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Tom the Squid is a mass-serial-killer with an addiction to eating human heads.


Tom wears a black hoodie with black pants. He wears a red-squid hat/mask along with his hoodie that has the eye holes covered so you cannot see his eyes.


Tom is extremely sadistic, homicidal and has a lot of psychopathic behavior. He with no regret or shame will have no hesitation in chopping off human heads and eating them.


The most popular origin story for him was that he grew up with an alcoholic mother who would embarrass and ridicule him by forcing him to wear a hideous squid hat so that his friends would call him by the nickname, "Tom the Squid". Tom however eventually became annoyed and fed up with the embarrassment and burned the hat in his fireplace. However soon, this led to him awaking and finding the squid hat mysteriously back with no sign of being burned. The hat however looked terrifying as it no longer had its goofy cartoon squid eyes but rather completely black eyes. His friends then told him the only way to get rid of the hat was by drinking beer, so he obligated and stole his mother's beer while she was distracted and when he drank it, he felt better and got excited.

However, the store had a shortage of beer meaning it would be unavailable for months. And, after one day of not drinking beer, he began to see that nightmarish hat again. He took it to the point where he joined a cult with his friends. His friends however decided they were going to attempt to murder him and sacrifice his body to the devil for an exchange of money. That backfired as a demon took possession of Tom when they were trying to murder him. The possessed Tom murdered all of his friends and soon killed his own mother. Tom then had started to gain an addiction for human heads, so now he roams around, looking for people to chop their heads off and eat them.


  • Tom was created by an unknown FANDOM user who had created the page of Tom and left the wiki with only this information about him.