We Are The Prowlers…We Stalk At Night…When The Day Will Come…
~ The Prowlers' Motto

The Prowlers are known for being one of the most dangerous organizations led by Rabbit Stalker. The Prowlers were created in order to eliminate Rabbit Stalker's victims and target innocent victims. They are known for stalking, murdering, and tracking down victims of Rabbit Stalker. The group is set in Daejeon, South Korea as of 2019. So far, there are up to 5 active members. However, in the beginning, there were 10 members. There are rumors one how he dealt with them when they found his secrets or another was when they questioned his motivations. Rabbit Stalker's next move is not only to recruit more members, but to take over the dark web industry, and eliminate anyone who dares question his motivations and plans. Their enemies at the moment are Owl who is part of, “Animals”



Rabbit Stalker had created The Prowlers after his success of taking over his dark web group, “Animals” He knew in order to complete his goals, he must create an organization. His goals are to murder anyone who opposed him before becoming Rabbit Stalker and to overtake South Korea as revenge.

He craved to handle all the power of the country he grew up in because it was unfair in his eyes that people treat his “kind” differently than others. Jungwon (Rabbit Stalker’s real name) felt in order to get back to everyone who did him wrong, is to do them wrong back in order to make a right. Afterward, he had successfully recruited ten members. His group consisted of a pair of male triplets whose code name were Alpha, Beta, and Omega, His right-hand Mister, Blaze who was a teenage pyromaniac boy, Rider who was an excellent driver, Ruby and Sapphire who were a couple known for their police intelligence, a retired secret agent named Crimson, and their excellent gunman Sniper.

Together, he had created The Prowlers. “We are The Prowlers. We stalk at night. When the day will come.” was their motto. The Prowlers were set in Incheon, South Korea. They were known for prowling around the daytime while striking in the nighttime. The group was a success as they were able to track and murder around twenty people in a matter of four months.

However, after years of serving under Rabbit Stalker, the members felt like Rabbit Stalker was hiding something from them, and wanted answers. When Rabbit Stalker dismissed them, they decided to rebel. Little did they know that Rabbit Stalker had a feeling they were going to rebel, so one night he had locked them in the building and set the place on fire. Two years later, he was alone in fear of trusting anyone else, until he met The Watcher.

Recruiting New Members

The Watcher

The Watcher is a well-known stalker in Los Angeles, and in the dark web. When Rabbit Stalker was traveling around the US in hopes to find someone useful, he was able to find The Watcher. He knew The Watcher was the best member to be a part of the group, due to his famous skills of stalking and technology skills. Rabbit Stalker waited weeks to study The Watcher, and find his routine. When The Watcher least expected it, Rabbit Stalker kidnapped him and found who was really behind the mask. The Watcher grew angry because now someone knew his identity. Rabbit Stalker compromised with him, stating that if he was to work with him, then he'd keep his identity a secret. Soon after, The Watcher agreed to do so. One wrong move and his true identity can be revealed. 


There was a word in Japan that there was a bloodthirsty murderer. The Watcher had mentioned this to Rabbit Stalker, and Rabbit Stalker was amused by this. He had wanted someone who was able to get the job done in a second, and someone who had the experience. Together, they traveled to Japan and began to study the murders. It helped them track down to a girl named Razor. One night, Razor was having trouble getting the police out of her tail since she was led to a dead-end. However, The Watcher and Rabbit Stalker took down the police and led a hand to Razor. At first, Razor did not want to join The Prowlers, since she had her own goals. Luckily, Rabbit Stalker was able to reassure her that she can achieve her own goals with The Prowlers. She accepted his hand and began to work with The Prowlers. Weeks later, she began to fall in love with Rabbit Stalker and likes to think they’re in a relationship. Rabbit Stalker is disgusted at this but allows her to think that way, so she doesn’t leave the group. Especially since she is a useful member.


Unlike other members, who he won over in a second, Cosme Lyon also known as Photographer was a challenge. Cosme was a famous photographer in France, who Rabbit Stalker wanted in order to have more connections around the world. When Rabbit Stalker offered the role, Cosme had denied it. This made Rabbit Stalker angry, so he ordered Razor and The Watcher to find his partner Belladonna. Cosme was dating the love of his life, Belladonna, and did not want to put her in harm’s way, that is why he denied the position. However, when Rabbit Stalker revealed to Cosme that he had kidnapped Belladonna, Cosme had no choice but to accept. Taking the new name, Photographer, he is worried about the health of Belladonna and is in fear.


Ainosuke was known as his alias Crush in Japan. In fact, he and Razor worked together for the murdering of a young woman. So, Razor wanted him to join the group too. Crush did not want to take part in it, because he felt like Rabbit Stalker was very fishy about something. However, Rabbit Stalker reassured him, that he needed him in order to murder people he believed was deemed unworthy for the world. Rabbit Stalker was also able to manipulate him to work with him, as he claimed to work with him, can bring back Hikari. Since Crush wanted Hikari back, he agreed to work with him.

Current Cases

The Murder of Chan-woo Shin

Chan-woo Shin was murdered on April 19th, 2018. There was foul play leading up to his death. He was found murdered in the alleyway next to his house. There were photographs of his death around his body and signs of struggle. It has been found that he was complaining to his family prior to his death, that he felt like he was being stalked. His family wanted justice to the murders, so Rabbit Stalker decided to send a letter in Chan-woo’s blood (written by The Watcher) to the police, explaining how they murdered Chan-woo, and that everyone in Korea will know who The Prowlers are.

The Suicide of Antoinette Page

On August 24, 2018, the body of 15-year-old Antoinette Page was found in the bathroom of her house. It appeared she slit her own wrists with razors and red thread around her neck. The French police believed there was foul play due to the fact she was not in fact suicidal, according to her family members. In fact, they truly believe there was foul play, because of the red thread wrapped around her neck was found similar to the women found murdered in Japan. The police concluded someone who also murdered women in Japan had come to France to murder Antoinette. Rabbit Stalker grew happy, as the whole world was finding out about the group The Prowlers.  

Interactions with Allies

Interaction with Kitsune

Kitsune was first allies with Razor because they have met when Razor was in Kyoto for one of her victims. At first, they hated each other due to their job interfering with each other, however, they soon became allies after Razor was able to defeat a victim Kitsune had trouble defeating. When Razor had talked to Rabbit Stalker on making Kitsune an ally, he agreed, however, Kitsune denied becoming a member. She believed it was childish, and she knew she wanted to stay in Japan. Rabbit Stalker continued to talk to her, to which she finally agreed to meet the middle ground. She would become an ally and help out when they needed help, however only if it's near Japan. Meaning if they need help in Korea, China, Taiwan, and the Philippines. With the rare exception of helping in Canada, Russia, and the US. If she travels over there, then she expects high hospitality and a victim to kill.

Interaction with Bachelor

Bachelor was stationed in South Korea when The Prowlers, and he met.

Interaction with Operator & Victim

Operator and Victim were passing through the woods when The Prowlers and they met.


  • It’s known now to the world The Prowlers exists 
  • The name Prowlers was from The Watcher’s idea 
  • Their symbol is a panther since the animal is known for prowling  
  • The Watcher is the very first member since the death of the old group 
  • Crush is the very last member of the group 
  • The oldest in the group is in fact Hoodlum (until he left)  
  • The youngest in the group is ironically their leader Rabbit Stalker  
  • The Watcher and Photographer are partners 
  • Razor and Crush are partners 
  • The group is split into two parts, the first is Stalkers, and the second is Silencers (Murderers) 
  • Rabbit Stalker has The Watcher as his second hand because he trusts him more than anyone else 
  • Everyday Rabbit Stalker plans the murdering and stalking for the group 
  • They are known for primarily attacking South Korea, France, and Japan 
  • Bachelor and Kitsune are allies of The Prowlers is that Rabbit Stalker wanted to recruit them to the group, however, they both declined and chose to become allies instead  
  • There is a rumor that Ace works with them with her group, K.A.R.D  
  • Operator and Victim are allies due to their connection of Daejeon, Korea  
  • Many secret agents try their best to crack down The Prowlers however are unsuccessful  
  • It's unknown where their base is located, however, the agents believe they are located in Daejeon, South Korea
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