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The Rotting Wraith in humanoid being, who appears as a woman, whose body parts are in the state of decay. When one of her limbs is close to being unusable due to rotting, she tries to infect humans with Rotting Disease to steal their limb.


Origin of the Rotting Wraith is unknown. First descriptions of her were found in the Middle Ages in Eastern Europe, where she lived in vast swamps of modern-day Belarus. She moved across differents places, mostly swamps. She can speak Proto-Slavic which means that she was there for a long time.


She appears as a young woman in the state of decay. Her limbs may appear as if they don't belong to her body, being unproportional. She has long brown hair covered in dirt and mud.


While she needs to take someone's limb from time to time to be able to function, she tries not to cause additional harm. She tries not to kill her victims and never attacks children. She isn't very social and doesn't like anyone entering the swamp she lives. She has the idea of human morality and often follows it except for the case of taking someone's limb.

Powers and Abilities

She has average strength and speed. She can survive attacks from guns and blunt weapons. Doesn't need to eat, drink or sleep.

Humans who had contact with her skin will be infected with the disease with symptoms:

  1. He/she will feel discomfort in a diseased limb.
  2. His/her limb will become paler.
  3. He/she will lose touch in the limb.
  4. The limb will become sickly green.
  5. The limb will fall off.

The wraith will then amputate her own limb and connect the new one to her corpse.


  • She is afraid all of her limbs becoming unusable and her becoming unable to move. Her fear is so strong, that she will not think about stopping taking others' limbs.
  • Her organs are made of oily dark substance, she clearly is not human.
  • She speaks Proto-Slavic, East Slavic, Belarusian, Polish, and some English she learned recently from somebody.
  • She isn't probably the only limb stealing wraith.