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Tyler Anemone "Ty" Fino's life has never been consistent. Due to the constant people and animals that have left his life, he grew to resent those around him and eventually became the monster his mother had always said he was. His story eventually turned into a tale of divorce, death, and schadenfreude.  


Ty is a boy with a lanky body and a below average height. He has short russet brown hair that curls slightly toward the end of his head. He has a long neck and an olive complexion. A cat-like amber hue surrounds his eyes, and large eyelashes frame them. He has cigarette burns on his forearms and small scars on his feet. Ty wears a blue sweatshirt with tan fur on the hood, dark green sweatpants, yellow sneakers, a light birch messenger bag and belt, a birch and green fanny pack, a brown thigh strap with the pack on the right leg and a brown thigh strap with a curved knife on his left leg.


Tyler possesses a fun-loving outlook on life, mixing pessimism with optimism at every opportunity while keeping a smirk on his face. With his charming personality and manipulative ways, he learns everything he can about his victims to later toy with them so that he can destroy them mentally, physically, and emotionally, all the while keeping a sadistic glimmer in his eyes and no feeling of remorse. While he is often clumsy and forgetful, he is also very calculating and when he describes something in detail, he always seems to be too specific, to the point where it seems as though he has undergone the same thing in the past.


Tyler's parents divorced soon after he was born, because his mother cheated. As a result of her manipulation, his mother eventually degraded his father enough for him to become angry and disregard the divorce case. When trying to pull her from him, he left a bruise on his mother's arm as a result. From then on, Tyler only saw his loving father on select occasions, and he would eventually receive his favorite sweatshirt from him before he died of cancer. Tyler's mother, however, seemed uninterested in doing anything, and they lived in a house paid by Tyler's father's child support money, and she often slept around, becoming a prostitute as a hobby.

Tyler grew up fearing women because of how manipulative his mother was. He further developed this fear of beautiful women. Tyler played with many of the other kids in the neighborhood for hours, and got sad when their parents called them in, and he wondered when his mother would come home, so she could unlock the door and let him back into his house. The day in which he was able to enter without his mother's key was the day of no return. There were papers lying out about his father's death and an inheritance that was to be given directly to Tyler, but his mother tried to use the money for her own needs rather than Tyler's college fund.

Although Tyler didn't understand what these documents meant, he could infer that something was wrong when his mother came home with her new hookup, leaving Tyler to care for the Pomeranian dog that had lived with him before his dad's divorce, and trying to stop him from barking at the stranger. His mother beat his Pomeranian that night and left it outside for the weather to finish it off. Tyler spent the next day digging a grave for his Pomeranian instead of playing with the neighborhood children. Tyler began to grow distant and started pulling pranks on people to see how they would react, because that was the only thing that gave him any solace.

In the course of Tyler's pranks, which escalated further and further through the years, his school work started failing, except in Science and Math, and his mom confronted him about it, annoyed about their constant calls from the principal. Tyler was so fed up he set traps all over the house that night, using equations, deductions, and general knowledge about his mother to predict how she would react, and maximize her suffering. Tyler developed such an affinity for those things that, when he burned his house down, the general consensus was that he died in a fire, and there was no proof of him killing anyone. The feeling of accomplishment grew as he abandoned his name, and started spreading terror across many different towns.

Powers and Abilities 

Ty does not fight physically; rather, he fights with his mind. He acts erratically, without pattern, leaving no clues to who his next victim might be. Overall, he possesses heightened intelligence, enhanced speed and stealth, as well as almost dream-like charisma.

 Likes and Dislikes 

Likes Dislikes
Blood Getting Blood on Himself
Demora Drunks
Scar'y Sam Animal Abuse
Despair Mythe
Dogs Lilith
His Sweatshirt Dirty Things
Being a House-Spouse Cigarettes
Traps Prostitues


  • Tyler is an atheist. To him, believing in a higher power is foolish.  
  • He has many fears, including; Ecclesiophobia, Theophobia, Phasmophobia, Hemophobia, Ataxophobia, Atelophobia, Hypochondria, Iatrophobia, Mysophobia, Pathophobia, Trypanophobia, Venustraphobia, Verminophobia.   
  • Ty also has many mental disorders; Bipolar Disorder (Mania), Adjustment Disorder, Parasomnias, Insomnia Disorder, Pyromania, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder, Brief Psychotic Disorder, Mixed Episodes.  
  • Some allergies that Ty posses are tree Nuts, peanuts, sesame seeds, and insect stings, but oddly enough, not poison ivy, or pollen.  
  • He can speak three languages, Italian, Spanish, and English.  
  • He was born on August 4th, making him a Leo.  
  • He is currently in a relationship with Scar'y Sam.
  • His MBTI score would be either an INTJ or an ISFP.
  • His D&D alignment is Chaotic Neutral.  
  • Despite being scared of women, it is noted that he is heterosexual, and his type is scary chicks.  
  • He is canonically 5'5 and 142 lbs, or 166 cm and 64 kg.  
  • He has an ahoge, and legend says if you pull it, he will become super buff.  
  • Ty cleans everything, and likes being a housewife in the relationship between him and Sam.  
  • It is stated that if he were to fight against someone who he has yet to study, be it even an unarmed, untrained civilian, that he would lose that fight.  
  • His creator is KurushimiAkuma.

 Theme Song(s) 

Sin Circus - Unlike Pluto

When You're Evil - Voltaire

Serial Killer - Moncrieff x Judge w/ his partner being Sam