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What else is there left to say? My best friends are dead, my parents have been killed, and everybody I once knew has now turned their backs on me!

~ Rosa to Russell, after he stops her from committing suicide in the library
What do you believe in?
~ Thorn to Lorne Drew, before she killed him

Rosa Lee is a fictional character. Her story revolves around adolescence, but mainly of loss and deception, and vigilance and mischief. She was inspired by many non-fiction individuals and events, media, and personal experiences to have a story of her own.


Rosa was born on June 12, 2001, in her mother's greenhouse, which mostly consisted of roses. Due to her preferred birthplace and method, Rosa grew up with a liking for plants and later developed a hobby of gardening, and escalated into an interest in fashion construction. Each year, on her birthday, she would always clip a few roses and place one over her ear and gift the others to her parents.

Rosa is of Latina-Hispanic ancestry, but she was never taught to speak her native tongue, nor allowed to practice anything that seemed to practice Spanish religion. This led to Rosa learning how to become secretive and discreet in keeping things from her parents. At school, she would chat, curse, complain and write/speak like how a typical Latina would. Once, when her father heard her curse in Spanish, he began yelling at her and scolded her to look at him in the eye, through tears.

Since she grew up in a military family, her early childhood was a bit difficult for her to manage. She was fairly treated but highly disciplined. Her parents were as strict as they were serious, yet they always cherished her. Her father was a retired Major General in the military, and he was a very disciplined, yet hearty, comrade. Her mother was a Lieutenant in the Navy, and she was known to be a very intelligent and adaptable woman. Both of Rosa's parents expected their sweet little rose to follow in their footsteps and join the military, but both would become equally displeased whenever Rosa would often ignore or reject any chance at learning a thing or two about the military.

It wasn't difficult for Rosa to make friends, since she was very social and quite open to people. She immediately befriended Sarah Todd and Emilie Meier, her next-door neighbors, where they became inseparable, the best they could possibly be. The three of them each had charm bracelets that resembled their personalities: Rosa had a flower-themed bracelet; Emilie had her favorite band logos, and Sarah had emojis and emoticons.


Things were about average with how Rosa developed and grew; she had a few good times and bad times with her family, adapted to everything like how a normal girl would, etc. Ever since she made her first Instagram page, she was very excited, and soon began making friends like it was nothing. Rosa would sometimes stay up late, chatting with her friends or with Russell Maitland, a boy she had a crush on since the 6th grade. This had very little effect on how she functioned compared to how other teens grew up under the influence of social media. Her addiction to Instagram merely taught her to become seductive, and quite manipulative. Rosa later came across an internet group that sparked interest in her and found out that they were a group of hackers, who taught her how to hack into systems and software. Rosa kept this as one of her "deep dark secrets", and used her newfound ability in making schoolwork and other issues a bit easier for her to handle.

Since Rosa was an excellent student and responsible daughter, her parents would reward her for the accomplishments she makes on her own. Such as buying Rosa her first car: a Honda Civic Sedan, for being promoted to Plant Ecologist at the local plant nursery she works at. However, she would be fairly punished for certain things she failed, or for her attitude and behavior. By her freshman year, her father decided it was time to teach her how to self-defend herself from people, and decided that aikido, judo, and jujitsu, would do just fine. Rosa became quite deceptive and rather ploy thanks to learning these martial arts.

Sophomore Year

Rosa Lee was merely one of those average A-students you'd hear about in school: she was as beautiful as she was popular and successful. Many of her friends and classmates viewed her as a role model, someone they can look up to. She was a lot more famous on her Instagram page, with a whopping 40K followers, most of which were half the staff and students she befriended. Her Facebook page, WhatsApp, Gmail, MySpace, and Twitter account were just the same, but she seemed to prefer using Instagram to communicate online rather than using any other social media app, unless otherwise.

Things were simple, just like how every school should function: daily routines, a class to catch up to or skip, occasional fights, clubs, and events, etc. It was just Rosa, Emilie, and Sarah, the three "Beauty Queen-Bees" of the whole school. They were known for being the gorgeous cheerleaders, the social public figures, and club operators until things took a turn for the worse in just one night.

Prom Night

On April 26, 2016, prom was right around the corner. Rosa and her friends, Sarah and Emilie, were requested by the school's SBA (Student Body Association) to monitor the student's behavior at prom. All three of them agreed since they hadn't planned much for that night. Rosa, however, planned to ask Russell out on a date. Being a charming little flower, Russell fell victim instantly to her spell. Her elegant perfume, silky hair, and crop top showing no sign of a bra, he just couldn't resist Rosa. Along with his friends, Brandon Spencer and Lorne Drew.

On prom night, everything was going well so far, nothing too serious was imminent, to say the least. Rosa and her friends were having a bit of fun, dancing, and flirting with the guys from the basketball and football teams. Rosa was having a bit of fun herself, flirting and teasing Russell with every move. Rosa received a text message from Sarah and Emilie, they were heading to the food table for a couple of drinks. Rosa replied and continued dancing. After all the teasing, Rosa came close to Russell and began whispering flirty comments to him in his ear. Russell responded by caressing Rosa's hips. The two were irresistibly attracted to one another: Rosa's dress revealing a leg and her hips, with Russell's tender, yet manly, grip on her hip and rear. The two began kissing right there on the dance floor, and soon they made their way to the hallway to the locker rooms.

The next morning, tragedy had struck the school. Rosa's friend Emilie was found dead in the boy's locker room. She was found dead at around 10:00 pm when custodians and the SBA members were cleaning up. The cause of her death was a knife wound to her stomach and chest, and forensics found out that she was beaten and raped. Rosa and Sarah were grief-stricken and speechless about the news of their friend. The two were taken into custody as potential leads and suspects to the murder. They were interrogated separately by Chief Billy Jurens about Emilie's death if they knew anything.

Sarah's Interrogation:

From what Sarah confessed, she and Emilie were at the food table when Emilie texted Rosa, asking her where she was. After a couple of minutes, Emilie decided to return to the dance floor, and that was the last time she saw Emilie. At around 7:42 pm, she began worrying where the two might be, as it was almost time for her ride to pick her up. By 8:30 pm, Sarah texted Emilie and Rosa that she had to go. Her message was seen by Rosa, but not by Emilie. Chief Jurens decided to release Sarah, since they saw her text messages on her phone, and from what they saw on the security cameras in the gym.

Rosa's Interrogation:

Rosa admitted to the police that she was on the dance floor, with a date, and that Emilie and Sarah headed to the food table for some drinks. When questioned about going to the locker rooms, Rosa admitted going to the locker rooms, but she was only with her date and nobody else. Chief Jurens explained to Rosa that a few witnesses claim that they saw Emilie tracking after her and her date and that the security footage shows that Rosa and her date came out at about 9:27 pm after the majority of the students left. Rosa was in tears by now, her voice shaking as she tried to speak.

"I didn't know that she was following me, I swear. I just read her message on my Insta that she and Sarah were going to the food table for some drinks and that was it. All I did was going to the locker rooms with-... I just wasn't expecting something like this to happen!"

Chief Jurens released Rosa with nothing left to say. Before leaving, Rosa asked how did they find Emilie dead when it was just only her, her date, and Emilie who entered the locker rooms. Chief Jurens explained that two students were helping a custodian with taking out the trash from the gym, starting from the locker rooms, when they tripped over Emilie's body. Rosa turned away with tears streaming down her cheeks.

Junior Year

Things were seemingly different after the incident of Emilie's death. Rosa felt as if everybody were watching her and Sarah, as everybody she once knew were now avoiding her. This continued until the school year ended. By Rosa's junior year, things began to go downhill for Rosa, entirely. Rosa and Sarah were invited to a private party at a friend's house. Rosa wasn't sure about going but was later convinced by Russell who asked her if she would like to come with him to the party. The party was four blocks away from the police station, which made Rosa feel safe. Rosa was having a bit of fun with Sarah and Russell, despite the weed smoke and beer ruining the atmosphere for her. Sarah went to the restroom accompanied by Rosa, who decided to just watch everybody from atop the stairs. Around 8:26 pm, Rosa became anxious and decided to check Sarah. When she opened the door and flicked on the lights, she was horrified. Sarah's body was completely stripped of her clothes, and her body was in the bathtub, with a pool of blood just two inches deep. There were cuts and gashes all over her body, and a knife was stuck into her forehead.

At the scene, Chief Juren was once again interrogating Rosa. Rosa explained everything from the beginning when Sarah told her about the party invite. Chief Juren had no other choice but to take Rosa in for custody. Later on, Chief Juren released Rosa, after no hard evidence led up to her being responsible, but decided to put her under probation with an electric ankle tag.

Since then, everything went downhill for Rosa. From her parents taking away her car and phone, to losing her job, to people blocking her, everything was going downhill for Rosa. Gradually, people stopped speaking to her and began isolating her, some going as far as spreading rumors about her on Instagram. These rumors never surfaced until during Christmas break of 2017, when Chief Juren came over for a visit to question Rosa about a few things in school. She told him how she felt about the way people were now treating her, and everything else that was happening. Chief Juren had explained to her that there were nude photos of Emilie and Sarah circulating around the internet, sources traced back to a user named "Joshua Ethan", who shared the images via his Instagram account. The police department began an investigation of this person but only found out that it came from Rosa's Instagram account. Rosa denied this and explained what had happened. Her parents told Chief Juren that they took her phone away and nobody touched it. From the looks of it, Rosa's Instagram had been hacked into, and she was framed. Chief Jurens was sympathetic enough to have the ankle tag be removed since he believed too much was happening to her.

Senior Year

By her senior year, Rosa was known as the lone outcast of the school, and she eventually became the easiest weakling to pick on. On her Instagram, she lost almost all her followers, and her posts gradually became depressive and suicidal. Before she left a class group chat, her classmates began cyberbullying her privately. She did all she could on telling somebody, but her counselors, teachers, school aides, and principal weren't of much help. One day, when Rosa decided to walk home, the same group of her classmates began following her, shouting threats and calling her names as they kept pushing and shoving her. One of the teens picked up and old 2x4 and bashed it against her head, sending her down a nearby ditch. When Rosa regained consciousness, she saw that her fall was broken by a shrub of wild roses bushes. By the time she got home, it was 6:00 pm, neither of her parents were home. Rosa undressed herself in her room and examined her body in a mirror: no cuts, bruises, not a scratch. Not even a single splinter from the 2x4 she was hit with. All she could see was the "whore" that slept with Russell, the "wretch" who let her friends die.

Overcome by her thoughts, Rosa got up and grabbed her belt and wrapped it around her neck. She tied the one end of the belt to the ceiling fan of her room. Right when she stepped off her bed frame, Russell broke through the window and held Rosa up, as he used his pocket knife to cut the belt. Rosa became even more distraught and broke down in tears about what she tried to do. Russell held her in his arms, cooing her to ease down. After she calmed down, Russell explained to her what as going on.

"I know who killed your friends, it was Brandon and Lorne. The two jocks who followed me to prom that one night. I swear I didn't know anything until now! I'm just as upset as you are. I went snooping on Lorne's laptop when I saw the pictures of the girls, turns out, he hacked into your account to frame you. I don't understand how they could do this to you or your friends, I never thought they'd be like that. Rosa? It's okay... I know what to do."

Rosa's mind was spinning now, with fear and hatred, and wrath and confusion. She finally had had enough of it. Rosa asked what exactly did Russell have in mind, and he replied with letting Chief Juren know. Rosa disagreed, she wanted revenge on the two boys. She was out for blood. By around 7:23 pm, Rosa had geared up with her father and mother's military gear; a submachine gun, a Berreta m9, and a tactical brass knuckles knife.

Russell drove Rosa to Lorne's home, where Rosa saw her dad's car parked over the curb. Rosa broke down the front door of the home and saw her parent's bodies on the living room couch. The two of them had cuts on their necks, with a knife sticking out from her father's back. Rosa forced herself to restrain her tears, but she couldn't help it with the fact that her parents are dead. Russell reported that the two must've left soon after the incident, perhaps to Brandon's house. Rosa decided to go to plan B, but first, her parents must be taken back home and buried.

Thorn's Beginning

On January 29, 2019, Rosa went to her school geared up in her mother's bulletproof vest, elbow and knee guards, steel-toed boots, armed with her father's guns and knife. As soon as she got out of her car, Rosa -now known as "Thorn"- donned on her mask and shawl, drew her guns, and was ready to eliminate those who betrayed or isolated her. As soon as Thorn saw two girls she recognized to be the ones who harassed her, she opened fire, killing them both. Thorn wasted no time at all in targeting her victims, leaving nothing but bodies in front and a trail of bullet shells behind. By now, the school was in a complete panic as Thorn shot down three security guards who attempted to fire back. She had made her way to the school library, where she opened fire on ten students, one of them being Brandon, who attempted to flee. Just then, she aimed her Beretta at herself and prepared to end her life, but was stopped by Russell. Russell tried to convince Rosa to stop what she's doing and just let it go. Rosa snapped back at him, telling him there was no turning back. Russell then convinced her to follow him to the cafeteria.

The cafeteria was almost empty. It was just Thorn and Russell staring at Lorne from the far end, tied to a chair. Every step Thorn took towards him made Lorne shudder, as she drew her knife. Lorne's begging did nothing to change Thorn's mind from what she intended to do. Through tears and a cold voice, she spoke of her vengeful mind:

"For Emilie, for Sarah... for Vivian, for K-Ken III... and for the life that I have lost. I believed in the growth of success like a rose with thorns: n-nobody would d-dare intercept it's potential of becoming something so beautiful... so magnificent, for if they did, they'd have to deal with the thorns by its side. Now, I ask you, you f*cking creep: 'What do you believe in?'"

As of 9:51 am - 11:15 am, a total of 32 people were killed; 24 were injured. Eleven staff members, eighteen students, and three security personnel were murdered. Six staff members and eighteen students were injured. There were no potential suspects or leads, except for Rosa Lee.

After the incident, Russell followed Rosa back to her home to pick up a few things. She immediately began packing what she needed; anything that would pretty much mean "traveling light". Before she left, Russell couldn't help but embrace Rosa one last time. Rosa returned the favor by giving him one last final kiss before leaving. After disposing of her phone, she started her car and left. Seeing Russell waving in her review mirror, she blew a kiss, as a tear strolled down her cheek. She was never heard or spoken of again.


Rosa has dark brown hair, and dark brown eyes hidden by red contacts she sometimes wears, caucasian skin, and an average/thin body build. There are no distinguishing features other than the beauty mark below her left eye, and her graceful beauty. Rosa appears to be 5' 2" in height, weighing about 113.2 lbs.

Thorn prefers to wear clothing that is quite fashionable or is the latest trend, but her style is preferably edgy or gothic in red or black colors. Whether that would be a crop top or cut-out shoulder, dirndl or bubble skirt, flared or regular fit jeans, as long as she's on the latest trend. What's actually noticeable of her is her black biker hoodie, biker boots, her charm, paracord, and leather bracelets, and occasionally a choker.

When she's out on a mission or a simple task, Thorn would gear up with a pair of fabric gloves, her knee and elbow guards, her mother's bullet-proof vest, steel-toed boots, gun holsters, and sometimes a backpack. Sometimes, she'll wear her white home-made pink marble mask that has a red heart painted over the right eye, a calm smile of black lipstick, and a crown of thorns under a small shawl.

Method Of Killing

Thorn resorts to using her Submachine gun (Uzi) and Beretta M9 for standard killing methods. At most, Thorn would equip her guns with attachments to make her kills easy: extended mags, LED flashlights, red dot laser sights, fore-grip (Uzi only), and optics. Thorn's tactical brass knuckles knife only comes into play when she intends to kill any arch enemy she has, which is quite rare. The only time she would engage in hand-to-hand combat is when both her guns are out of ammunition, or if an opponent attempts to subdue her.

Thorn's method of killing is similar to how a hitman operates, only whereas, she relies on information from people she's befriended or by observing her environment for potential targets. Thorn would take shelter in an abandoned building, she highjacked GMC Yukon, a motel, or the residence of the target she killed. From there, she'll use Lorne's laptop to hack into a satellite to provide her a digital image of the country/city/town she's in or will head to next. Thorn lives off the money she loots from her victims, or from money she hacked for, to purchase all that she needs to survive: food, clothing, essentials, and for personal hygiene. Since she's on the move a lot, Thorn would target capitalists, reckless entrepreneurs, and certain politicians in making some extra cash for herself or give to people who need it more.


Despite her parents being strict, serious, and highly disciplined, Rosa was taught to be humble, fair, generous, and benevolent. She was like four friends put into one. Whenever somebody needed help, an unfortunate incident occurred, or if something didn't seem right, Rosa would always stand up. Despite this, she can be quite confusing, basically when she is active on her Instagram. When disturbed, as she is just scrolling through her feed, she will keep her eyes on the screen, but her expression turns stern as she will tell you "piss off" or "leave me alone" in a low childish voice.

Before running away, she was almost/always active on her Instagram; a story or a new post almost every hour. Now, she has deleted her account entirely and set up a new one, where she is almost barely active. To avoid being tracked down, Rosa would constantly change her username or hack into any FBI, CIA, or NSA software to conceal her identity by sabotaging them with false identities and locations.

After all that has happened to her, very little has changed about Rosa. She, however, did become quite manipulative, serious, and somewhat rebellious towards many people and conditions. Regardless, Rosa is still a sweet and caring girl underneath. However, she can be unpredictable at times, unless somebody truly upsets her, or has made the mistake of crossing her.


  • the events mentioned here on her profile are based on true events, but Rosa was never involved in any of them, as she is merely a fictional cha.acter.
  • She was 16 years old when she was a sophomore; 17 years old when she was a junior, and 18 when she was just a senior.
  • Rosa is actually schizophrenic, but her parents have always kept this secret from her.
  • She suffers from anorexia nervous, OCD, PTSD, and schizophrenia.
  • She's atychiphobic, claustrophobic, autophobia, athazagoraphobia, achluophobic, and atelophobic.
  • Rosa is very fluent in Spanish, German, Arabic, and Japanese.
  • Her alias is symbolic of what she quoted to Lorne: if anybody were to take a rose out from its place, they would have to deal with its thorns on its side, that the person's intentions would backfire on them.
  • Rosa does not like bugs, amphibians, reptiles, or rodents, at all.
  • It's unknown if Thorn is really a Black Hat Hacker or a White Hat Hacker, as she does a bit of work that either one does.
  • Her favorite colors are red and black.
  • Rosa's favorite author is Laurie Halse Anderson; for her famous books "Speak", "Wintergirls", and "Catalyst".
  • She intended to stay with Russell, but couldn't, due to the fact that Chief Juren has been pestering Russell for information on Rosa and her friends.
  • Rosa has met a few savory CreepyPastas: such as The Bookie, Wheezing Barnes, The CyberHacker, Photographer, Rabbit Stalker, Jane The Killer, and Kate The Chaser.
  • It's unclear if Rosa truly has a new Instagram account, as many people have tried searching for her, but all came up empty-handed. So far, her identity remains entirely anonymous.

Theme Song


Eminem - Space Bound (Official Video)