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Welcome, , to my userpage. I won this badge during the Awards Night with my creation hosted by Black Bullet235!


Welcome, , to my userpage. I won this badge during the Creepypasta Contest with my entry hosted by Messenger of Heaven!


Due to the current pandemic at hand,
My certain responses may be later than usual. Once again, I deeply apologise to anyone I had promised criticism but, due to the large amounts of homework set for myself online, I might be late to the requests or may never get around to doing so in the future.

If you wish to understand when to message me, please use timings within the BST time-zone. I will be possibly attending school hours from 9am until 2pm during weekdays.


Hello, I am CriticizerHere and I usually read common or new Creepypastas and attempt evaluating mistakes made by creators and hopefully improve future re-writes for them. I also edit/repair Creepypastas that have great potential with little effort applied or great effort applied but having grammar, spelling or structural errors in the Creepypasta.

I can also be known as 'WaitASecondThere' and I joined this website as an attempt to understand different ways of creating a good Creepypasta and sparing them from cliché features, too many grammar/spelling errors, lack of details/explanations or story/character structure etc.

Some Creepypastas that I've read have been strange, poorly-made or surprisingly good and by reading these, it can give the reader many emotions and thoughts to process whether it being to experience the character or to experience the perspective of a bystander viewing the character. I review the fluency of the story/plot, the character itself (appearance, skills/abilities, description of past information and goals/hobbies) and the general idea of the origin for the Creepypasta to begin with.

Later on while on this website, I have attempted to revive and repair a Creepypasta originally known as Herobrine Alice (renamed to Angelic Alice) as the original creator left great potential for a good character behind (for reasons why, I have little clues for but, I assumed the reason was for the attempt at art theft and a poorly-developed wiki page full of clichés).

I don't mind if you wish to message me using my Message Wall to ask for suggestions about Creepypastas or to review your own Creepypasta. However, I may send you a link to a page made by one of my amazing users or the user's name which will help you point out where and how they designed their Creepypasta differently, yet successfully, compared to your own.


General Information About Me

  • I am female.
  • I am currently a student wanting to understand many of my taught subjects in further detail and will attempt to learn much about English Language to help users create/develop their stories. This means that Blog-Posts and competitions will be a choice for me to help find who needs further help and who is the amazing writers we may know and love.
  • My birthday is on September the 24th.
  • I speak English but I'm currently being taught Spanish (translating, speaking, reading and writing).
  • I was born and raised in the United Kingdom.
  • I don't have a favourite type of music as I enjoy many different types. I commonly like to listen to jazz, rock, pop, rock&roll and sometimes even Mexican songs (e.g Tu Sonrisa).
  • I'm quite a "horror fan" when the topic concerns movies. I've seen quite a few such as Final Destination, Annihilation, Insidious, Cloverfield, A Quiet Place and Truth or Dare. I mostly enjoy sci-fi horrors and apocalyptic horrors the most.
  • I don't tend to read that many books nowadays but I have interested myself in a few poems and books such as Ruby in the Smoke, Blood Brothers, An Inspector Calls, A Christmas Carol, Bayonet Charge, Remains, Ozymandias, etc.
  • I first joined the Creepypasta franchise when I was younger once Slenderman began to surface everywhere online, leading me to investigate YouTube videos as well as read a few stories on the Creepypasta website and finding a fascination within the fandom later on in the years.
  • I do not enjoy most of the fandoms I have entered due to the toxicity of the fans that claim they respect and worship the characters of said franchises. I do not enjoy partaking in these activities:
    • "Shipping" or any form of taking two characters to create a favoured relationship that is not canon to the creations/creators, creating spin-offs/bootlegs of said franchise characters and attempting to force fake details to spread through the fandom.
  • I hadn't intended on criticising Creepypasta OCs and such when I first joined the site, but mostly the toxic "fans" of the franchise attempting to seek passed with biased or false information without being called out led me into the hobby at first.
  • I was left in charge of the wiki once AnimeGirl45 had found me to be a suitable replacement. It has been an honour working alongside the staff team.

Other Things I Enjoy

YouTubers I tend to enjoy can range the other franchises I like, however they are mostly ones from the horror aspect (to stick to the Creepypasta element of my profile here). This involves:

  • DeadMeat (a YouTuber who specialises in the counting and analysis of many horror movies that date back to the 1990s to recent years such as 2019).
  • MatPat (a YouYuber who has two main channels on YouTube titled "The Game Theorists" and "The Film Theorists", as well as another known as "The Food Theorists" where MatPat, his online nickname, discusses in great detail about his own take on certain games, movies, and food industries).
  • HoodoHoodlumsRevenge (a YouTuber who helped me get into the dos/don'ts of many elements concerning Creepypastas as well as assist in a few pieces that I felt inspired me to twist them into something better than the original source).
  • CreepsMcPasta (a YouTuber who focuses his channel and videos towards recently posted or previously forgotten Creepypastas found either on the main wiki or elsewhere in general, which also includes professional editing, sound-effects as well as artwork designs for thumbnails).

Certain TV shows had me hooked as a child to even now whether they were new or old. For the sake of needing to keep some creepy factor into this part, I will be including some more mature content that children might not see and a few old children's shows that were cancelled in previous years. These enjoyed TV shows included:

CBeebies Shows

  • ZingZillas (2010–2017).
  • Grandpa In My Pocket (2009–2017).
  • Tweenies (2002–2016).
  • Numberjacks (2006–2015).
  • Kerwhizz (2008–2011).
  • Lazytown (2005–2012).
  • Space Pirates (2007–2014).
  • Me Too! (2006–2016).
  • Fireman Sam (2002–2007).

Cartoon-Network Shows

  • Cow and Chicken (1997-1999), Reruns (2003-2009).
  • Courage the Cowardly (1999 - 2002), Reruns (2002 - 2015).
  • The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy (2003 - 2008), Reruns (2010 - 2014).
  • Chowder (2007 - 2010), Reruns (2010 - 2014).
  • Regular Show (2010 - 2017), Reruns (2017 - 2019).
  • The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack (2008 - 2010), Reruns (2010 - 2014).
  • The Amazing World of Gumball (2011 - 2019), Reruns (2019-present).

Movies I have watched reviews of or watched myself and games I have either seen gameplay of or played myself intrigue me too. This included:


  • IT (2017).
  • Saw (2004).
  • A Quiet Place (2018).
  • Cloverfield (2008).
  • Annihilation (2018).
  • Apollo 18 (2011).
  • Final Destination (2000 - 2010).
  • Us (2019).
  • 10 Cloverfield Lane (2016).


  • Hello Puppets (2019).
  • Five Nights at Freddy's (2014 - present).
  • Hello Neighbor (2017).
  • Bendy and the Ink Machine (2017).
  • The Binding Of Isaac (2011).
  • Little Nightmares (2017).
  • Tattletail (2016).
  • P.T (2014).

How Do My Reviews Work?

Well, if I had to place Creepypastas under certain categories and for what reasons, I can do so without much trouble.


  • Poor SPaG.
  • Little to no originality.
  • Barely any details about the Creepypasta's origin/story.
  • Poorly fragmented story events or forced/sudden introductions, development and conclusions.
  • Character has complete/exact resemblance towards another Creepypasta(s).
  • Un-credited/stolen artworks/images clearly used for poor character creation(s).
  • Appearance/abilities do not relate to the character in any way, shape or form.


  • Decent SPaG.
  • Minority of the work produced includes originality.
  • Some details about the Creepypasta origin/story.
  • Some fragmented story events or forced/sudden introductions, development and conclusions.
  • Character has some resemblance towards another Creepypasta(s), making them less unique.
  • Some un-credited/stolen artworks/images (1-2) clearly used for the character creation(s).
  • Some features of the appearance and/or some abilities do not relate to the character in any way, shape or form.


  • Exceptional/outstanding SPaG.
  • Majority of work produce includes originality.
  • Clear and focused details about the Creepypasta origin/story.
  • No fragmented story events or forced/sudden introductions, development and conclusions. Everything within the given origin story is clear and precise.
  • Character has no resemblance towards another Creepypasta(s), making them more unique.
  • No un-credited/stolen artworks/images clearly used for the character creation(s).
  • The appearance and/or abilities perfectly link back to the character in every way, shape or form.

Names I Saved From The Generator For New Creepypastas (Maybe)

This aren't copyrighted in any way, shape or form. These are merely names that could generate newer ideas for a Creepypasta.

  • Heat-Wave
  • Peculiar (Used)
  • Deranged Volunteer
  • The Voiceless Soul (Used)
  • Exterminator (Used)
  • A Defiant Fool (Used)
  • Spark Plug
  • Brain Freeze
  • Shadow Elite
  • Miss Behave (Used)
  • Unwritten Chief
  • Illusion (Used)
  • The Sad Wonder (Used)
  • Vortex
  • Wicked Cheat (Used)
  • The Annihilator
  • Cruel Swine
  • Titanio
  • Lord Brass (Used)
  • Global Freezing
  • Technological Expiration
  • The Ozone Event
  • The Sundering
  • Bureau Of Defense

Used - 8

Unused - 16

Total - 24

Creepypasta Pages I Have Created/Collaborated With

Credit for the names for Creepypasta characters "Sabrina Mayne", "Uth'tamas", "Arietta Digby" and "Maura Mayne" and many other names that will soon be introduced goes to Fantasy Name Generator.

Work In Progress - Still in construction/incomplete.

Complete - Finished, reviewing/criticising can be done.

Joint Project With Users - Pages with other users, meaning it may never be complete if more users may add onto the page.

Collaboration - Pages that have been completed with another user that may also contain my characters and such.


Whilst this is a free-to-use text-based Wikipedia of Creepypasta characters, I would appreciate credit to be given if you plan on using my characters for certain story-lines and such. If you wish to do a collaboration with me regarding a certain character or plot relating to Creepypastas, please speak to me in advance rather than sneak a few subtle links towards my characters without informing me first.

I do understand this is a wiki of Creepypasta characters and many have been used by fans to fit a certain tragedy/conflict personal OCs may face. However, with regards to my stories and characters, it is common decency to ask first before rushing my characters into a murder like a new Slenderman/Jeff The Killer and such.

Asking for permissions includes:

  • Usage of my characters within the majority of the story and/or key events (e.g exposition, character development, conflict, conclusion).
  • Usage of my stories within the majority of another character/story-line (e.g exposition, character development, conflict, conclusion).
  • Wishing to collaborate within certain ideas/characters/stories.

WARNING - If I do discover certain users wishing to take credit of my creations like their own however, I will be filing in a complaint about copyright infringement with FANDOM staff.



Wikis I Attend

My Creepypastas: Dos/Don'ts (Inspiration from User Loolveus)

Highly Sensitive Topics - This can be a variety of things in many different perspectives but, to stick with the basics, the terms "rape", "abuse" and "mental disorders/conditions" won't be mentioned in any of my Creepypastas. Reasons as to why are that due to the justified backlash from readers of the infamous Clockwork and the numerous times certain repeats of the same mental conditions from fan-made OCs which are an over-used device for a motive of murder.

Excessive Gore - Once again, due to the viewing of many fan-made Creepypastas using this term to describe the actions of the character's insanity, it has put me off writing in detail about the murders my Creepypastas may do. However, it doesn't prevent the use of manslaughter (accidental killing of a person) for my Creepypastas which I still won't use as an alternative to their "murderous" intentions.

Suicide - Even though this could easily be within the first bullet-point made, I believe this topic is quite different. Of course I understand that suicide shouldn't be a cliché device that fans use for an alternative to their depressed character to force them into a new life of a living hell but...this has been the case. I prefer, in solely my opinion, that Creepypastas that use this well is the Creepypasta known as The Puppeteer. [And, remember, if you are feeling suicidal, please don't be afraid to ask for help from the link here if you are in need of the wanted assistance].

Unnatural Hair/Eye Colours or Weird Clothing - Despite their supernatural abilities, they are meant to disguise themselves into the world around them hence why, compared to most other Creepypastas, my Creepypastas won't have unusual hair/eye colours but instead more natural clothing/appearances to their surroundings. Sure, I will find some reason for making the odd one out but, as I will state now, I will give each a valid reason as to why they have their special features.

Spin-offs/Bootlegs or Direct Inclusion of Famous/Canon Creepypastas - This one should be fairly obvious but, if the reason isn't clear, this type of Creepypasta making isn't too original for writing. This can differ from using inspiring pieces of writing in the similar categories to base the ideas. Unless I have been given permission from the creator of the Creepypasta, the decision to include other Creepypastas is left out when I write.

Sympathetic Characters - To be honest, this topic may be altered while writing up about Sabrina Mayne (a completed Creepypasta of mine) but, for now, this is definitely off the table for ideas. Same reasons from the same type of people. It's become a over-used cliché for fans to use when creating their OCs that ruins the character in most ways than one as it usually involves a forced tragedy which often leads to the opposite effect on the reader.

Favourite Pages On This Website So Far Include...

[WARNING - This list isn't in chronological order from most/least to least/most enjoyed Creepypasta. These merely have a certain specialty to the Creepypasta that may be included with their creativity, originality, fluency or accuracy]

My Least Enjoyed Pages On This Website So Far Include...

[WARNING - This list isn't in chronological order from most/least to least/most disliked Creepypasta. These merely have a certain flaw to the Creepypasta that may alter the creativity, originality, fluency or accuracy]

Some Amazing Users You Can Visit

AnimeGirl45 - Administrator/Bureaucrat on the website

She's often known to introduce many users to the wiki by using a warm greeting and mentioning their contribution to the website. She's quite a caring person and is devoted to spending her time on the wiki and spending it wisely to help develop the site.

AGhostface - Buddy on the wiki and creator of Buddy Stevenson and The Ghostface of New Jersey

Despite not really having much to offer when first encountering this user, he is quite the charmer with his very calm and civil manner when approaching others. Not having much to offer myself to repay him, I hope that he may be able to stay on the wiki for as long as possible before he spreads his wings to fly and explore the world around him, allowing others to experience his amazing knowledge and execution of ideas.

Oddyxi (Otherwise known as Taco Lemon as it is their well-known Discord-Tag)

Whilst seeming inactive for quite some time, this user is most active on our Discord server, helping many ordinary and even the staff members to compose their own Creepypasta creation from their wonderful experience in the world of their own fantasy realm. If you wish to reach this person for a helping hand in the magical realm of literature, Discord is the best way to go.

MxyTheEmoLoser (Otherwise known as Mxy as it is their Discord-Tag)

Having to make another account since his previous one was inactive for quite some time, this user is most active on our Discord server, wanting to roast the absolute Hell out of edgy children entering the server with...questionable custom statuses, usernames and profile pictures. Not usually known for his softness, his brutal tellings of the truth aren't some rare event to encounter when meeting this user.

Halfdevilhalfgoddess (aka Chaos is their most preferred username) - Reviewer/Criticizer for many Creepypastas as well as Professional Spokesperson and creator of Chanteur de La Mer

This user has made quite some amazing rants about certain issues on the wiki. Halfdevilhalfgoddess has enough understanding about clichés, finding the good in writing and identifying how to treat others on the wiki. This is a user you can check out for tips about common Creepypasta clichés on this wiki.

IrrelevantViewer- Reviewer/Criticizer for many Creepypastas and creator of Reviewing Murder

Seeming just like an average reviewer, IrrelevantViewer is quite a factual person and worth having a comment from. Discovering hidden information about a Creepypasta is only one of the multiple pros about IrrelevantViewer.

AGSonic Official- Content Moderator on the website and creator of Miss Luisa

She's got enough talent to create and develop her skills analysing many different Creepypastas, both the good and the bad. Being apart of the wiki's staff will merely be one achievement out of a thousand.

GhostClick - Administrator on the website, reviewer/criticizer for many Creepypastas and (wiki page) creator of Rouge and Wilson The Basher

Such a gifted individual when writing is the concern. With two examples that demonstrate two different sides to a character and their knowledge about the many mistakes within structuring/writing, this is one user you can ask for writing tips about a Creepypasta.

RaeLotte - Creator of Eerie and Ripper whilst being a reviewer/criticizer for many Creepypastas

A user with such skill when combining two or more different elements of a good Creepypasta, she's the lady you can view as your guide to creating the perfect predator-type Creepypasta.

Black Bullet235 - Intern/Helper on the website and creator of Purity, Crush and Bachelor

Another talented creator when viewing, developing and expressing different elements of good Creepypastas. This user has made multiple projects on the wiki and has beautiful layouts for each creation she makes.

Wolfman5580 - Administrator on the website

Hidden from the public often, he makes the time and effort to contribute to the wiki still. He's still quite a valuable asset to the member of staff on the website.

Laughinghearse - Creator of Red Lily

He's quiet from recent posts made by other users but, he's made quite a masterpiece in both an art sense and writing sense. With an intriguing story, a perfectly developed character and a detailed response to my question, he's earned his well-needed respect from me as a person.

X.Ibis.X - Creator of Billie Sakez

With a page displaying their character like a truly new species and quite a unique layout compared to most, X.Ibis.X has crafted yet another great type of Creepypasta left within the darkness brimming with mysteries waiting to be solved.

Mikamizu - Creator of Hammer, Pandora, Black Cat, Poison, Rebel, Trickster and Raven

Mikamizu is an amazing individual. Ready anytime for different views and opinions about their already good Creepypasta Hammer, this user and their creation are worth reading about for a realistic, but great, scare.

Agent Kansas632 - Content Moderator and creator of Jake Forge, Ignus, Experiment 24, and Cannibalistic Thomas

An amazing writer when constructing a character that builds himself a new body perfect for capturing his intended prey. Be sure that you check out the character Jake Forge.

AlexsDatabaseOfThings - Inspiring writer and reviewer/criticizer for many Creepypastas

Creating his own extraordinary stories as well as his own wiki Alex's Database of Things and Nowhere in Forever, choosing to visit the creations made and chatting with this user won't leave you disappointed.

Reptilia9999 - Creator of Nona Rey

A Creepypasta that takes the term 'structure' to a completely new level, Reptilia9999 has created quite a masterpiece of literature as the character Nona includes a decent yet detailed plot, beautifully used language and a perfect conclusive end to introduce Nona's new purpose in life.

N0bodiSpecia1 - Creator of Marian Suzan and Killer the Killer

With Jokepastas that have both the effort and humour that don't fade after the 50th time of you reading, N0bodiSpecia1 has earned their place upon my list of amazing users to the website.

Idea Informative101 - Creator of NightShift and S.A.K.A

One out of the most civil users to accept criticism for their first Creepypasta. With their Creepypasta still under the process of being written up fully, it's still quite a good read for readers wanting to see the average turn sinister with great structuring/language.