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The Turtle Girl is the titular main antagonist of the creepypasta of the same name. She is an enigmatic mutant with ambiguous intentions, who is capable of driving people into insanity from the sight of her. She is also very close to and operates alongside The Redhead and is well known for having originated from a lost children's film of the same name.

She was created by Cherry Dorito.


Age- Late teens to early twenties (presumably)

D.O.B- Unknown

D.O.D- N/A

Nationality- American (possibly)

Diseases/Conditions/Disabilities/Illnesses- Possible skin condition/Possible Mutation

Sexuality- Unconfirmed (Possibly homo or bisexual given her closeness to the Redhead)

Identity- Unknown

Affiliations/Associates- The Redhead

Story Appearances- 1


The turtle girl is easily distinguishable but hard to find good quality images of. From reported sightings she is indeed half reptilian half humanoid.

Her face has been described as beautiful on the human side, with shoulder length curly blonde hair and a large blue eye, as well as a thin nose and thick lips. Meanwhile on the reptilian side she is completely hairless, with green scaly skin and a fully black eye, she doesn't appear to have fully formed lips on this side either.

Her limbs are something up for debate but generally it is agreed she has a mostly normal left arm while her right is merely a giant turtle fin. Her legs are also very reminiscent of turtle fins but are quite flexible and able to bend to act as leg like appendages.

She is usually covered in water, drenched or at the very least damp.

No descriptions have been given about her clothes but they are presumably revealing enough to show her arms clearly as well as the very bottom of her "legs", but not enough so to cause her problems in cold weather.


Almost nothing is known about her personality, most of it is merely speculation. In her film however she is described as eccentric, energetic and fun loving, these attributes likely do not apply to her in person however as it has been reported she has killed before maliciously.

She is also known for her relationship with The Redhead, whether or not this is a romantic or platonic relationship is up for debate.


Strength- It is suggested she is a reasonably strong and dangerous force to be reckoned with, her left arm and legs being particularly dangerous according to rumour.

Agility- Flexible lower limbs so it's easier to swim, also helpful for moving great distances quite quickly.

Swimming- Naturally quite good in the water if her lost film is anything to go by, as well as her name.

Immortality- Possible due to her mutation, from reported sightings she doesn't appear older than 25, in spite of the fact that based on her film's release date she would be in her late 30s at the youngest.


Stealth- Her only known weakness is that she is unable to successfully move in an undetected manner, thanks to her body usually being covered with water. In fact wherever she goes, she leaves a very distinctive and loud splashing and squashing sound with every step.

Working with others- Another possible weakness is that she is untrustworthy of others and can't work in a team with the exception of The Redhead.


Early Life

Many theories about her origins have been suggested, the most widely accepted being that she was experimented on in her youth and transformed into a human/reptilian hybrid/mutant.


Not much is known about this either other than it allowed her to meet The Redhead and had some of the only photographs of her.


See here


Intelligence- 8

Strength- 10

Endurance- 6

Agility- 9

Charisma- 10

Leadership- 1


The Redhead- Best friend/Potential lover- Alive


  • The story she features in was inspired from a dream the creator had, as well as the concept of lost media.
  • Her physical appearance was also inspired from the same dream as well as some incarnations of the DC Comics villain Two-Face. (not the design pictured in the infobox)
  • Her image was created through the app Live Portrait Maker: Girls as well as editing features in google photos to give a distorted and artificial feel to the image.
    • Her image is intentionally designed to appear difficult to see and was partially inspired by some images of the character Pinbacker from Sunshine.

Theme Song

A Real Life Journey 5- Niklas Gustavsson