one of them and Zara quickly accept it in other words Zarayn ended up killing herself by committing suicide when she woke up she was different with power and strength. Now Zarayn's favorite hobby is killing people she's most likely not going to show you mercy if you ever encounter her.


Zarayn normally appears as a young woman with a lime green, white and bandaged up jacket with black leather boots. Her eyes are emerald green, her hair is wavy and light black, her skin is normally seen with no scratches except for her arms where she had bandages covering up the cuts made by her training.


Zara is a funny, crazy, prankster girl. She loves every single one of the Creepypastas but she is most found of being around Exeller and Masky. Zarayan isn't very found of getting attention but when she does she gets really nervous and she stammers a lot. She's also pretty smart and she is the assistant of Nurse Ann. She can get mad pretty easily thats why everyone tries not to get her mad.

Powers and Abilities

Zara is a very skilled Creepypasta she knows how to use a dagger and a sword but her main power is her unnamed form when she gets very mad her eyes start glowing and she turns into a mystical fire goddess, she is no demon but she uses fire as her main weapon. She can also blend in with the darkness its hard to see her but she can see you. Her eyes also glow in the dark which make her even scarier to see her mouth can turn up into a creepy smile and her teeth become sharp (like a sharks) so she can use her teeth to attack her enemies.

Likes and Dislikes

Likes: Dislikes:
Hanging out with the pastas People hating her
Fighting Being judged
Children Teenagers
Killing Mentions of her parent's death
Watching movies Being the centre of attention
Being important to Masky and Exeller Ben flirting with her
Tomboy stuff Girly things


  • Zarayan was created by creepypasta author Leslie H.
  • She was originally going to be 18 years old in the book but it was decided for her to be 20 instead.
  • Zarayan isn't a famous creepypasta character but her creator hopes she will be someday.
  • Her birthday is on November 1st 2020 and she killed herself on January 22nd 2040 she measures atleast "5'6".
  • She kills people to try to forget that someone killed her parents what she doesn't know is that she has a half-brother who is responsible for her parents death she hates seeing children abused or hurt and will do anything to protect them.
  • Zarayan is not Zalgo's long lost daugther, Zarayan is her own species so they aren't related.
  • Zarayan's name is "Zariah Amaya Miller" she decided to change it to Zarayan so it would seem cooler and a creepypasta name to be recognized instead of just Zariah.
  • She loves getting attention from boys and she flirts a lot with Maksy and Sonic.Exe but she hates it when Ben flirts with her because he does it because he wants her to be his girlfriend but she's not interested in him but if she had a boyfriend she would literally eat him up with her attitude.

Theme Song

Maneater by Nelly Furtado

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