I was always wondering about life. Why am I born in a world full of bad people? Questions like that are always mysterious, but then I realize that maybe God created me. He chose me to clean up his mess. That's why I'm going around killing bad people. Sins can be forgiven, but cannot be forgotten.
~ Xandy
Note: This creepypasta is not yet canon, and it will be and I don't know when.

Who is he?

Xandy was a high school student named Kevin Lin before registered as a Creepypasta. His creator is TheMask101. Follow his story about him getting threaten, disappearing from the incident, and becoming a killer.


Narration = *...* Actions = {...} Event = [...] Head = (...)

*January 19th, 2018. I don't know why I'm feeling like this. It all started when my crush, Scarlet, was later taken by Rocky, the new kid, and a junior year student.*

{Kevin walks out of the bus and saw Scarlet on her way to the entrance}

{He'd walk towards her}

Kevin: Hi Scarlet... {Yawns}

Scarlet: Good morning, Kevin. You’re still wearing the same hoodie.

Kevin: Are you comparing me with someone else?

{Rocky bumps into Kevin}

Rocky: {Sarcasm} Oh I'm sorry, I didn't see you there. Listen, she is my girlfriend and you do not have to right to talk to her, or else you're dead meat.

Kevin: I can talk to her all I want, it's a free country!

Rocky: Don't you dare mess with me, you weak loser! {Flashback while the word loser echoed till it faded}

Scarlet: Are you ok?

Kevin: Just a headache... {Walks away}

[12:00 PM - Lunch Time]

{Kevin still has a headache} {Kevin sits with Jack}

Kevin: Really? You haven't done your math homework.

Jack: Ok, I was slacking off.

Kevin: We have a test coming up next week.

{Rocky spills chocolate milk on Kevin}

Rocky: {Sarcasm} I am so sorry for bumping into you.

Kevin: You're doing this on purpose.

Jack: Great, my homework is soaked.

Rocky: That's good, I hope your teacher gives you an A+. Hehe.

[2:00 PM - School Ended]

Kevin: {Walks to his bus}

Y: (Pathetic) {Echoed}

{Kevn turns around seeing no one behind him, turns back around face to face with Scarlet}

Scarlet: Oh, hi!

Kevin: (Too close) Hi...?

{Rocky pushed Kevin into the bus wall}

Rocky: Just what the hell you think you're doing. VIRGIN!

Kevin: I swear, we {choking} weren't doing anything.

Scarlet: Put him down Rocky.

Rocky: Oh I'll put him down alright. {Tries to kill him}

[Kevin's head]

Y: (Stand up for yourself) {Echoed} (This world was always cruel) {Echoed} (You have no one to trust, Only yourself) {Echoed}

Kevin: (What do you mean?) {Echoed}

X: (You're weak) {Echoed} (If you don't do anything, you'll die) {Echoed}

Y: (Act strong Kevin) {Echoed} (Act Strong) {Echoed}

[Outside of the head]

Kevin: {Grabs his fist as Rocky threw a punch} Wrong move, dick.

{Kevin's iris both turned red and pushed Rocky onto the school wall}

{Rocky instantly fainted and in a state of coma}

{Kevin's eyes turned normal, looked at the crowd, runs away into a forest}

[3 Days after Kevin's Disappearance]

{Teacher making roll calls}

Teacher: Kevin?... Huh, he's absent again. {Continues}

Jack: Listen Scarlet... I'm sorry about what happened 3 days ago.

Scarlet: I know, it’s my fault.

[2:00 PM - School Ended]

{Jack found Scarlet}

Jack: What are we gonna do now?

Scarlet: I want to know what happened to him. I'm gonna follow his trail.

Jack: I'm coming with you, you can't go alone.

Scarlet: I'll be fine.

Jack: You'll be in danger, who will protect you if I'm not here?

Scarlet: Fine, you can come.

[2:05 PM - Scarlet and Jack decided to go home late to find Kevin in the forest]

{Scarlet and Jack would continue to shout his name until a mysterious figure with blue glowing eyes appeared}

Scarlet: {Gasp}

X: Don’t freak out, I'm not here to hurt you.

Scarlet: Who are you? {Kevin's left eye turned red}

Kevin: What are you doing here.

Jack: Hang on a minute I recognize that voice. Kevin?

Kevin: I ask you to leave the forest, now.

Scarlet: What happened to you? Why are your eyes glowing?

Kevin: It's none of your business.

Jack: What happened to you? Why are your eyes glowing?

Kevin: Your jokes are still not funny Mr. Hilarious.

Jack: Ok, just tell us what happened to you, we can help.

Kevin: Fine,... It's a long story.

[Day 1 of Kevin's disappearance]

{Kevin constantly running until he stopped}

{Panting} Kevin: I don't know why you're following me.

???: That's because I am monitoring.

Kevin: Who are you anyway?

???: I do not have a name nor sharing details, you may call me The Artist.

Kevin: The Artist? What do you do, draw stuff?

The Artist: No, I have the power of God. Everything that happened in your life was caused by my choices and my narration.

Kevin: Caused by narration? Is that why I'm stronger than Rocky?

The Artist: Yes, but right now he is in a coma.

Kevin: How?

The Artist: I don't know, it just happened. Also, I like you to meet 2 interesting people.

Kevin: Where?

The Artist: Inside your head. I want you to meet X and Y. X is your kind personality, and Y is your violent personality.

X and Y: (HI) (Hello)

Kevin: Why are you doing this to me. [The Artist disappeared without answering his question]

Kevin: The white glowing figure didn't bother asking my questions.

Scarlet: I feel bad for you already.

Jack: Yea same. So are you coming home?

Kevin: Sure! I wil- {Kevin's eyes turned blue again}

X: Oh no. Scarlet, Jack, I'm afraid I won't. You need to hurry!

Scarlet: Why?

Jack: What's going on?

X: He's coming!

Jack: Who's coming?

X: You need to go!

Jack: You're not telling me anyth-


{Scarlet and Jack both ran away from Kevin as soon as possible}

{Kevin's eyes both turned red}

The End...?


Xandy wears a black hoodie (Rarely wears a grey jacket), blue jeans, and black Nike shoes. Before registered as a Creepypasta he once had black hair and brown eyes, (Always believing they're darkish grey). Xandy actually has two forms: When he takes off his hoodie, he becomes his human form (eyes stop glowing). However. when wearing his hoodie, his entire body becomes a shadow, his shadow form, (eyes start glowing).

Why he was named Xandy.

Xandy was identified as a Two-Personality Psychopath/Killer. His name is actually a separate word: X and Y. X is Kevin's kindness if Xandy's eyes both glow blue, he is friendly. On the other hand, Y is Kevin's despair, if Xandy's eyes both glow red, he is something you should run away from. If both eyes turned blue and red that means he's himself.


Kevin's voice sounds completely normal. X's voice sounds like Theta from Red vs Blue. Y's voice sounds a lot like Venom from Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Likes & Dislikes

Likes Dislikes
Trespassing restricted areas (He is the rules) Jeff the killer as X and Ticci Toby as Y
Burning photos of the

ones he hated as Kevin

Getting punched by Ticci Toby every time

he talks to Clockwork as Y

(I've seen a lot "Ticci Toby X Clockwork" fanart)

Flirting with Clockwork as Y

(He doesn't know she has a boyfriend)

Being called gay even though

he wants to marry a girl (Could be anyone)

Working with Jane to kill Jeff

(10% Possibility of making a story out of this, I already know Jane doesn't do partnership)

Someone making a stupid or false theory about him
Scavenging Losing in an argument
Music (He is Emo, Not 100% actually) Assigned as a proxy


  • Xandy's weapon of choice is a hammer (Rarely seen using a machete)
  • Always loses in an argument
  • Has met Slenderman many times before
  • He is 15-year-old from the beginning of the story (Currently 19-year-old) (16-year-old IRL)
  • Born on November (Scorpio)
  • Sexuality: Heterosexual
  • His eyes once turned purple
  • He doesn't work with either Slendy or Zalgo
  • Gets a little annoyed around Xtrm Ampz. (But sometimes you got to stick with it)
  • Unable to be mine controlled or possessed (Noone, not even himself, knows why and how)
  • Used a gun for the first time during the containment breach in C.A.P.S.
  • He is the weakest creepypasta out of everybody you know.
  • Theme Song


Q1: What happened to his parents and how they die?

A: They were murdered by Slender man because Xandy refused to become his proxy.

Q2: What makes him a killer?

A: Xandy is a psychopath who wants to kill only those who hated him, bullied him, abused him, and hurt his feelings. The world can be a cruel place sometimes.

Q3: Does Xandy have any friends?

A: He never has friends. He always thinks the world hates him. As for people who want to become his friend, he only thinks they're pretending to be friendly.

Q4: Why does Xandy hate Jeff the killer?

A: Xandy never hated Jeff. He was researching all the "famous" creepypastas until he came across a wiki about Jeff, X said his creepy appearance haunts him. Another fact: Not only he kills someone he hates, but he also kills something he fears. 

Q5: "His eyes once turned purple," what does it mean?

A: It means his anger. A personality nobody can talk about.

Q6: Is Xandy real?

A: Personally as the creator of this wiki, I AM in fact Xandy. However, that doesn't mean I am a creepypasta. Me, Scarlet, Jack, and the setting the story takes place are real, the only thing that's not real is Rocky and the whole split personality thing. I created this creepypasta because I want to show people how I feel after getting bullied a lot in games or real life. Plus I love creating fictional stories about myself, from superheroes to crazy adventures.

Q7: What happened to Scarlet and Jack afterward?

A: Jack and Scarlet's status is alive.

Q8: Does he like girls?

A: He has a bad relationship with everybody.

Q9: What are Xandy's weakness(es)?

A: Xandy can't die in his shadow form, so to kill him you need to take off his hood first.

Q10: How do you summon Xandy?

A: Ingredients for the summoning:

  • Skull of Someone you "truly" hate [Someone at your age]
  • Blood of Someone you "truly" hate [Can be a different person]
  • Hammer [Any size and shape]
  • Your Phone
  1. Go to school (at exact / before) 3 AM. [Inside the school or gymnasium, lights off]
  2. Draw a pentagram with blood. [Doesn't have to be perfect]
  3. Place skull in the middle.
  4. Smash it [Leave the hammer in the middle]
  5. Play his theme song. [Not part of the summoning, but he will spawn in 3 minutes]
  6. He will appear behind you. [He won't hurt you as long as you didn't do anything to piss him off.]