I'll Be Watching You
~ The Watcher


Real Name: Alexander (???)

Alias: The Watcher 

Meaning to Name: He watches over people and stalks them 

Nickname(s): None

Age: 22 (?)  

D.O.B: N/A 

Birthplace: N/A  

Language: English 

Current Residence: Los Angeles, California

Gender: Male

Species/Race: Human

Status: Active 

Alliance: (Rumored)

Occupation: Stalker 



  • Knives
  • Guns with silencers
  • Any items in his victim’s house

Method of Killing:  

  • Stalks/hacks his victims and drives them to suicide 
  • Stalks his victims into paranoia 
  • Stalks his victims then kill them in their own house 

Goal/Reason to Kill: Unknown/Family Tradition (?) 


[C]Phrase: “I'll Be Watching You

Theme Song: Every Breath You Take


  •  Stalking 
  •  Watching people 
  •  Studying people 
  •  Writing letters 
  •  Online surfing 
  •  Walking around 

Special Items: His camera 

Likes: None

Dislikes: None 

Fear(s): N/A 


  • Manipulative 
  • Charismatic 
  • Creepy 
  • Dark 
  • Threatening 
  • Demanding 


Backstory: The Watcher is not really known, he is a mysterious person who stalks. All that is known from him, is that he stalks any victims, from families, teenagers, to even politicians to do his bidding. He blackmails them, threatens to expose them, murder them, or leaks any personal information about them.

He tends to send a series of letters towards his victims or sends them text messages. However, the victims can never track down his phone, since his phone number varies because he tends to use prepaid phones. All that is known, is that it is a family tradition. It was started by his great grandfather possibly back in the early 1970s due to the fact the police were able to find similar stalking patterns with a different man.

The police were able to catch some suspects to who can possibly be The Watcher, however they were always wrong. They were able to find a family of suspects with the oldest son possibly being The Watcher, however, the family soon left the town before the police were able to investigate further.

Soon, there was evidence that his full name was Alexander Miller, nevertheless, the person who sent the evidence was soon murdered in their own house. The evidence also was soon stolen and was never found again.

Due to this, many citizens from Los Angeles fear for their lives, because The Watcher can victimize anyone.

He has victimized even celebrities to do anything for him. Despite, the police effort, they can’t find who he is. All they know is that he possibly works with dark web hackers, like the infamous Rabbit Stalker. It has been theorized that Rabbit Stalker is the ringmaster and that The Watcher has been his proxy for other deeds.


Orientation: Unknown

Relationship/Partner: Unknown  


  • Unknown great grandfather  
  • Unknown grandfather  
  • Unknown father  

Allies/Friends: (Rumored)

Rivals/Enemies: Police 


Hair: Black

Skin: N/A

Eyes: N/A

Height: 6’0

Weight: 175

Body Type: Lean 

Outfit: Black leather hoodie, black jeans, and black hunting boots 

Accessories: None 

Distinguishing Features: Blackface mask  


Disorder(s): None


  • Stalking
  • Hacking
  • Peak-Human Condition
  • Escape Artistry
  • Computer Operation Intuition
  • Decodification
  • Imperceptibility
  • Tracking Evasion
  • Criminology Intuition
  • Able to escape from anything and anywhere
  • Great knowledge with criminology and crimes
  • Understanding basic/advance skills in computers
  • Able to decode anything on the computer
  • Unable to be detected online and in-person

Weaknesses/Faults: N/A


• Intelligence: 10

• Strength: 8

• Speed: 8

• Agility: 7

• Endurance: 7 

• Stamina: 9

• Balance: 8

• Tolerance: 9 

Notable Quotes

  • “Fuck you, I will never join your fucking group!” - Rabbit Stalker had kidnapped him and found who he was behind the mask because Rabbit Stalker wanted him to join the group The Prowlers
  • “I’ll be watching you, Eliza Leon.” - Eliza Leon was one of his victims that were featured in, “He’s Watching Me” He was tasked to stalk and murder her by Rabbit Stalker
  • “Cosme, how’s your beautiful woman? Is her baby okay?” - After Cosme was enlisted to the group The Prowlers, he was assigned to be The Watcher’s partner to which he asked on how was Cosme’s girlfriend after being tortured


  • The stalking is a family tradition
  • The stalking habit was started by his great grandfather
  • People had suspected a man named Jerard Stevens but he committed suicide
  • People had claimed they saw him in real life but, when trying to speak up, they perish
  • Policemen fear him because he is quite intelligent
  • No matter how much they try, the police can’t find him
  • In desperation, they even contacted dark web hackers to find him
  • There is little to no evidence about the Watcher
  • There is a photo that is supposedly The Watcher but the photo was deleted off of the person’s phone
  • He infamously stalked celebrities like Selena Gomez and Halle Berry
  • He appears in the Creepypasta, "He's Watching Me"
  • He is rumored to be in the group, "The Prowlers"
  • Due to his closeness with Rabbit Stalker, the proxies of The Prowlers believe they're in a relationship
  • It's rumored in The Prowlers' group, he's gay
  • After typing his letters, he always places a photo of the victim and/or the victim’s blood towards the end
  • Soon after, Rabbit Stalker found him and has created him as his Proxy to help him in ways
  • His creator is Black Bullet235.
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