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Hey, you can trust me,I can be your best friend if you want...

~ Twisted.


Twisted was one of the most high ranking demons in hell. She was feared by lower class demons and no one dared to mess with her. She got bored and wanted to be feared even more and maybe rule a whole dimension. Twisted then tried to fight Satan for the throne. Obviously that failed and was sent to be with humans,but she was given a offer: If she killed out the entire human race she will then be the new ruler of hell.

When she went to Earth she could only take the form of a shadow with purple eyes that could rarely ever been seen the only power she had was her ability to posses people and her strength. She found a house and stayed in the attic. She watched people come and go without realizing there was a fucking demon in their attic.

After awhile a family moved in. They had a teenage girl named Mia who was usually bullied for her heterochromia. Mia started seeing Twisted and tried befriended her.

Twisted made Mia trust her and think that Twisted was just a innocent demon. After a while Twisted started telling her to kill herself to be with her and they could be together all the time. Mia listened to this and tried to commit suicide. When she was weak from trying to shoot herself, Twisted possessed her. Mia's blonde hair now had purple tips and her once big green and brown eyes where small and purple.

Mia's mom came upstairs to see what was going on. She ended up seeing. She saw Twisted sitting on her daughter's bed. She screamed but Twisted walked over and twisted the mom's neck around until she died. She went and did that to the father and the little sister.

Her plan to kill humanity had just started...

Mia before getting possessed by Twisted


Twisted is a sick and psychotic individual. She doesn't care about humans and the fact they have feelings. She will manipulate people into doing what she wants and kills them. She only cares about herself and will nothing for others unless it benefits herself.


She has blonde hair with violet tips. Her eyes are small and purple and her skin is pale. She will wear a black sweater jacket and a black t-shirt with a dark purple scarf. When it's hot she'll just wear the t-shirt and tie the sweater around her waist. She also wears blue jeans with a hole in the left leg and brown boots.


  • She is a lesbian.
  • Mia is about 17 years old and Twisted is about 5,000 years old.
  • She can only posses someone if they are weak mentally.
  • She can speak many languages.
  • She hates children.
  • She can lift up to 190 lbs.