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Hello, I am The Slicer, formerly known as Torri K. Eclipse. Yes, I used to cut hair, but my parents told me if I cut my hair, I would die. I knew they were lying though. See, I used to have hair that reached my feet, but I hated having my hair this long, so I cut it to butt-length. My mother was enraged by this, because she just used me for money and views of 'Longest Hair Ever'. My mom yelled, "You had cut your hair?! How dare you! go to your room and stay there til your hair grows back!" I had enough of being bossed around by this karen of a mother. "SHUT UP!" I snapped. "Excuse me?!" mom yelled back. "That's right, I'm done being used for my beauty! This is MY body, MY style, and I can do what I want with it!" I screamed. "You are such an ungrateful girl! I gave you fame, fans, and fortune!" my mom screamed. "Well it's nothing I wanted!" I yelled as I ran to my room to change out of that ugly pink dress I was forced to wear. I looked for a simple outfit. I put together a black hoodie, black pants, and black shoes. I think it looks very plain, but it's a big change from those itchy, pink dresses. I took the scissors I cut my hair with, and put it in my pocket. Just so I could trim it while I'm...away. You heard me, I'm running away from this awful place. I wrote a note for 'mom':

Dear 'Mom',

If you are reading this, I ran away. I'm sick of being used. You treat me like a ATM. NOT your daughter. You don't deserve me if you treat me like an object. Used and thrown away. That's what it was for me since I was born. I feel ashamed that you are my mother. Out of every mother I could've had, it HAD to be a gold-digging, dumb, idiot. I may sound harsh, but I don't care. You never loved me, so I never loved you.

I hate you, 'mom'. Remember that always.


Ok, the note should tell her how I really feel. I'm climbing out my window now. Oof! that was quite a fall! ok let's go.

1 year later..

it's been a year now. I'm hiding near a dumpster. "Uhm, why are you near the trash?" a voice said. I looked up to see a girl who looked like a model. "Hey, weren't you the girl who was a famous dancer?" she asked. "Yeah, was." I responded. "So much for a model if you are trash, now! Ha!" She said suddenly. I looked up sharply. It's like her attitude flipped like a switch. "Okay, what?" I demanded. "Let me simplify it for you, YOU are now trash, so I will be more famous than you!" she said in a mocking tone. I didn't care about fame, I just HATED how she was talking trash about me! I then remembered my scissors. "Yeah? we'll see how famous you will be with an ugly haircut!" i shouted. Before she knew it, i started chopping away her stupid 'Golden Hair'. i wasn't looking, to ensure her ugly hair. i must've missed or something, because something dripped on my hand. i was nervous to look, but then that snob stopped struggling. i opened my eyes, and saw that half of her hair was cut, and she was bleeding madly from the neck. One thing i knew, she had died. But that blood, it looked so satisfyingly red. i took a jar i had packed, and put it to her neck. the blood dripped into the jar and filled it up. i closed the lid. i didn't know what to do with it, but let's say it's a memento.

1 week later...

So i've mostly been using my money to buy more jars. for the blood. i have like 60 jars full, i keep then in a secret shack i found in the woods. it's good i have that much, because i can help someone whose low on blood, ONLY if they deserve it. if they don't, i leave them dead. i sometimes donate the blood to hospitals across the world. I take, and i give. Take is taking blood from people who don't deserve it. Give is giving blood to people who DO need it. the blood doesn't go old, because i got the best jars money could buy. it stays red, rich, and normal. i'm killing off bad, and bringing back good...