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🩸About Me🩸

  • My first name is Lucia.
  • I was born on June 30th.
  • Spanish was my first language. I'm half Colombian and half Italian.
  • I am a lesbian, and a demigirl. I go by she/they pronouns.
  • My favorite foods are sushi, arepas, and crab ragoons.
  • I enjoy playing the game Dead by Daylight. Survivor-wise, I am a Yui Kimura main (although I switch up to Yun-Jin Lee and Jane Romero sometimes). Killer-wise, I am a Pig main.
  • Some fandoms I'm in are Fear Street, Saw, Slashers, DBD, X-Men, Marvel, DC, and Harry Potter.
  • I am a Cancer sun, Sagittarius rising, and Virgo moon.
  • I love the horror genre. From movies, books, to comics. I honestly really do enjoy watching the old, black and white horror movies too, although my favorites are 80's horror movies.

🩸My Favorite Pages on the Wiki🩸

🩸My Creepypasta Characters🩸

  • Eerie (being developed)
  • Ripper (currently being remade)
  • Mr. Cottontail (coming soon)

🩸Other Places Where You Can Find Me🩸

(If you have any questions or anything to discuss with me, you can contact me by going to my message wall. If you'd like to speak with me privately contact me on Discord, beastmotherr#0692)