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"Now you don't have to be so busy".
~ Quote from Scarecrow.

The Scarecrow Girl is Creepypasta character featured in the story o the same name; "The Scarecrow Girl". And is also a minor character in the comic series, "The Seer". She was once a normal scarecrow., that is until her "friend", the farmer's son, brought his love interest home. Follow her journey through being still and becoming alive.


A farmer lived on his family's farm his whole life. One day, he saw his "friend". That "friend" was the Scarecrow. He walks to her and sat down next to her. He told her that he's sorry for not talking to her for a while since he's busy with the farm. But, he did tell her that his love interest, Lily, is coming over and wants to introduce her to the Scarecrow. After that, he got up and went to finish his morning chores.

That night, Lily came over. The farmer was looking for her after she agreed to come over, have dinner and meet his family. He searches for her in the field and saw the Scarecrow. The farmer walks over to it, but only to find out that Lily was tied up on the post, stomach cut wide open. The farmer fell to his knees and found a piece of paper.

The paper said: "Now you don't have to be so busy."

The farmer eyes filled up with his tears and rip up the note. He got up and turned around, only to be face to face with his old friend. 


Scarecrow wears a ripped up brown dress, her entire body is grey, with stitches lining all across her limbs, and some dirty bandages wrapped around her arms and legs. She has long black hair, and her face has two black holes where her eyes are, and a crooked grin as her mouth.


In the beginning, she's was still and lifeless but after making a deal with Zalgo and coming alive she murdered the young boy's girlfriend. Showing that she has an extremely envious, possessive and aggressive nature.


  • The Scarecrow Girl was created by ThisAwesomeGirl21
  • Her main weapon is a scythe.
  • Since she's technically not human, she doesn't need rest nor food.
  • After killing the boy's girlfriend she soon ran away from the farm. Later, Zalgo had appeared in front of her again, offering her protection, a home, and everything that she would need to survive. But there was one condition: for all of the rest of her days, she'll have to serve him [Zalgo] as her Master which Scarecrow, mistakenly and regrettably, agreed to.



The Seer Episode 1 (Hiatus)

'The Seer' series created by Madame Macabre.


"Scarecrow Girl"

'The Scarecrow Girl' narrated by LadyNarration.