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I'm not insane, I'm just a little crazy.
~ Xandy

Note: This is an OC creepypasta. And I wish I can make it canon.

Who is he?

Xandy was a high school student named Kevin Lin before registered as a Creepypasta. This is the story where he's threaten, disappearing from the incident, and becoming a psychopath.

Creator: TheMask101


Narration = *...*

Actions = {...}

Event = [...]

Head = (...)

[File: 1]

*January 19th, 2018. What is this feeling? Was it depression, was it jealously? It all started when my crush, Scarlet, was taken by Rocky, the new kid and a junior year student.*

{Kevin walks out of the bus and saw Scarlet on her way to the entrance}

{He'd walk towards her}

Kevin: Hi Scarlet... {Yawns}

Scarlet: Good morning, Kevin. You’re still wearing the same clothing?

Kevin: What else can I wear?

{Rocky bumps into Kevin}

Rocky: {Sarcasm} Oh I'm sorry, I didn't see you there.

Kevin: I can tell that was on purpose.

Rocky: Listen, she is my girlfriend. You do something to her, I will kill you. This is a warning, got that?...

{Silenced for one second}

Rocky: That's what I thought... you f**king loser.

{The word "loser" echoed in Kevin's mine}

{Rocky walks away}

Scarlet: Are you ok?

Kevin: Just a headache... {Walks away}

[12:00 PM - Lunch Time]

{Kevin still has a headache} {Kevin sits with Jack}

Kevin: Seriously? You haven't finished your math homework.

Jack: Ok, I was slacking off. Big deal.

Kevin: That's gonna be due next period, you need to fin-

{Rocky spilled a carton of chocolate milk on Kevin}

Rocky: {Sarcasm} Oh, I am so sorry for bumping into you.

Jack: Really?! My homework is soaked!

Rocky: That's good, I hope you get a "good grade." {Chuckle}

[2:00 PM - School Ended]

Kevin: {Walks to his bus}

Y: (Pathetic) {Echoed}

{Kevin turns around seeing no one behind him, turns back around face to face with Scarlet}

Kevin: Um... Hi...? (Too close)

{Rocky pushed Kevin onto the bus}

Rocky: What the hell you think you're doing. VIRGIN!

Scarlet: Rocky! he didn't do anything!

Rocky: I see what you're doing. You like to piss me off, do you?

Scarlet: Knock it off!

Rocky: Maybe that's why you don't have friends, you're always annoying as hell!

Scarlet: Put him down!

Rocky: Oh I'll put him down alright. {He grabbed Kevin's face and smash his head on the bus}

[Kevin's Mind]

Y: (This world was always cruel...) {Echoed}

{Smashed again}

Kevin: (Who are you?...) {Echoed}

Y: (We are your personalities, to put it simple...) {Echoed} (We are you...) {Echoed}

{Smashed again}

X: (If you don't do anything...) {Echoed} (You'll die...) {Echoed}

Y: (Stand up...) {Echoed} (Fight back...) {Echoed}

[Outside of his head]

Kevin: {Grabs his arm} Wrong move... {Iris turns red} dickhead...

{Kevin punched Rocky, grabbed him by the neck, and slam him onto the school column}

{Rocky has fainted}

{Kevin's eyes turned normal, looked at the crowd, runs away into a forest}

[Day 3 of Kevin's Disappearance]

{Teacher making roll calls}

Teacher: Kevin?... Huh, he's absent again. {Continues}

Jack: It's Rocky's fault.

Scarlet: No, it’s my fault.

[2:00 PM - School Ended]

{Jack found Scarlet}

Jack: Where are you going?

Scarlet: Following his trail.

Jack: I'm coming with you.

Scarlet: I'll be fine by myself.

{Jack still comes along}

[2:05 PM - Scarlet and Jack continued searching Kevin in the forest]

{Scarlet and Jack are still shouting his name until a mysterious figure appeared with glowing blue eyes}

Scarlet: {Gasp}

X: I'm not here to hurt you.

Scarlet: Who are you?

{The entity takes off his hood and his iris is no longer blue}

Kevin: I ask you to leave the forest, now.

Scarlet: But we just found you, why?

Kevin: I have to stay here. To prevent others from getting hurt.

Scarlet: We can help you.

Kevin: You can't...

Jack: Kevin, just come with us.

Kevin: I said {Eyes turned red} N O ! ! !

{A very long silence, and Kevin started running}

Jack: Wait!

[File: 2] [Day 1 of Kevin's disappearance: After Rocky was put in a coma]

{Kevin constantly running until he stopped}

Kevin: {Panting} I don't know why you're following me.

???: That's because I am monitoring.

Kevin: Who are you anyways?

???: I am an entity from another world, you may call me The Artist.

Kevin: Artist? You draw stuff?

The Artist: I create stories. Everything that happened in your life was caused by my choices and my decisions.

Kevin: Choices?...Decisions?...

The Artist: You were going to die, so I created 2 entities living inside your mind to help you.

Kevin: Why are you doing this to me?

*The man disappeared without answering my question*


Xandy wears a black hoodie (Rarely wears a grey jacket), blue jeans, and black Nike shoes. Before registered as a Creepypasta he once had black hair and brown eyes, (Always believing they're darkish grey). Xandy actually has two forms: When he takes off his hoodie, he becomes his human form (eyes stop glowing). However. when wearing his hoodie, his entire body becomes a shadow, his shadow form, (eyes start glowing).

Likes & Dislikes

Likes Dislikes
Killing people he hates. People who lie about their profile

(Ex: Calling themselves nice even though they abused someone)

Music (He is Edgy) Jeff the killer as X
Flirting with Clockwork as Y

(He doesn't know she has a boyfriend)

Ticci Toby as Y
Being called gay, even though

he's heterosexual asexual

Stupid or false theory about him
Becoming a proxy


  • Xandy's weapon of choice is a hammer (Rarely seen using a machete)
  • Always loses in an argument
  • Has met Slenderman many times before
  • He is 15-year-old from the beginning of the story (Currently 19-year-old) (17-year-old IRL)
  • Born on November (Scorpio)
  • He is not gay so don't even think about making a fanfic (Yes, I'm watching you)
  • His eyes once turned purple
  • He doesn't work with either Slendy or Zalgo
  • Gets a little annoyed around Xtrm Ampz. (Sometimes you got to stick with it)
  • Unable to be mind-controlled or possessed (Noone, not even himself, knows why and how)
  • He is the weakest creepypasta out of everybody you know.
  • Theme Song


Q1: Why is he named Xandy?

A: Xandy is identified as a Two-Personality Psychopath/Killer. His name is actually a separate word: X and Y.

Q2: About his personalities.

A: X is Kevin's kindness (If Xandy's eyes both glow blue), he is friendly. Y is Kevin's despair (If Xandy's eyes both glow red), he is something you should run away from. If both eyes turned blue and red that means he's himself.

Q3: What makes him a killer?

A: Xandy is a psychopath who wants to kill only those who hated him, bullied him, abused him, and hurt his feelings. The world can be a cruel place sometimes.

Q4: What does he sound like?

A: Kevin's voice sounds completely normal. X's voice sounds like Theta from Red vs Blue. Y's voice sounds a lot like Venom from Marvel. 

Q5: Is Xandy real? 

A: Xandy is a copy of an entity named The Artist. The Artist is the alternative version of TheMask101 (Kevin) who created Xandy to be part of the Kevinverse Army.

Q6: What happened to his parents and how they die?

A: They were murdered by Slender man because Xandy refused to become his proxy.

Q7: Does Xandy have any friends?

A: He never had friends because he always thinks the world hates him. As for people who want to become his friend, he only thinks they're pretending to be friendly. He also believed he suffered from the "God Curse."

Q8: What is this "God Curse?"

A: Kevin believed he was born with a curse where it kills anyone he cares about or anybody who becomes his friend. He also started believing he's a fallen angel, that he did something to piss God off where he descend to the human world.

Q9: "His eyes once turned purple," what does it mean?

A: It means his anger. A personality nobody can talk about.

Q10: Does he like girls?

A: He has a bad relationship with everybody. (Xandy use to be heterosexual until people started trolling, saying he's gay. Xandy is now asexual)

Q11: What are Xandy's weakness(es)?

A: Xandy can't die in his shadow form, so to kill him you need to take off his hood first.

Q12: How do you summon Xandy?

A: Ingredients for the summoning:

  • Skull of Someone you "truly" hate [Someone at your age]
  • Blood of Someone you "truly" hate [Can be a different person]
  • Hammer [Any size and shape]
  • Your Phone
  1. Go to school (at exact / before) 3 AM. [Inside the school or gymnasium, lights off]
  2. Draw a pentagram with blood. [Doesn't have to be perfect]
  3. Place skull in the middle.
  4. Smash it [Leave the hammer in the middle]
  5. Play his theme song. [Not part of the summoning, but he will spawn in 3 minutes]
  6. He will appear behind you. [He won't hurt you as long as you didn't do anything to piss him off.