Nathaniel Larain Lewis aka X was a fearful person outside and inside his house. After his parents continued to abuse him, he became sassy, and he swears a little bit.

Follow X's story of being abused, being bullied at school, and becoming a proxie.


Nathaniel has the letter "X" on his chest created by his father and he renamed himself "X" because of the scar on his chest. he wears a red hoodie, red skinny jeans, a black mask with only gray eye sockets, his eyes are blue and his hair is red, and he wears gray fingerless gloves. he has red wings.


A Japanese sword


Nathaniel Larain Lewis wakes up every morning at 6:30 AM, Monday through Friday to get ready for school. He picks out his favorite red hoodie, and his favorite red pants and goes to take a quick shower.

"NATHANIEL LARAIN LEWIS! You're going to miss the bus again," yells Mrs. Lewis.

Nathan hurries downstairs and grabs a cherry pop tart and runs outs next to his big brother Danny.

"What took you so long bro?" Danny asked.

"Stuff," Nathan replies with a moan. "I forgot to brush my hair and wet down my wings again," Nathan cries out.

"Oh boohoo," jokes Danny.

Nathan gives Danny a bro punch and sees the bus arrive at their stop. Danny gets on the bus first and then Nathan gets on the bus and Nathan feels a slight tug on the sleeve of his hoodie. It was his good best friend Johnny Days. Nathan looks at Johnny and smiles as he sits next to Johnny.

"Hey Nathan. What's going on? Having a bad hair day much?" Johnny jokes with a laugh.

"Hey Johnny. Oh you know. Same damn thing every day. I was in a hurry, so I couldn't brush my hair nor wet down my wings," Nathan replies with a sigh.

"Still being abused? I'm getting worried that they'll kill you and Danny," worries Johnny.

"Yeah. Still do. Nothing's changed from them. God, I'm seriously going to kill them one day," whispers Nathan.

"Nathan, stop talking about our parents that way! If they find out that you're talking about them this way, they'll kill you instead. I don't want to lose my little brother," growls Danny.

"Fine," Nathan said while spreading his wings to wipe them down with his hoodie.

"That's much better. Now my wings looks better, even though I didn't get to wet them down as usual."

"God, I wish I had wings like you and Danny. They look awesome," Johnny says with a jealous tone.

"Actually, you don't. They may look awesome, but they're heavy and hard to wash. It's not fun having wings," Nathan tells Johnny with an annoyed look.

Once they got off the bus when they arrived at their school, Unique High School, they went inside to eat breakfast. Johnny had cereal, Nathan ate his pop tart, and Danny didn't eat anything. Danny went to his friends and sat with them. Johnny looks at Danny as Danny sat down next to his friends.

"Why doesn't Danny eat Nate? He should eat," Johnny asks.

"He doesn't eat because his stomach is much smaller than mine. He can only eat a little. He says, as an excuse, that he's trying to lose weight, but his body will actually go into survival mode and then he'll gain weight instead of losing weight," sighs Nathan.

"He's picky, that's all."

"Really? Wow," Johnny replies with a mouth full.

After breakfast, Nathan, Johnny, and Danny heads at class. Nathan and Johnny goes to the 11th grade hall to go to their classroom, Danny goes to the 12th grade hall to get to his classroom. As Nathan and Johnny enters their math 3 classroom, Mrs. Scarlet greets the boys and politely asks them to take their seats. As Nathan takes his seat, a kid named Roger, who sits behind Nathan, pulls on Nathan's right wing and pulling a feather off of his right wing.

"Ouch! Roger! Why did you do that? That hurt," Nathan angrily says as he grabs his right wing.

"I wanted to-"

"Apologize to Nathan right now Roger," interrupts Mrs. Scarlet.

"Why should I? Why do I have to apologize to a kid who gets abused everyday? His parents don't apologize to him," argues Roger.

Nathan gets up and runs out of the school crying. Johnny gets up and yells at Roger.

"Roger, you're a bitch! You know that Nathan is emotional about what happens outside of school! Going to school is the only time that he gets of not being abused! God!" Johnny runs after Nathan and stops as he sees Nathan sitting under a tree crying.

Johnny walks up to Nathan and sits next to him, and hugs him.

"Hey, everything's going to be ok," Johnny says in an attempt to calm down Nathan. Johnny looks at Nathan's face and sees a black mask with gray eye holes.

"Hey, where did you get that mask Nate? It looks creepy with it being black," asks Johnny with a small laugh.

"I'll kill him. I'll make him feel the pain I feel everyday when I'm at home. I will kill him," Nathan says ignoring Johnny's question.

Nathan gets up and heads back to the school, but is confronted by Roger and his two buddies. Roger throws a punch at the nose point of Nathan's mask creating a crack in the mask and giving Nathan a nosebleed as Nathan fell on his back. Roger's two buddies pulled on Nathan's wings to spread them out and Roger tries to make an attempt to jump on Nathan's wings but is thrown to the ground by Danny.

"Leave my brother alone. You picked on the wrong guy on the wrong time. Don't put a single finger on my brother again," Danny growls at Roger.

"Aw. The big brother comes to save his little weak ass brother. How sweet," Roger teases as he sits up.

"You've asked for it-" "Don't! Don't touch him Danny! He's mine!" snaps Nathan as he stands up with a wipe on his mouth. Nathan spreads out his wings and walks towards Roger and Roger smiles.

"So, the weakling gets up and tries to look strong in front of his big brother. It's so cute that I could throw up!"

Nathan punches Roger's nose, breaking it and knocking Roger out.

"Don't underestimate me Roger. Do again, and I will kill you with no mercy," threatens Nathan. Roger's two buddies runs away in terror as Nathan looks at them. Nathan takes off the mask and puts it in his hoodie then he starts walking away from the school while dragging his wings. Danny laughs while being surprised and Johnny looks at him.

"What's so funny Danny? Nathan just kicked Roger's ass," Johnny asks.

"I know. It's just that this is just came out of the blue," Danny says.

"Yeah," Johnny replies.

After school, Danny and Johnny takes the bus while Nathan walks home. While Nathan is walking home, he holds his broken mask in his hands.

"Damn! I let him break my mask! I just stood there. Why did I just stand there and let him punch me?" Nathan sighs, "I'll just get me a new one."

Nathan throws away his broken mask and walks to a costume store and buys a new identical mask. Nathan also buys a pair of gray fingerless gloves, and puts on the mask and the gloves as he leaves the store.

"Much better," Nathan says as he smiles.

Nathan walks to a Japanese blacksmith and makes a deal with the blacksmith. The blacksmith will give Nathan a sword if Nathan can get the blacksmith a ruby necklace for his wife. Nathan agrees and buys a ruby necklace from a jewelry store and gives it to the blacksmith. The blacksmith keeps his end of the deal and gives Nathan a unique Japanese sword.

Nathan got home when it was night-time, and he went straight to bed as everyone else was already asleep. Once Nathan goes to sleep, he has a dream of a tall creature in a suit. Nathan sees the creature hold out it's hand. The thing didn't speak. Nathan wakes up from the weird dream and he looked at his clock and sees that it's 12:30 AM. Nathan sighs and looks out the window into the midnight darkness. As usual, the lamp-post outside on the sidewalk was flickering. Nathan never thought of it, but while Nathan was focused on the flickering, he barely sees the same exact creature that he saw in his weird dream. All he could make out was a head and two hands. Nathan just brushed it off as a hallucination and went to his bathroom and splashed water on his face. When Nathan looks into the mirror, he sees the same blank face and turns around in horror and only sees the shower curtain. Nathan sighs and heads to bed.

The next morning, Nathan feels sick to his stomach and has a huge headache. Mrs. Lewis allows Nathan to stay home. That really made Mr. Lewis mad. When Nathan walked downstairs to get a drink, Mr. Lewis started to abuse Nathan and swear at Nathan. Mr. Lewis rips Nathan's red shirt off and hits Nathan's chest with a belt making the letter X on his chest. Nathan's chest starts to bleed very bad and Nathan screams in pain and Danny-who just got off of the bus, hears Nathan scream in pain and drops his backpack and runs inside and sees Mr. Lewis abusing Nathan.

Danny tries to stop Mr. Lewis to save his brother, but is knocked off by Mrs. Lewis and was hit multiple times by Mrs. Lewis. Danny pushes Mrs. Lewis off of him and pulls Mr. Lewis off of Nathan and is then thrown to the floor and Mr. Lewis rips off Danny's blue wings, leaving Danny's back covered in blood. Nathan ran to his room and grabs his sword and pulls it out of it's sheath and runs back downstairs and attempts to kill his father, but Mr. Lewis gets out of the way of Nathan's attack and grabs Nathan's sword and throws it outside. Nathan runs outside to retrieve the sword and as he grabs his sword, Mr. Lewis has shot Nathan in the wings so he couldn't fly away.

Nathan continued to run after he retrieved his sword and stops at flickering lamp-post to catch his breath. Nathan sees a white hand being held out. Nathan looks up and sees the creature that he has seen in his weird dream. Nathan stares at the creature for a while and then the creature spoke. "My name is Slenderman," the creature says.

"Follow me, and you won't get abused anymore."

Nathan grabs his hand and follows Slenderman into the dusk. Nathan returns back to his house and grabs his red hoodie, mask, and gray fingerless gloves.

Two days later, Danny was sitting on the couch in bandages, watching the news of two females and two males murdered in cold blood. "We don't know who or what done this," said the reporter.

"But it may have been done by someone or something with red wings..."


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