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I think that we are all mentally ill. Those of us outside the asylums only hide it a little better- and maybe not all that much better after all
~ The Writer


Real Name: Hanna Mirabelle Cross

Alias: The Writer

Nickname(s): Bloody Writer, Book killer

Age: 26

Gender: Female

Species/Race: Human

Status: Active

Alliance: Calliope & Cassandre (Coming soon)

Occupation: Writer


Method of Killing:

  • Her methods vary depending on her book and the character she wants to kill. Usually, Hanna abducts them before torturing them. She then returns the body to the scene of the kidnapping, leaving behind a torn book page with a trace of red lipstick from their blood.
  • She always prepares her kidnapping days in advance, stalking her victim.
  • Hanna always attacks them at night, when they are alone, whether it is in their own home or outside.
  • She uses their blood as ink, in her journals/notebook.


Before Augustin's Death:

Hanna was a sweet and easily irritable young girl. She loves her little brother above all else and never leaves him for a second. It was easy for her to make friends and she had an amazing social life. She was certainly not the best in her class, but was making an effort to at least exceed the average.

After Augustin's Death:

After her brother died, she smiled less and less, locking herself in her room and refusing to speak to anyone. Hanna resented her brother for leaving her.

As soon as she started killing, she had a dramatic change in behavior. She became sarcastic, mocking others, mentally hurting them. Despite her strong character, she became child-like, thinking only of having fun. After the success of her first book, she let go of school and gave up everything to indulge in her favorite pastime.

Theme Song:

Villain by Stella Jang (English Cover)


  • Meditation
  • Writing


  • Playing with people's minds
  • Books
  • Taking care of her dolls
  • The victorian era
  • Tea


  • Loud/Noisy peoples
  • Unconstructive criticisms
  • Coffee
  • Children


  • Losing her popularity as an author
  • Not being able to write anymore


Since her early childhood, Hanna has always loved to write. Whether it was horror, romance or fantasy, she wrote to escape her boring lifestyle.

She was really attached to her little brother, who unfortunately died young from an accident, breaking her completely.

Due to her severe depression, she tries to take her own life, but her parents stop her before she could. The next few days, they try to cheer her up and offer her new notebooks to write in.

For over a week, Hanna takes refuge in her room, refusing to eat or talk to anybody.

For more than a week she wrote a new world in which her brother would be alive and in great shape, which soon turned into "Policeman in flesh and blood", her famous detective series.

But as this week ends, so does the inspiration.

The more she grew, the more her love for the macabre and the gore went too far.

Seized with madness, she decided to try her experiments for the first time on real humans.

Her first victim was a little girl whom she kidnapped. She dragged her into an old abandoned building she had spotted the day before and proceeded to let her bleed, gag and tie her feet in the air, while she took notes on the victim, which would soon be told in her first book.

Following the little girl came her next two victims who were a young man and a young woman, proportionally resembling the two main characters from her books, Augustin Wellan Brown and Bella Smith were extremely dear to her.

Hanna set out to kidnap them both, stitching their mouths together with metal wire, modifying them and dressing them to be the perfect effigy of her beloved ones.

Worried about their daughter's sudden change in personality, her parents decided to send her to a psychologist to help her grieve, certain that the cause was the death of her little brother.

As her mental health began to improve, in November she published the first book of "Policeman in flesh and blood”, under the name "The Writer", in which Detective Augustin Wellan Brown attempts to solve the disappearance of little Hina, who was allegedly kidnapped, referring to Hanna's first murder.

She was careful to keep her real identity a secret, creating an exciting mystery surrounding the identity of "The Writer".

Hanna wrote two more books before the detective Sean Lambert started putting the pieces back together. Unfortunately, for lack of proof, he cannot arrest her.

To this day, Hanna continued her grisly havoc, trying to find the missing pieces for her books.


Orientation: Bisexual

Relationship/Partner: She says she loves the human doll at the effigy of Augustin Wellan Brown although she is just physically attracted to him.


  • Cain Cross, her father. Hanna and him always had a good relationship.
  • Melissa Reine Cross, her mother. Hanna was really close to her until the death of her brother. She is nonetheless grateful to her parents and would never hurt them.
  • Augustin Cross, her younger brother. She was always with him and loved him more than anything, his death really broke her.


  • Calliope & Cassandre (Coming soon)


  • The detective Sean Lambert
  • Those who speak badly of her books.


  • She tries to stay away the other Creepypastas as much as possible


Hair: Blonde

Skin: Light

Eyes: Light green

Height: 5’7

Weight: 150

Body Type: Thin

Outfit: White shirt with a long brown trench coat and black jeans

Accessories: A golden monocle given by her grandfather, a failed author



  • Separation Anxiety Disorder
  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder


  • Hanna has no power to speak of, she claims her brother is talking to her, but there is no way to confirm the truth.
  • She is rather weak physically but relies on her flexibility, agility and cunning to kill, especially her ability to manipulate her victim.


  • Easy to distract by talking about writing/books (If she finds the conversation boring she will end up killing you)
  • Panics when away from her dolls for too long.
  • Gets really angry when talking about her deceased brother.


• Intelligence: 8

• Strength: 5

• Speed: 6

• Agility: 9

• Endurance: 7

• Stamina: 8

• Balance: 7

• Tolerance: 9

Notable Quotes

  • “Being smart spoils a lot of things doesn't it?” - Talking to Sean
  • “All that blood looks good on you Darling. it really brings out your eyes.” - When she abducted her second victim to make her Bella
  • “Are you looking for sympathy ? You will find it between shit and syphilis” - Laughing at her victims that begs her


  • Hanna doesn't think of herself as a murderer.
  • She went to see a psychologist who compared her to Charles Dickens for the way she spoke to her non-living characters to find inspiration.
  • She hates to be called by her middle name.
  • She confessed her murders to the psychologist who did not take her seriously.
  • Augustin Wellan Brown, the main character of her detective series represents her late brother who wanted to become a police inspector.
  • She writes letters to her brother which she keeps in a drawer.
  • The media first gave her the nickname 'Book Killer' and then used her alias ‘The Writer’.
  • Hanna is actually aware of her doings and really wants to seek help, but never did afraid she wouldn't be able to write no more.