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I’m In Love… That’s Why I Do It
~ Victim

私は恋している... それが私がやる理由です
~ 犠牲者


Real Name: Kazumi Minami 

Alias: Victim 

Meaning to Name: She was a victim of manipulation 

Nickname(s): Kazu, Mimi, Mina, Vic, and My Victim (Operator

Age: 25

D.O.B: April 19 1995 

Birthplace: Okinawa, Japan 

Language: Japanese, and English 

Current Residence: Incheon, Korea

Gender: Female

Species/Race: Human 

Status: Active

Alliance: Operator 


  • (Former) University Student  
  • (Current) Proxy  



  • A pair of Tanto daggers 
  • A pair of handcuffs 

Method of Killing:

  • Slices their body parts up
  • Stabs their necks or veins so they can die slowly
  • Captures them and allows Operator to torture them
  • Chokes them with her handcuff

Goal/Reason to Kill:  

  • Manipulated to kill 
  • Wants to please Operator 
  • Her impulsive thoughts 


[C]Phrase:I’m In Love… That’s Why I Do It

Theme Song(s):


  • Baking 
  • Card Games 
  • Coloring 
  • Cooking 
  • Crafting 
  • Creative Writing 
  • Reading 
  • Sewing 

Special Items: Her blindfold  


  • Baking 
  • Playing card games 
  • Coloring in her book along with writing 
  • Reading fantasy books 
  • Sewing up handmade clothes 
  • Crafting projects 


  • Being yelled out 
  • Being exposed 
  • Being lied to 
  • Her projects being failed 
  • Feeling sick 
  • Always being chained up 
  • Failing to pleasure her master 


  • Being left alone 
  • Disobeying her master 
  • Rejection 
  • Dying 


  • Masochist  
  • Defeated 
  • Impulsive 
  • Defensive 
  • Reckless 
  • Gullible 


Backstory: Victim also known as, Kazumi Minami, was born in Okinawa, Japan. She had a fairly easy childhood since she was average. Well, she was supposed to be average overall. Kazumi was able to lead a successful life when it came to going to college and getting a stable job.

At a young age, her mother would suffer from mental illness, and she always wanted to help her. Therefore, she began to study hard in school to go to the best university Japan has to offer. Kazumi always wanted to attend Tohoku University, which was the best university Japan had and was also the hardest university to get into.

Sadly they did not accept her and due to this, she grew a little depressed because now she didn’t know what another college to go to. It wasn’t until her teachers talked to her about joining KAIST University. Determined to go to the best university, she began to fix up her lifestyle and started to gather more college credits. Days to weeks and months she was able to gather enough money to send her letter to them and fly to Korea. For the first time, she was accepted.

Happiness filled her heart as she was now able to join the top university Korea had offered. She knew she wasn’t able to see her family and friends again, but there were sacrifices to be made. Kazumi began to study psychology and was finally living her normal life.

However, when she saw in the news of Mattias murdering his boyfriend in cold blood, she was horrified by this and knew he was dangerous. Whenever there would be public news about him, she would always type it down, and began to study him.

She decided that her life work was to be based on Mattias, she was so interested in him, her projects just reflected on how she felt about him. Therefore, she decided to team up with Dr. Moon, Mattias' psychiatrist at the time.

Kazumi knew she didn’t love Mattias as a romantic partner, instead was so caught up on why he did the murdering. Of course, that's what she thought. It was revealed in her diary that she began to fantasise about being with Mattias, and how she wanted to see him in person. However, in her diary as well, she wrote that someone possibly stalking her. One day, she swore she saw Mattias in front of her house but didn't let it faze her since she decided to go to a party for her friend.

However, when she came back and went to her room, she soon heard soft footsteps walking around her house. She peeked out to see Mattias walking around. She wrote in her diary that Mattias found her and tried to hide and call the police. However, he had found her. When he ripped her away from her closet, she ripped a paper from her diary. Soon, she saw all black.

Missing Poster

When she woke up, there was Mattias standing in front of her, she began to scream until he slapped her. She noticed she was tied down with a rope and was in her basement. Looking around, there were only boxes and a small pile of blankets.

He stared her down and began to laugh. Tears were streaming down her face as she begged to leave the hellish place. Mattias ignored her and began to tighten the rope on her wrist. Whenever she made a sound, he would tighten up the rope. She was always alone in the basement for hours on end.

He would feed her at least twice a day and allow her to use the restroom, but he was always by her side. He watched her like a hawk, and she was his prey.

It was useless for her trying to escape now, because well his house was boarded up with bars in his windows, and almost every single room was locked. Desperate to escape, she began to pretend she loved him. Deep down, she was madly in love with him, despite him being her kidnapper.

Meanwhile, when Dr. Moon founded out she was gone for a while, he went to the police. The police soon began to suspect Mattias was the kidnapper due to the timing. Dr. Moon decided to investigate further, and found some answers that could help with her disappearance. He had read her diary and the ripped paper was crucial for the case.

In the house, she knew there was a reason she was here. Mattias had to pick her for something. What did he see in her? Soon enough the pretense began to become a reality.

Months went on, and she began to actually fall in love with him. She couldn’t live without him anymore. So, Mattias was able to let her live in the house, but only he could leave.

To stop her from escaping, he had blindfolded her and if he saw she was to remove it, then he would send her to the basement and never let her go. She began to obey what he said and found pleasure in his company.

Deep down, however, she knew he was evil; but her heart thought otherwise. Whenever his friends would come over, he would just say she was blind and always sent her to make food. She was able to do day to day chores being blindfolded as she was now dependent on her other senses. However, when she heard a female voice in his living room and heard some giggling with some kissing noises. Her heart began to beat faster, and faster.

There could be no way her master was cheating on her. Filled with impulsive thoughts, she grabbed the kitchen knife and attacked the girl. Mattias laughed as Kazumi began to stab the girl with savageness. Mattias was a little shocked by this, but deep down he loved her like this. He knew he had her wrapped around her finger, and he loved every second of it. They were able to bury the body, and there were sparks between them now.

The hunger for more murder came into his mind, and her impulsive thoughts also came to play. Overall, she knew she fell in love with a killer.


Orientation: Heterosexual  

Relationship/Partner: Mattias Minjung Kwan is a man who has black hair, with piercing blue eyes. He had cornered her and started to manipulate her in order to fall in love with him. She is madly in love with him, and she is faithful to the relationship. Whatever he says, she will do since she is his victim in the games he plays.  


  • Kaoru her father 
  • Mariko her mother 
  • Ryu her brother 
  • Kaito her brother 



  • Bones  
  • Anyone who wants to help her 
  • People who hate her actions 
  • Anyone who wants to steal her lover from her 
  • Every girl she sees 


Hair: Black 

Skin: Fair

Eyes: Black 

Height: 5’4

Weight: 125

Body Type: Lean 

Outfit: Dark red short sweetheart dress, black cardigan, black pantyhose, and black ankle boots  

Accessories: Metal handcuffs on her hands, and a silver ring 

Distinguishing Features: Black blindfold 



  • Separation Anxiety Disorder - A disorder which leads the person having anxiety when separated with something/someone  
  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder - OCD is characterized by unreasonable obsession thoughts that lead to compulsive behavior 
  • Complex-Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - A disorder in which the person has trouble recovering from long term traumatic events  
  • Stockholm Syndrome - A syndrome in which the victim has affection/trust towards their captor (via.kidnapping)  


  • Peak-human Condition 
  • Peak-human Flexibility 
  • Peak-human Combat 
  • Weapon Proficiency 
  • Speed Strike  
  • Able to have her body condition being at its highest form 
  • Able to understand and use various types of combat arts 
  • Her body is able to be cracked into small spaces 
  • Able to strike her enemies with a sharp strike in which can kill them 
  • Able to take down people twice or even three times her size 
  • Able to easily understand some weapons 


  • She was able to be manipulated under her master’s control 
  • Can still become very tired when fighting 
  • Her adrenaline can easily be drained 
  • Gets very tired after a period of time when it comes to fighting 
  • Her bones are not made of rubber so her bones can break 
  • Needs to focus in order to strike enemies correctly and fast 
  • She always needs to train to maintain her peak condition 
  • At times her blindfold can lead her to not kill at ease  


• Intelligence: 10

• Strength: 7

• Speed: 7

• Agility: 8

• Endurance: 7 

• Stamina: 7

• Balance: 9

• Tolerance: 4  

Notable Quotes

  • “No, no, you’re wrong Mattias! I love you, please forgive me” - A response to Operator when he accused her of cheating
    • "いいえ、いいえ、あなたは間違ったマティアスです!私はあなたを愛しています、私を許してください" - In Japanese
  • “Dr. Moon, please find me, I want to die” - The beginning of Operator manipulating her when he kidnap her
    • "ムーン博士、私を見つけて、私は死にたい" - In Japanese
  • “I love him, I love him, I love him. He’s mine…No one can have him!” - When she saw a girl with Mattias hand-in-hand
    • "私は彼を愛しています、私は彼を愛しています、私は彼を愛しています。彼は私のものです…誰も彼を持つことはできません" - In Japanese
  • “I murdered the bitch for kissing you! I love you, and you are mine.” - She had murdered a girl who kissed Mattias and snapped out
    • "私はあなたにキスしたために雌犬を殺害しました!私はあなたを愛しています、そしてあなたは私のものです" - In Japanese


  • Kazumi means Harmonious beauty 
  • Minami means South 
  • She was known for being the victim of Operator 
  • She hated Mattias but developed Stockholm Syndrome
  • She hopes one day they can get married and have kids
  • She does know Mattias is using her but doesn't care
  • She's been missing for more than 2 years
  • Her family believed she is dead
  • Mattias did not like her at first, but then grew in love with her
  • In Korea, many believe she was kidnapped from Mattias
  • In Korea and in Japan she is listed as a missing person 
  • For the first time, the Korean and Japanese police force are working together because of her
  • Many people in Japan believed she just disappeared since it’s common in Japan to try to start a new life 
  • Since she studied psychology, she knows he is a bad person deep down but on the surface she loves him 
  • Despite studying psychology and tried her best to not be manipulated, she still got manipulated 
  • Due to her deep love for him, she can no longer function without him 
  • Meaning if Mattias is gone for more than 30 minutes she starts to get into a panic attack 
  • Her trope is, "Love Makes You Evil," and, "Brainwashed and Crazy
  • Her PTSD is due to the mental and physical abuse Mattias put on her 
  • Named Victim after being the victim of Operator (her kidnapper)
  • Modeled after the song, "In Love (With A Killer)," and physical appearance of Aoi Miyazaki
  • Her creator is Black Bullet235