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The Wiccan Child AKA Charlotte Sullivan was a child that was birthed from a witch and was known to be a sadistic child with no compassion for anything or anyone and was a bit self absorbed and mostly could be found reading a Necromonicon which is why she was burnt at the stake as a child for being a witch in 1692.the minutes before she was burnt at the stake she cast a spell to make her come back into the world 328 years later and she did and she began her search for revenge against the families who burnt her at the stake began.

Origin (Premisis of Origin)

Charlotte Emily Sullivan was born in 1684 and had long blond hair and pretty purple eyes and was a very mysterious child from a not so normal family consisting of a demonic father,A Witch as the mother,a sister who was a succubus,and a young witch prodigy known as Charlotte.

As Charlotte grew up she began feeling mixed feelings toward humanity and always wanted them to burn and knew that what she was gonna do when she was gonna grow up and that was to kill off half of humanity but the worst thing happened as she turned 8,she got a decease that was gonna kill her soon after her birthday and knew she wouldn't be able to kill humanity as a child but got a better idea,and it was to start a executioning toward her own species of witches.

This plan idea would leave most witches in the area dead and that was when Charlotte,her mother,and their family of witches would strike at the people in the village and they would go after the other people of humanity next however in order to start the executioning Charlotte or someone else would have to sit in front of people with the Necronomicon and get caught by the people in the village,Charlotte told them to save her as they were about to execute her....however as Charlotte was about to be executed her family of witches were caught and executed in front of her so with Charlotte's last breath she cast a spell to come back 328 years later and from there Charlotte was executed.


She had blonde hair purple eyes,and wore a puritan dress with a colf,waistcoat,apron,shift,and a petticoat with shoes.However 328 years later her outfit is tattered from the 328 years she spent in hell so she equips a black tank top with purple straps,a black skirt with purple laces,purple laced stockings,small shoes,black and purple striped arm fingerless gloves,and a purple star choker and has her long hair in the back put into two pigtails.However most of the time she takes the form of a woman or man depending on who she's killing and seduces the family.

Theme Song

Six's Lullaby-Little Nightmares


Facts and trivia

  • i based Wiccan child after two characters from a game called crush crush
  • She's based off of Charlotte and the Dark One
  • She got most of the witches executed in her town,she did it on purpose.
  • Her Father was a demon.
  • Her Creator is Fraratheresserectedchild
  • She is physically 336 and is physically 8 years old.
  • She met Madame Death In Hell when being kidnapped and sent to the Lust Kingdom.
  • She Met Dark Soul When she went to Atlanta to kill a family member of the co-conspirators that burnt her.
  • She met Lost One when he tried to kill her after she met and talked to Dark Soul and soon befriended lost soul.