Willow Teagan Springs is an adolescent girl roughly out the age 16-17. Before she became a murderer, she had been clinically diagnosed with dementia, post traumatic stress disorder, and anxiety.


Willow used to be a pretty self-conscious, calm, aloof, and dull girl that seemed like she didn’t have a personality before she turned into a slight psychopath. When she did; she had no remorse in killing people at all, and did it with an expresionless, emotion deprived look on her face.




Willow was initially a pretty calm, and down to Earth girl. The only person that really seemed to be keeping her happy was her girlfriend, Sydney. At some point, Willow was taken advantage of by her step-father, and the authorities didn’t believe her because he was a very wealthy bussiness man that got his way pretty easily. Sydney was the only person that believed her, but then she commited suicide by hanging herself due to stress. Willow was pretty broken at this point, and realized there was no good in this world. Instead of killing herself like her late girlfriend, she turned to a crazed path of a killer.