Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum!
~ Broll’s most famous quote, coincidentally what his victims hear before he strikes

Wilson Broll, aka the Unknown Man, as the general public calls him(at least in Philadelphia), was a serial killer whose reign of terror lasted from 2018 to 2038. During that time it is said that over 500 people were killed. He did not work alone; in fact he had the help of five of his friends who each had the same goal has him: peace, longevity, and justice for themselves and their families. Throughout those 20 years, he and his friends have befriended many of the other pastas, though Broll has met most of them and is... friends with them. There are a few enemies, though, but he tries to avoid them for his own safety.


Wilson was born in 2004 in Indianapolis, but his parents moved shortly after to Philadelphia, where they taught at Drexel University. In 2006, he was gifted a stuffed frog which he named Froggy. That frog is something that he still sleeps with to this day, and is very protective about it. In that same year, his brother Cicero was born. In 2009 his sister Agatha was born. In 2010, he was placed on the Autism Spectrum. In 2013 he was rushed to the hospital after he suffered a swollen brain, later found out to be a parasitic disease called Congenital Toxoplasmosis, something he’ll have to deal with for the rest of his life. The relationship between him and the parasite, whom he called Toxo, was what he described as a relationship between college roommates. The parasite will talk to him on a daily basis and it’s something that only he can hear, making his family very concerned.

Aside from all this, Broll’s school was terrible. It was a large complex consisting of an elementary school and a high school, both of which were Catholic. He had his fair share of bullies there and often did what he could to fend them off but to no avail. He did have friends though, but after 8th grade they all left the Delaware Valley. All except for two: Ivan Paul and Markos Fpliosousir. On his first day at high school he witnessed Ivan get wrongly bullied by a teacher, and he was not happy about it. Broll learned through Markos that there was a person who could find that teacher’s address through means of hacking: Maggie Richter, a girl with Marfan Syndrome. He found her and gained the information he needed. The next night he told his parents that he’ll be going on a walk, which he sort of was, and went down to the teacher’s house. What happened next was a kill not too pleasant to speak of.

The next few days he gets upset at the stuff some people say or do, and goes out to carry his “acts of peace” those nights. Ivan eventually figured it out and told Wilson about it, introducing the latter to some friends:

  • Tiberius Edison, savant engineer
  • Joy Durham, girl insensitive to the cold
  • Von Chrutches, another autistic boy with absolutely no fear of anything

These three all had been picked on because of their disabilities, to which Broll said that they’d be more powerful as a “false gang,” which is exactly what they called themselves from then on. After getting bullied by two seniors shortly after, they agreed to make them pay... which they did, but in a sloppy manner. After both seniors were given “peace,”, the False Gang agreed to make a set of rules for themselves:

  • Obviously, their entire thing must be kept secret.
  • The member who gets picked on or any other family member of theirs gets to make the killing blow.
  • The school year is to be called Bellumprimum, the Summer months are called Antebellum, when they all get to take a break.
  • During Antebellum, they are not to be seen with Broll in person, as everyone agreed to make him leader of the False Gang.
  • The “mission” of the False Gang ends when one of them dies.

The night that was written was the last “normal” night of Wilson’s life. The following week, after an act of peace was successfully carried out, Broll was investigating a sound in the alleyway when he was stopped in his tracks by Zero, ready to kill him. Luckily he managed to knock her out and flee the area. A few nights later, he met her again; however she only wanted to talk, saying that she was actually impressed at how Broll actually managed to survive her grasp and how she wanted to start a friendship with him, something that Broll hesitantly agreed to. Thus began the first of many relationships with some of the most terrifying and dangerous people in the world.

In January 2019, he was kidnapped by the Slenderman and woke up in a room with Sally, with whom the two spent an hour and a half together as part of a series of “trials” set up by Slender to determine if he was worthy of being a proxy. He was, and on the last abduction Wilson met Slenderman himself, telling him that he has just been chosen to be a worker for him. The following day Broll was teleported to the Slender Forest, where he spent a week in its area, while his family believed that he was at a really strict job. After a terrifying incident involving an SUV, Slender believed that keeping Broll here nonstop would result in bloodshed from all his proxies, and thus made a compromise: Broll is still a proxy, but because of his mentality and behavior, will stay with him and work for him only on the weekdays during the Summer months. Seeing his family during the school year and on weekends. He didn’t seem to mind at all.

Fast forward 19 years. After a series of crazy adventures with his supernatural friends, Broll became wheelchair-bound after Toxo paralyzed him. It was then that Broll realized he needed to come clean... which he did, along with Ivan and Toxo’s help. They went to the police station, where the two humans confessed and pleaded guilty for their actions. Broll was placed on permanent house arrest under armed supervision, while Ivan was sent to a maximum-security prison for life. The whereabouts of the rest of the False Gang are hidden, possibly forever, known only between the two.


No one besides Wilson’s family, friends(human or pasta), knows what he looks like, rather, they don’t know his face, at least. The only thing people will say is that he wears a light trench coat over a gray hoodie which he uses to cover his face. He and the rest of the False Gang wore white masks with red markings, designed to look like blood red fangs. To cover up their fingerprints, he wears animal handling gloves. Under all this, his skin is average, not pale, but it is riddled with scars from a childhood incident involving a barbed wire fence. His face and arms are scarred, giving him the nickname Scarface by some(though it’s one he doesn’t feel comfortable being called). During his Summer months as a proxy, he doesn’t wear that mask at all, instead he wears a training mask he found off of a victim. His facial expressions are almost always going to be tired because of his work. Because of his relations to Slenderman, the Operator symbol is marked on the back of his left hand.


Wilson Broll has a very mixed-up mind. On most days he’s good-mannered and a bit odd, but on others he’s outright creepy. He manages to hide his emotions dangerously well. He does not think he is greater than anyone, as such he addresses those pastas who are not proxies “Commander”, his fellow proxies “Friend-chieftain”, and the Slender Brothers “O Grand Warchief”. He tries to be social, but rarely. As the years of his reign of terror went by, he grew more cold, reclusive, and distrustful. He only trusts his family, so much so that he’s said to be the sweetest person in the family home. Outside though, he is a flexible shell.

Broll is exceptionally protective of his family, however, and is not one to forgive a person for wronging him. That’s why he kills people. He has been known to attack literally anyone, even his closest friends, if he’s been provoked. Sometimes, his distrust for people borderlines on violence. It’s this behavior that make some people refuse to go near him(some people used to not want to go near him, but with time, patience, and quick reflexes, they‘re now really close friends). Once people get to know him, however, he’s actually a pretty funny guy. But perhaps what makes Wilson Broll so dangerous is his creativity. He’s used it to pick up whatever he can into a weapon, making his killing style all over the place.


Allies: His Family, The False Gang, Toxo, Zero, Sally, Ticci-Toby, Eyeless Jack, Jeff the Killer, BEN Drowned, Hoodie, the Bloody Painter, Jason the Toymaker, Smile Dog, Clockwork, Jane the Killer, Kate the Chaser, Killing Kate, Lazari, Judge Angels, Suicide Sadie, Rouge, Wilson the Basher.

Enemies: Homicidal Liu, Masky, the Puppeteer.


  • He has a pet parrot named Ripper(whom he has rained to protect the family), three pet leeches, and an assortment of other small, dangerous animals.
  • He has gotten nearly everyone else mentioned on this page(except his parents) almost killed.
  • Only Wilson’s siblings know of his actions, and of his friends. Their parents suspect something, but nothing else.
  • Broll is asexual.
  • Because of how unsuspecting he can be, Broll has also harbored most of the people mentioned on this page. If any of the pastas are in the area, they know where to go for hiding.
  • He’s more active during Winter nights and during gray rainy days, or just rain in general.
  • Broll has extensive knowledge of animals, and some knowledge of plants. During his years as a serial killer, he has used some of his own animals on his victims.
  • He has a deathly fear of Sally.
  • The relationship between him and Toxo is a bitter one, as Toxo doesn’t at all like what his host does every day.
  • He was 14 years old when he started off as a serial killer.
  • Wilson has an incredibly strong immune system. During flu season, he is one of the last people to get sick.
  • That being said, he often pushes his limits by ingesting the most concerning of substances. He once chugged an entire bottle of mouthwash. Needless to say, it took almost two hours to clean up the following vomit that occurred.
  • He loots the bodies of his victims for money and objects he deems to be weapons.
  • He and the False Gang broke up after one of its members, Maggie, died due to her condition.
  • Wilson has no signature weapon. He determines if something’s dangerous and uses it on people.
  • Sometimes, he’ll combine two items together to create an even more dangerous weapon.
  • He isn’t exactly a soldier. As a proxy, he‘ll fake an injury or being lost to a victim and strikes when they both least expect it and when he’s gained their trust.
  • In the event of an emergency, Broll is always the distraction.
  • He has never once shown absolutely any remorse during his 20 years as a killer.
  • He loves it when he sees a bottle of vodka or other alcohol, not because he drinks, but because he has an opportunity to make a Molotov cocktail.
  • One of his friends in the False Gang, Joy Durham, moved to Iowa shortly after the “mission” ended. She is the only one of them, aside from Wilson, who continue to kill people after the “mission.”

Notable Quotes

  • “Don’t forget as to why I do what I do, you hear?”-To his siblings, trying to justify why he kills people.
  • I don’t know how to say this, but... we can’t kill people in the summertime.”-To the False Gang, explaining his recent encounters with Slenderman.
  • Admit it, buddy: so long as I’m still standing, you can’t really do a thing to me beyond giving me a seizure”- To Toxo, basically saying he has more power in the relationship between them.
  • Name’s Wilson Broll. American by birth, world ender by choice”-After Zero asks who he is.
  • Some fools get to commit crimes against humanity while others get to commit crimes against God. In my case, I say, ‘Why not both?!”-To Sally, after she asks why he kills people.
  • I find the whole concept and definition of war crime and war criminals to be a bit pointless. That being said, I must be the best damn war criminal on the planet!”-To Ticci-Toby.
  • What’s up, blue motherfucker?”-To Eyeless Jack, commenting on his mask.
  • You don’t scare me because I’ve seen and done way worse these past few months”-To Jeff the Killer.
  • I’ve never been trolled by my own video games before! BEN, stop it before I do something I’m going to regret!”-After BEN starts to mess up his PS4.
  • First of all, I thought I was in some sort of training. Why else would I need a training mask? Besides, where I come from, the people can recognize my other mask. It’s the only evidence the people have against me. Everyone across the country knows what it looks like, despite the fact that all my killings happen in the Delaware Valley. A different mask is just what I need to not be recognized”-After Hoodie asks why he isn’t wearing his regular mask.
  • You can hide out in the basement until you’re ready to leave. Don’t underestimate me, bro. The basement is fricking huge, as you’ll soon see.”-After the Bloody Painter comes to seek refuge in Philadelphia.
  • Well then. I must be blackout drunk on my own endorphins”-After watching Smile Dog speak.
  • “Are you threatening me, Commander? I really hope not, for all our sakes”-To Jane the Killer.
  • Always question the man. Unless that man just so happens to be Slenderman, to which I say keep calm and carry on”-To Kate the Chaser.
  • “You’d be surprised at how much damage a pizza cutter can do. Or a fountain pen for that matter”-To Rouge.
  • “Suffice it to say, Toxo finally grew balls”-To Wilson the Basher, after he asks why he(the other Wilson) is in a wheelchair.
  • You may be two people in one, but that doesn’t mean you’re superorganism like me and Toxo”-To Homcidal Liu, after having a conversation with both him and Sully.
  • We don’t have to like each other. That’s okay. I really don’t like you at all, man. Just don’t do any funny business towards me, my family, and my animals”-To Masky.
  • I truly am sad. I thought that I’d be a great friend with a Florida Man, not an enemy. Oh well, Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum”-After the Puppeteer tries to kill him.
  • Weaponizing indicates that I’m giving them armor or weapons or messing their genetic codes. That‘s a misconception. The millions of years these animals have spent to develop the adaptations they have today are weapons enough. The weaponizing part comes from the fact that I just unleash them on some fools”-After Clockwork asks him about his zoo of animals in his own house.
  • Well, today was uneventful. Things were said, hands were thrown, blood was shed, lives were lost. Just another day for me, really”-Explaining to Lazari that every day for him is almost always filled with violence.
  • “Are we not a military? Don’t we have ranks, discipline, and weapons? I certainly think so”-To Slenderman, while high on his endorphins and on some sugar.
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