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I'm The Cursed One
~ The Sorceress
Ich Bin Der Verfluchte
~ Die Zauberin


Real Name: Edith Guerrero 

Alias: The Sorceress  

Nickname(s): Black Witch, German Witch, Bloody Witch, and The Healer  

Age: 28

D.O.B: June 17 1885 

Birthplace: Black Forest, Germany  

Language: German, Spanish, Latin, and English 

Current Residence: Black Forest, Germany 

Gender: Female

Species/Race: Ghost

Status: Active

D.O.D: June 28 1913   

Cause of Death: Suicide   


Occupation: Curse Inducer/Healer   


Weapon(s): Black chain

Method of Killing:

  • Promises to heal as she lures them into her lair, and kills
  • Absorbs their blood via. magic
  • When spoken bad she curses them to insanity

Goal/Reason to Kill: To make people become cursed like her


[C]Phrase: "I’m The Cursed One"

Theme song: Norupo


  • Practicing spells
  • Writing in her book
  • Singing her lullabies
  • Healing the innocent animals
  • Walking around the forest

Special Items:

  • Her face paint
  • Lace chain


  • Magic
  • Books
  • Knowledge towards magic
  • Passion with animals
  • Science
  • Religion
  • Music


  • Destroying her forest
  • Her books destroyed
  • Liars
  • Foster family
  • Her mother
  • Germany
  • Loud people


  • Heights
  • Deepwater


  • Serious
  • Clever
  • Creative
  • Cultured
  • Honorable
  • Logical
  • Wise


Backstory: Edith Guerrero was born from a witch named Olga, and a human father named Daniel. Soon after, her father died of unknown causes, which led Olga and her mother to abandon her at a young age. Olga didn’t want to get attracted to Edith, in case she was to die like Daniel. Edith lived in the Black Forest in Germany, for years, and years, defending herself from predators, and human interaction.

Then, a couple found her, eating a deer and sucking the blood off of the body. The couple was horrified, but the woman came to her senses and adopted Edith. Edith was taken under their wing, and since she did not have a name, they named her Edith after the woman’s dead grandmother.

However, when she was brought into the family, the siblings hated Edith, due to her weird personality, and how different she looked. They always gave her the cold shoulder, because they had a feeling she was a witch. Especially, since she had black hair, and dark green eyes, while the rest of the family had blonde hair and blue eyes. Her foster parents turned a blind eye when Edith began to get abused by the siblings. The parents would see it, but the siblings would always blame Edith for hurting them.

Since the siblings had the parents wrapped around their fingers, the parents also began to abuse Edith. In her early years, she would sleep in her own room, and dine with the family. However, as she got older, she slept in the basement and ate only scraps of their leftover food. She felt cursed, because she was different, and now she knew that she had magic in her blood.

Accidentally, Edith was able to curse Ava, her foster sister to have night terrors for a week, and she was able to heal small animals she found in the road, nearly dying. To get away from the injustice, she fled from her town, and then by fate, she was able to find the Black Forest.

The place where she was born in and lived in when she was younger. An unknown woman came up to her, and because the unknown woman was a witch, she knew Edith was a witch herself, so she was her mentor. As Edith became stronger in her magic, the unknown woman revealed to Edith, she was Olga, her mother. Edith grew angry and was disgusted by her actions.

She wanted to get more powerful than Olga, hoping to kill her. But, Olga told her, if Edith was to commit suicide, she would be unstoppable and become more powerful than her mother. Edith did not want to die young, so she started to murder animals, humans, and anything that would aid her to become powerful. She used their blood to feed her, and her powers. After the death of her foster family, which she took part in, the town she used to live in, started to get worried about their life. The town began to notice that a witch was about to curse their town, which was Edith, so they began to worship her, to make sure their town wasn’t her target.

Due to the worship, she became more powerful. Her mother Olga grew jealous of this and decided to manipulate Edith to commit suicide, so Olga can get the glory. However, due to her foolishness, when Edith committed suicide, Edith knew her plans and came back as a ghost. She cursed her mother to death and then decided to do the same to anyone, who dared speak her name. A year later, she started to meet other people who were like her.

She met Kitsune when word of mouth came that a witch could heal anything. Sadly, she was unable to heal Kitsune, but as of now, she curses others. Occasionally, she would heal other people, however, due to her past, she is still filled with darkness and chaos.

To this day in Germany, people could hear her screams and curses. Whoever, hears her screams are destined to die the next day.


Orientation: Heterosexual

Relationship/Partner: (former) Adalric Grim was her former partner of 2 years, they met in Germany when she was wandering around the forest. He is of tall build, with black hair and light blue eyes, Adalric was known for communicating with animals and understanding advance technique in weaponry. She soon left him, after they had their son together due to visions she had of the child. It was revealed he is a distant ancestor that made a deal with a demon named Barbatos.


  • Daniel her father
  • Olga her mother
  • Her foster father Garrett
  • Her foster mother Anna
  • Her foster sisters Ava and Dell
  • Her foster brother Marcus
  • Guntram Grim her son
  • Vincent Guerrero her son



  • Her mother Olga
  • Her foster family
  • Those who speak badly of her


Hair: Black and white highlights

Skin: Light tan

Eyes: Dark green

Height: 5’8

Weight: 145

Body Type: Thin

Outfit: Black with silver trimmed dress, and black fur coat

Accessories: Skull earrings, and black silk top harness with skull

Distinguishing Features: Sunken eyes, and chains around her ankles


Disorder(s): None 


  • Curse Inducement
  • Spell Casting
  • Dark Arts
  • White Arts
  • Nature Manipulation
  • Blood Manipulation
  • Healing Augmentation 
  • Able to induce curses
  • Able to use chaos magic as a way to manipulate reality and warping
  • Able to cast spells from the dark, light, and mystic beings
  • Able to manipulate the nature that surrounds her forest
  • Able to manipulate the blood of others
  • Able to fasten the process of healing towards others


  • She is unable to undo most curses
  • Some are immune to her curses (ex. Blessed by supernatural being)
  • She needs an extreme focus to control chaos magic
  • She needs to be strong enough to control chaos magic
  • She needs extreme focus to cast spells
  • She needs extreme control and focuses when manipulating the nature
  • If she performs the spell/ritual wrong then there can be consequences
  • If she uses too much mystic magic then it can overwhelm her
  • Damages from dark arts are permanent
  • She can only manipulate existing nature objects (ex. Trees, water, rocks)
  • She can only manipulate other people’s blood
  • She can only manipulate existing blood


• Intelligence: 9

• Strength: 8

• Speed: 5

• Agility: 5

• Endurance: 6 

• Stamina: 8

• Balance: 8

• Tolerance: 8 

Notable Quotes

  • “I’ll like to form an alliance with you, Mr. Slender” - Talking to Slenderman after they met in the forest
    • “Ich möchte ein Bündnis mit Ihnen schließen, Mr. Slender” - In German
  • “I’m sorry, Kitsune there’s nothing I can do.” - When Kitsune went to her for reversing the curse of the foxes
    • “Es tut mir leid, Kitsune, ich kann nichts tun.” - In German
  • “Those who speak of me in a venomous tone shall die!” - Screaming at the town near her as they continued to whisper about her behind her back 
    • “Diejenigen, die in einem giftigen Ton von mir sprechen, werden sterben!” - In German  


  • Edith means Blessed war
  • Guerrero means War
  • She is mixed of German and Hispanic  
  • She is dubbed The Sorceress by the Germans 
  • She has a crow as a pet 
  • She has a son Guntram Grim known as Crow
  • She has another son named Vincent Guerrero known as Spider
  • Mother is a witch while the father is human
  • Her mother was her mentor 
  • Her father died of unknown causes
  • Known for drinking blood and eating animals raw for more power
  • Wrote 15 spell books for Witchcraft 
  • Dubbed, “Protector of Witches” 
  • Murdered over 150 people for power 
  • Known for cursing others 
  • Met Slenderman, when she traveled in Germany (Rumored)
  • Would rather curse everyone in the whole world, but chooses not too
  • Modeled after the song, "Norupo", and physical appearance of Iris Berben
  • Her creator is Black Bullet235