Black Bullet235

aka Sarah/Reina

  • I live in The Black Forest
  • I was born on July 19
  • My occupation is Writer/Editor
  • I am Female

Personal Information


Art by Exellero

Hello, I am Black Bullet235, also known as Sarah/Reina. I've been here officially for two years now, and so far I have created up to 30+ (28 currently published now) characters here in Creepypasta Files Wiki. In the beginning, I only joined this wiki to publish The Sorceress, and leave the wiki. However, after I published Kitsune, and received some recognition with success, I decided to stay. The fact that most people in this wiki respect and knows me makes me happy. I am also flattered I was a Helper for a short period of time (Given by Evita). With my creations, I hope people would be inspired to create their own and improve their characters. I enjoy seeing people improve their characters, and I love that people enjoy my creations. So far, I am in high school, I live in the US where the "Black Forest" is located at. I was born on July 19. I am a teenage female, who has advanced talent in writing, and research. I've been professionally writing for more than five years, and I hope to become a successful author or a successful psychiatrist when I am older. I take pride in all my creations, especially towards, Bachelor, Kitsune, Operator, and Victim. I hope, one day my creations would be share around the world, and they will be part of the new generation of Creepypastas, that people can read for enjoyment. Thank you for your time. ~ BB

You can contact me here in the Wiki message wall, on Discord (Username: Black Bullet235#9284), Instagram (Username: sarah.mariposax), and Wattpad (Username: RosePandora235). You can contact me for any reason, and any time. I am with open arms, and I am eager to help anyone in need. I also accept requests for editing characters. Check Hodeskalle, The Doll Queen, Stitches, and Ace for my collaboration with other users on this wiki. [FOR NOW, I WILL NOT ACCEPT REQUESTS TO HELP.] Until then, have a nice day.

Fun Facts!

  1. My real name is Sarah, however, I go by Black Bullet, BB, or Bullet as to "separate" myself from my real life and Creepypasta creator (however I still maintain my supportive, and mom-like personality in the real world, and in the Creepypasta creators world)
  2. I speak 3 languages! That includes English, Spanish, and Japanese
  3. I actually live in California, I normally put The Black Forest as a reference to my first creation The Sorceress
  4. I share the same birthday with Benedict Cumberbatch, and Brian May (guitarist from Queen)
  5. I was in Wrestling for two years and became captain my second year, however, I quit the sport after physical and mental issues
  6. I study Psychology, Photography, and Drama in my high school
  7. I've received a 5 in my state testing in the Language Arts department for Writing and Researching
  8. I've been creating Creepypasta characters for 5 years now; it wasn't until 2 years ago I began to publish them
  9. I have a really bad habit of publishing my creations and not finishing their bios until the next month (that also includes the other creations I've edit in the past)
  10. I'm by far the most active user (ranked #2) with multiple characters published here in CFW (27 at the moment with 41 in total in the future!)
  11. The oldest creation in this wiki made by me is Kitsune, I deleted The Sorceress however I've published her again
  12. My newest creation Domino's real name is actually one of my friend's name (I never told him)
  13. At one point, I had up to 20 wiki pages published by me (I'm now planning to publish up to 30 wiki pages)
  14. Since I've deleted my old creations due to the lack of professionalism, I'm planning on publishing once more after I update them!
  15. My main inspirations for Creepypasta creations are either: music, real-life serial killers, or shower thoughts
  16. My most popular Creepypasta creations are Crush, Razor, Bachelor, along with Kitsune
  17. My least popular Creepypasta creations are The Sorceress (since I unpublished her until now) and The Mortician
  18. So far, my creation Operator is the newest Featured Article, last time they gave a Featured Article was to Loolveus for Beatrix Skinner
  19. There are plans on making Operator and Victim canon with my newest Creepypasta story, "Hidden Beneath The Moon's Light"
  20. Originally, my creation Kitsune was the newest Featured Article, but it wasn't until admin Criticizer saw Operator, she switched it around (that was the first time in CFW history for two creations from the same person to have Featured Articles)

Users I Respect/Love

  • AnimeGirl45 - She was an amazing Admin, and I am honored that she enjoys Bachelor. She leaves kind comments under my characters and is kind enough to help with characters. She's amazing, and I respect her so much! She's also one of my good friends in CFW <3
  • Evita128 - A fantastic person to talk too, and I love that she loves each of my characters! She is such a kind person who fights for what's right. I respect her, and I am so happy she gave me a position as Helper for a bit.
  • GhostClick - Oh, where do I begin? She was one of the few people who saw potential in my characters, therefore I owe her my life! I love her very much, and I am honored she loves Bachelor. (She also helped me fix my characters!)
  • CriticizerHere - She helped me perfect many characters, and therefore I owe her my life. I see her comments on other files and she truly has opened their eyes to perfect their Ocs. And to that, I love her contribution and respect her very much. I'm so happy she loves Purity, Kitsune, Operator, and Crush! I also like to consider us as friends and I hope she feels the same!
  • EGirl40 - I love the fact that she enjoys every single creation I ever made. Especially towards Kitsune, and Rabbit Stalker. She is such huge support with other writers, and she understands how to approach someone new. She is so kind and sees the best in everyone. She's such an amazing person.
  • ScarlettofHydraIsland - She is such a sweet person, and loves to help others. I hope to see more of her works and helping others. She is a very good editor, and I can't wait to see more of her work. I also like that she sees potential in other characters, and knows that I am a good user!
  • Scarshappen - She is amazing, and I love the fact she allowed me to edit Stitches. She has potential when creating new characters. I am so happy, I was able to show the path of success to her. I love the fact that she enjoys The Doll Queen to which I gave my soul to in order to have it be more successful.
  • UniquelyKnottedSoul - I love his creations like Mary Sue, which made me laugh so much! He makes the best parody characters. I hope to see more of his creations in the future.
  • JustAMemer - I like them, especially since we both love the same YouTuber. I also like the fact, they were very supportive of my character, The Mortician.
  • Bloodywolf.hell - I love the fact they gave me permission to edit The Doll Queen! The Doll Queen was one of my favorite pages to help edit. I also love the new page of The Doll Queen. I hope to collaborate with her once more!
  • Shalinah-Chan - She is a sweet girl with a bubbly personality. She was one of the first to use my famous template design, and give me credit. Her creations are filled with creativity, and I hope to see more of her work later on in the future. I am happy that she also enjoys my own creations as well.
  • Oddyxi - Hilarious fun to talk too!! Whenever I'm in discord and we talk to each other, I just always laugh at her jokes. Anything she says is so iconic, and I'm so happy I know her! She may not be so active in CFW but in Discord, oh man. I have fun with her.
  • Loolveus - Aka Mr. Cherry, I love his creations, and I'm happy he loves mine! We've been friends for a bit, and I have to say, we help each other a lot when it comes to creations. We have mini battles on who will create the most characters (we all know it's me) and we talk a lot on Discord. He's someone I really cherish and I'm happy we're friends! Mr. Cherry for the win!
  • Fraratheresserectedchild - Aka Frara, I've helped him a lot when it came to creations, and honestly he's such a cool dude! We talk to each other every day, and we communicate about life problems, what we do day-to-day, and how I help him with his OCs! He's such a bubbly person who is so random, but he makes me smile! I see potential in him, and I hope to see more future creations of his. Love him!

My Creepypasta Creations

  1. The Sorceress - Needs Editing
  2. Kitsune
  3. Rabbit Stalker
  4. Razor
  5. Bachelor
  6. Crush
  7. The Watcher
  8. Purity
  9. Puppet Master
  10. Hoodlum - No Longer Working
  11. Photographer
  12. The Prowlers
  13. Meurtrière - Needs Editing
  14. Operator - Featured Article
  15. Victim
  16. Bones - Unfinished
  17. The Mortician
  18. He's Watching Me
  19. Domino - Unfinished
  20. Volatile - Unfinished
  21. Mastermind - Unfinished
  22. Covert - Unfinished
  23. Kyoki - Unfinished
  24. Eko - Unfinished
  25. Scavenger - Unfinished
  26. Widow - Unfinished
  27. The Tattler - Unfinished
  28. Fatale Feline - Unfinished
  29. Nemesis - Unfinished
  30. Orphan - Unfinished
  31. Copy Cat - Unfinished
  32. Eldoris - Unfinished
  33. Madame Cheer (Coming Soon)
  34. Melinda (Coming Soon)
  35. Syringe (Coming Soon)
  36. Ruby Cards (Coming Soon)
  37. Yukimi (Coming Soon)
  38. Mother (Coming Soon)
  39. Morana (Coming Soon)
  40. The Death Caller (Coming Soon)
  41. Crimson (Coming Soon)
  42. Rosary (Coming Soon)
  43. Hallow Eve (Coming Soon)
  44. Pesadilla (Coming Soon)
  45. Hidden Beneath The Moon's Light (Coming Soon) - Operator, Victim & Dr. Moon
  46. The Lustful Crime (Coming Soon) - Bachelor & Volatile
  47. The Chains & The Woods (Coming Soon) - Operator, Victim, & The Prowlers
  48. They Noticed Me! (Coming Soon) - Crush, Razor, & Copycat

My Creepypasta Collaborations [CLOSED]

  1. Mr. Perfect - Editor
  2. Noose Hannah - Backstory Editor
  3. Dark Three - Helper of Names
  4. Hodeskalle - Editor
  5. The Doll Queen - Editor
  6. Ink - Editor
  7. Stitches - Editor
  8. Blood Rush - Editor
  9. Prey Hunter - Editor
  10. Hazard - Editor
  11. Demonia and Angelina - Editor
  12. Ace - Editor
  13. Crow - Creator/Editor - Needs Editing
  14. Marie - Editor
  15. Luna - Editor - Unfinished
  16. You Have 20 Seconds To Stop This Cursed Video - Editor
  17. The Night Demon - Editor
  18. The Predator - Editor
  19. The Empty One - Editor
  20. The Heartless - Editor
  21. Pain - Editor

My Favorite Creepypasta Stories/Characters

These are not ranked accordingly

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