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Victor Sevello Jr. later known as Vincent Denholm is the son of Victor Sevello and shares the latter's gift of immortality. Unlike his father however Vincent is a truly benevolent figure who does his best to ensure the side of good will always prevail against those like his father. He is a sensitive and emotionally vulnerable man who is firm and powerful when necessary but generally he is a pacifistic and mature individual who elects to use his abilities for the goodness of the world and those around him.

He was created by Cherry Dorito.


Age- 16-74 (first appearance)

D.O.B- 02/03/23-2nd March 1923

D.O.D- N/A

Nationality- English/Scottish

Sexuality- Pansexual

Identity- Cisgender Male- He/Him

Affiliations/Associates- Charlene Silvers, Donald Grayson, Fabiana Denholm


Much like his father Vincent maintains a youthful look even after decades. He resembles a young man in his late twenties with fair skin, medium length tousled light brown hair and a very skinny physique, he has a thin sharp face with a prominent five o'clock shadow and blue eyes. He has a relatively slender build which contrasts with his father's more athletic build, both are roughly the same height however. In his youth Vincent lacked the five o'clock shadow and had an even skinnier build but otherwise looked mostly the same.

Vincent Denholm (sketch).jpg
Vincent Denholm sketch drawn by Cherry Dorito (the author AKA me)

Vincent for most of his adult life wore an ankle length grey trenchcoat with purple lining, a white shirt with black trousers held up by a pair of green suspenders making his trousers look ankle length, he also wears a green tie, burgundy socks and black Cuban heeled shoes with red soles.

In his youth Vincent adopted similar looks with varying colours of long sleeved shirts, suspenders and trousers he preferred to sit at his ankles however he didn't have a fondness for jackets or coats at this time and usually just wore shirts. He mainly wore simple black shoes at this point as well. His hair was also slightly longer when he was young and he was clean shaven.


Vincent is an emotionally mature, responsible, good natured and level headed man with a large amount of empathy and compassion for everyone he meets. He constantly wishes to do the right thing and will always attempt to do so with the most peaceful approach.

Vincent is also a fairly sensitive individual who is in touch with his feelings and doesn't like hiding his true emotions, however he is not above setting aside his own problems when he wants to get something done in quick succession.

Occasionally Vincent can get impatient with some people such as Donald Grayson however he isn't one to resort to violence or any other means of demeaning those around him he doesn't get along with. The one being Vincent truly dislikes is his own father who he loathes for the mistreatment he is constantly subjected to by his hands.

In his youth Vincent was far more naïve and temperamental, only properly maturing in his later teenage years.


Eternal Life- Just like his father Vincent can't age or die.

Adaption- Vincent's body adapts instantly to any new environment making him capable of doing things such as breathing, speaking and seeing clearly underwater. This is one of the abilities he has which differs from his father's.

Intelligence- Much like his father Vincent is a very intelligent man thanks to his age and experiences with life.

Natural Strength and Agility- The first sign of his immortality. Differing from his father's training routines Vincent is naturally very strong and agile.


Poor fighting skills- In spite of his strength Vincent is not a competent fighter and isn't confident in his abilities whatsoever.

Limited Intelligence- He is still somewhat naïve in comparison to his father and is very poor when it comes to tactics and battle preparation.

Overreliance on one's self- He fears losing anyone else due to his immortality and can take a while to open up and be trusting. Something which has lead to defeat several times over.


Early Life

Victor Sevello Jr. was conceived from one of his father's many one night stands and grew up in poverty with a sickly single mother who tried her best to raise the child and make sure he had a decent quality of life. Unfortunately however she eventually realised there was no hope and she had to take the boy to his father's home. Unfortunately for her Victor was less than thrilled about raising a child and in a fit of fury killed her, he changed his mind about the boy though and decided that keeping him was the best course of action since he could possibly prove of use to him in the future.

Victor Jr's quality of life wasn't much better in the care of his father who was neglectful to the boy at best and would only acknowledge him to belittle or mistreat him in some manner. This didn't affect Victor Jr. too severely however as he befriended a young Italian girl named Fabiana Moretti and got along well with her family in particular her father who in many respects was the real man to raise him.

Over the course of their childhood Victor and Fabiana remained close friends and eventually let another boy into the group by the name of Rodney Mackenzie, the three were largely inseparable for most of their youth and continued being friends up until high school.

Immortal Father

At the age of fifteen high school life was progressing as normal for Junior and he continued going about as normal with each passing day. Meanwhile his father continued his "business travels" which Junior knew in his dad's mind was simply going around killing people and engaging in his hedonism, once returning however Victor took an opportunity to speak to his son thanks to the knowledge he obtained from the morning's newspaper upon his return, Italy had joined Germany's side within the Second World War and sadistically Victor told his son he should watch her back and get ready for some real entertainment to begin. Junior ignored his father, not believing the community would turn on the Moretti family.

Much to Junior's surprise his father was correct and in quick succession school became hard for Fabiana with both teachers and students becoming prejudiced against her, as well as the residents she grew up knowing. Junior couldn't believe the abuse his best friend was facing and wouldn't stand for it anymore. He proudly declared to her he wouldn't turn against her and wouldn't hesitate to challenge anyone who did, this did little to ease Fabiana's mind however she did appreciate what he was doing for her. Everything kept getting worse however, Junior ended up getting into all sorts of fights at school in defence for both himself and Fabiana, more and more people turned against them leaving the two feeling even more alienated until finally even Rodney renounced his friendship with the two and abandoned them.

This tipped Fabiana over the edge and she would no longer come into school, Junior was disgusted with everyone around him but especially Rodney for his betrayal and declared his intentions to try and set things right. Unfortunately however everything was remaining to constantly go wrong for Junior, a continuous cycle of being ignored and beaten at school, shouted at by fellow residents of the city and further beratement from his father who laughed at his son's torment all began taking its toll on Junior. He refused to let anger take him over however and remained as strong as he could.

The following morning Junior awoke to the sound of echoing laughter, he walked up to the loft only to find his father staring from his telescope into the streets below, giggling and growing more excited by the minute at whatever he was seeing. Junior asked what was happening and Victor pushed him to the telescope directing him on where to look. Confused Junior looked through only to catch the sight of Mr. Moretti being pulled from his front door by the police and led away with Mrs. Moretti screaming indistinctively at the policemen while being held back by Fabiana's cousin from chasing after them. Fabiana was nowhere to be seen. Victor then moved him away from the scope commenting on how good it was that finally something "interesting" was occurring much to the disgust of his son who left the house in shame.

He made his way quickly to the Moretti home and knocked the door. Fabiana answered but dismissed him quickly, much to his dismay. Junior continued walking along until Rodney and a few other boys began catching up to him and taunting him, Junior ignored them for a while and kept walking until Rodney threw a conker at his head, enraged Junior turned around and shoved Rodney into a tree pinning him to it and preparing to strike him, the look of sheer terror on the boy's face stopped him however leaving him only to threaten him before setting him free. Rodney and the boys looked pale and quickly made their way to another area away from Junior.

Junior didn't go home that night he instead headed for the docks and simply sat overlooking the river trying to make peace with what was happening.

For the next few weeks Junior isolated himself and was left in a state of despair over what was happening to the world and began contemplating his own existence, eventually he grew fed up with living like this and decided to join a local church, hoping to build his faith and find a true purpose for being. Fairly quickly Junior devoted himself to Christianity and decided to turn his life around, he focused more on his studies and stopped trying to control everything, instead opting to let life happen but try to focus on all of the good aspects.

After a couple of more weeks Junior decided to try and reconnect with Fabiana and was successful, the two quickly grew close again over the course of the next month or so and both of their lives began getting back on track. Fabiana was now running a café alongside her mother and Junior was finished with his final exams and was looking for work.

On one fateful night in the summer of 1940 the Moretti home was set ablaze, although Fabiana managed to get out safely she was forced to watch on as her home and livelihood was destroyed much to her distress. Coming across the site a horrified Junior immediately made his way to try and help only for his path to be blocked by Rodney, claiming that this was everything that Italian residents deserved. Although Junior tried to reason with him Rodney wouldn't budge and instead punched Junior in the face sending him to the floor before he proceeded to continuously kick him, his goons watching on and cheering. Overcame with fury however Junior eventually found his footing and proceeded to fight back, all the while the Moretti home was still burning. Eventually the fight went into the favour of Junior again and after dealing a few swift hits into Rodney's nose he left him laying still and ran into the burning building much to the surprise of everyone and the horror of Fabiana.

He searched and searched before eventually coming across the unconscious figure of Mrs. Moretti. Reacting quickly Junior grabbed her and carried her through the flames in search of the exit. When he finally emerged from the building holding her he looked on to see faces of fear, confusion and wonder. Suddenly it hit him, he ran into a burning building and emerged unharmed save for some scorch marks on his clothes, he dismissed this however and lay Mrs. Moretti on the ground as he and Fabiana attempted to awaken her. It was no use however, although he got her out of the building it was too late. He and Fabiana shared a knowing look and she walked off for a moment in shock, she then immediately turned to Rodney who was still laying on the ground and repeatedly stomped on his face and kicked him only to be pulled away by Junior, bawling her eyes out.

Eventually she calmed down and the two impulsively planned to elope that night and leave all of this behind them. Before leaving however they entered the Sevello household in order to gather supplies only to find Victor disposing of another one of his day old victims while chuckling at the sight of the two, having just watched the scene from his telescope.

Knowing that Junior was leaving him Victor surprisingly proclaimed he couldn't stop him and thought it'd be good for him to go away before ominously telling him that their paths will inevitably cross again before disappearing into the cellar. Without saying a word Junior and Fabiana fled in search of a new home, although Junior was clearly shook at the words.

In the years that followed Junior changed his name to Vincent Denholm, finally renouncing his father once and for all and the two settled down in Inverness due to their shared admiration for Loch Ness. Together they lived there and would visit the shores of the loch each night, both seeing it as a source of comfort and peace. Eventually however the two decided to move back to Glasgow in the late 50s after their marriage.

By this point Vincent had set up his own private investigation service and Fabiana opened up her own restaurant. In 1959 Fabiana gave birth to a baby boy named Gregory.

Over the next twenty years the two raised Gregory well and the now young man set out to make a career for himself in the acting industry. During this time however both Vincent and Fabiana had made the discovery that Vincent cannot age. He knew what this meant but didn't want to admit it, Fabiana knew too and wished not to upset her husband so chose not to bring it up. Eventually however both would have to come to terms with Vincent's abilities but for now they remained together and happy in spite of the growing physical age gap between them.

During the 90s the two remained together and fairly happy until 1997, when Fabiana had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Although trying to make the best of the situation the two knew the inevitable would occur and surely enough by January 1999 Fabiana had very little time left. During her final hours Gregory arrived at the hospital, however absurd it was to see his own son as looking several years older than him Vincent was relieved to see him and that his father's abilities didn't pass down to him.

Eventually the time came when Fabiana died, her final request to Vincent was to find someone new eventually. Although Gregory tried to comfort his father he dismissed him and drove off.

Vincent drove to Loch Ness and overcame with grief broke down in his car, unable to contain his emotions. He was furious at the world but tried his hardest to keep a level head albeit very unsuccessfully. He then had a sudden idea, he thought that perhaps his father's immortality only related to age and not to life itself, to test this theory he drove his car up to a higher point of road and dove into the loch in an attempt to drown himself.

He failed, not only was he alive but he found he could actually breathe underwater. In a fit of fury Vincent began repeatedly attacking his surroundings; rocks, fish and eventually a giant fin. His fury was interrupted by the latter and he turned himself around only to find a large green shape in front of him, the shape then moved revealing a body, a neck and head. Vincent scoffed and turned away in complete disbelief and fury; not only did his wife die before him not even three hours prior, not only can he not die but he just encountered the Loch Ness monster and it looked as though it were judging him.

Confused Vincent began screaming a bombardment of questions at the beast only to be met with a blank stare back at him.

After nearly a minute of more anger fuelled screeches the creature used its fin to launch Vincent out of the water and onto a grassy shore, right at the feet of an all too familiar figure.

Victor Sevello, Vincent's father appeared at the scene, he hadn't changed or aged at all and simply scoffed at the mess before him, berating his son just like he did in the now grown man's youth, telling him that he needs to pick a less dull route from now on. Without another word he kicked his son in the face before walking away leaving a bewildered and exhausted Vincent on the floor with only his father's words in his head. It inspired him to keep going and adopt himself a new identity although not in the way his dad would have hoped for.

From this point on he would call himself the Evergreen Man and follow the advice his late wife gave no matter how hard it would be. He finally renounced the past truly when he visited his wife's grave, weeping at her memory before paying his last respects and moving on to his new life.


Intelligence- 8

Strength- 10

Endurance- 10


Charisma- 5

Leadership- 7


Victor Sevello- Father/Archenemy/Equal

Fabiana Denholm (nee Moretti)- Spouse

Gregory Denholm- Son

Vincent's Mother-Mother

Charlene Silvers-Best friend

Donald Grayson- Ally & Close Friend/Near Equal

Murphy's gang- Neutral

Rodney Mackenzie- Former Friend/Enemy

Emperor Veneko- Enemy

Beatrix Skinner- Ally & Close Friend


  • Vincent was created by Cherry Dorito and his fourth Creepypasta character and second Creepypasta hero.
  • In very early drafts of Immortal Father, Vincent was an ordinary human man who was killed by his father at the end of the story, this was changed multiple times however over the course of two years until Cherry decided to make him an immortal like his dad so the story could have an ending which although still tragic was arguably more so than earlier ones and so, Vincent could be developed into a stronger character in sequels and to make Victor Sevello's role in the series feel more natural.
  • In Immortal Father much of Vincent's characterisation is based on that on Silver the Hedgehog from the Sonic series.
  • Much of Vincent's characterisation also is inspired from Nightcrawler from Marvel Comics and Angel from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel.
  • Vincent's animal counterpart is that of a Macaw, due to his more sensitive, delicate and majestic personality as well as his exceptionally long life.

Theme Song

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