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Welcome, , to my userpage. I won this badge during the Awards Night with my creation hosted by Black Bullet235!


Feel free to read this profile.... (Although, it's very long, so take your time).

Other Media (Not Much Important)

DeviantArt: MonsterCreator1807 (Not much online here anymore...)

YouTube: Shal San

ROBLOX: MarinaPlaysRoblox23

Discord: NEO🍁#2954

Wattpad: MonsterCreator1807

Stats (On this Wiki)

  • Ranked #9 on Creepypasta Files Wiki
  • Earned Badge(s) (23)
  • 730 Achievement Point(s)
  • 6 Created Creepypasta OC(s)
  • 1 Created Category (Based on Real Life)

Interests (If you want to know me better...)

Favorite Book: Anything Shakespeare

Favorite Mobile Game: A3! Otome Anime Game!.

Favorite Anime: Free!, Black Butler, and Death Note.

Favorite Movie: High Speed! Free! Starting Days and Black Butler: Book of the Atlantic.

Favorite Music Genre: Post-Rock, Anime OSTs, Remixes (don't judge, I'm edgy).

Favorite Creepypasta Character(s): Lazari,Lulu, BEN_Drowned.

Some Minor Fats About Me (And Creepypasta OCs)

  • I live in the Philippines.
  • The name 'taruChi' from the top of my page is a reference to Itaru Chigasaki's username from A3! (It was supposedly 'taruchi' (all lower case letters) but I decided to change it)
  • Before changing my Alias to 'taruChi', it was originally 'NEO', which is also a reference to Banri Settu's username from A3!
  • I am an annoying, salty, and hated weeb.
  • I once specialized in Digital-Art, but I quickly changed to drawing on paper.
  • I am currently practicing poetry in this wiki.
  • I enjoy watching Macabre Anime and Sports Anime. (Like Death Note and Free!)
  • I speak Tagalog (Philippine Language) and English. I can also understand a Little bit of Japanese, since i'm learning.

Creepypasta OC Facts...

  • My first Creepypasta that I created was "Ari the Killer", but I deleted it afterwards...
  • My 2nd and 3rd Creepypasta i've created was named "ERIN" and "JADE". But I deleted it after because the story doesn't make sense and it's similar to BEN_Drowned's Story.
  • Natalia's original look was someone with Heterochromia, and stitches on her left eye and left-side of the neck.
  • Aki Natsukawa's name (and Interests) are all related to seasons (except Winter).

OCs That I've Created

Creepypasta Stories/Poems That I've Created

Users / Contributors I Respect and Look up To

AnimeGirl45 (DisabledCFWUser)

- Although she left the fandom for her own personal reasons, I and everyone else are still grateful that she became an admin and a user in General. She helped me improve a lot of my Creepypasta OCs, including Natalia and YUME. (I miss uuuu!!!)


- Probably the most respected and great advisor in this wiki. She mostly help me improve my Creepypasta story, NATALIA. I really appreciate her hard work! And you should too!

Black Bullet235

- One of my most favorite Creepypasta writers in this wiki! She made almost 20+ Creepypasta OCs, which inspired me to write a lot myself! I'm also very happy that she allowed me to use her famous template, as long as I credit her!


- One of the best Creepypasta story writers I've ever met on this wiki. I supported him through his Creepypasta story, Shadow People. We both entered the Creepypasta Contest hosted by Messenger of Heaven. I also like his story, The Beginning of the End.