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Hi, I'm BelialsMeat or you can call me Belia or Wendy! I go by she/it/they pronouns (more comfortable with it/its)

I've been attempting to write Creepypasta characters for around three years, and have been making characters in general for around… forever? I'm not sure but it definitely feels like it.

I joined this Wiki in mid/late-ish 2020, with my goal to share my characters and hopefully help  others with theirs.However, at the moment  I cannot focus my full attention to the CFW due to off wiki projects and school work that I need to focus on.

I have some experience in the Creepypasta Wiki and the Villain' s Wiki, and have moved from both to get away from drama.

I know pretty much everything about the FANDOM rules and guidelines, and also how the staff work in certain situations- basically if you need help with understanding rules, just ask!

Personality wise, uhh I'm a dead fish with a bad case of potty mouth and awful humor who sometimes pretends to be very highbrow intellectual but is really a dumbass.

'Fun' unrelated Fact: The Bath Salt Cannibal was most likely not on bath salts at the time of the attack.

Extra Stuff:

  1. Easy to anger and a terrible, terrible memory due to… stuff.
  2. I'm aromatic and asexual, just want friends.
  3. I'm attempting to learn Czech, French and Spanish.
  4. Anal editor, if something appears a bit off to me I must immediately edit and improve it.
  5. I have recently developed Thantophobia (fear of death and what happens after death), which I think is semi-ironic considering the content I create, but yeah it's not fun.
  6. To be honest I'm scared of a lot of stuff and get spooked very easily (by specific stuff).
  7. I keep making pages, partially finishing them, realizing I don't have the motivation to finish them and then requesting for them to be deleted because I'm very picky and a little anal about my creations.
  8. I have chronic bronchitis. So I constantly sound sick, which I am.
  9. I also have snow vision from staring directly in the sun, which gives me bad migraines and looking at reflections of light on building and stuff (or the sky if it's bright enough) makes my eyeballs bleed. Thanks five year old me :)
  10. My inspiration for characters comes from real life people or events, random definitions in a medical dictionary, existential crisis thoughts, and events that happened in my life (twisted into very specific symbolism that only I will understand).
  11. My current writing style is influenced by Stephen King, Lewis Carroll, and Graham Masterton.

My Creations:

  • Mikael Krumlov (recently made a Featured Article!!)
  • Richard Morgan
  • Lapâc (soon)
  • Magpye (soon)
  • Claire Pirovic (soon)
  • The Robinson Family (soon)
  • Claude Scannell (soon)
  • Fervour (soon)
  • Exuberant Entertainment (soon)
  • Ms. Mother (soon)
  • Liache (soon)
  • Daisy Bell (soon)
  • Lucy and George (soon)
  • appleydappley (soon)
  • Dr. Louis Forrester (soon)
  • Josephine Wallace (soon)
  • Graham Wyatt (soon)
  • Kitty Kat Kafè (soon)
  • Janek (soon)
  • Radio Man (soon)
  • Night Caller (soon)
  • Sitcom (soon)
  • Warren (soon)
  • Cathead (soon)
  • Mister and Missus Flanagan (soon)
  • Geliebte Hase (soon)
  • Eddie's Toy Emporium of Fun (soon)
  • Thatcher's Lane (soon)
  • Foxhound (WIP)
  • St. Anthony (soon)
  • Wick Beast (soon)
  • Ankou (soon)
  • Cheerio! In the Hole, You Go! (Coming in the summer of 2463)
  • Hypnophobia (literally will never be finished it's so long wtf)
  • Apeirophobia (prequel to Hypnophobia)
  • The Bone in the Yard (maybe soon)
  • #23, a film for josey (hopefully soon)
  • they paint the grasses green? (not soon because it's a giant saga)


soon, my pretties. soon.

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