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"You'll Meet An Army Of Me"
~ The Predator

The Predator is a known enemy of The Night Demon. She was once controlled by them, however, she was able to escape their control. When she had turned 20, she had committed suicide. After she did, she woke up in a dungeon. She was able to identify the dungeon as The Night Demon's, and there she was tortured. Luckily, she was able to escape and vowed to kill the being for revenge.


Lucille Angelov woke up in a dungeon and was tortured for 20 years which in human time would make her forty in human time considering she commited suicide at the age of 20. She was able to escape from the dungeon with the help of her niece. Afterward, she had a vow to avenge those who she lost due to her mistakes. Since she was a spirit, she needed to take the form of a woman. With the new body, she had changed her appearance and began to find ways to defeat the being. She was able to form an alliance with a demon, for the exchange of her soul energy. For now, she is trying to track down the demon, and end the ways of the demon.

The Hospital (Origin Pt. 1)

I woke up to the noise of tapping on my cage door, I noticed a girl with blue hair, I quickly remembered her. That was my sister's daughter Lucinda but what was she doing in a place like this. Lucinda grabbed a key on the key-holder, unlocked my cage, and let me out. I quickly ran away. Lucinda opened the door I quickly walked out of the door but then ran back in and told her to come with me.

She stayed silent but I couldn't leave a child alone. I grabbed her hand and we walked out. As we walked out I heard Lucinda scream I turned around and saw the crimson eyed demon grabbing her by the leg. I grabbed Lucinda's hand and told her to hang on. My grip was slipping and I was trying to hold on and she quietly said "Let me go." She let go of my grip and was dragged away and the door suddenly closed. I banged on the door violently but no one answered.

I put my ear against the door. I was able to hear Lucinda crying and screaming out the word, "No please God no it hurts, stop!" I tried to break the door down but it wouldn't break I had to give up. I couldn't stop but feel betrayed by all the people I loved. They all died because of me I caused this nightmare and I vow to end it. As I walked amidst the streets of this town everything seemed like a dream a terrible rotting dream, I kept walking and saw a strange portal and a woman stepped through it. She had black hair, green eyes, and tan skin. She wore a black dress with gold trimmings, she had a feather collar piece and a dark purple with a gold cape.

The woman had skull earrings and an emerald headpiece. I quickly ran into the portal as soon as she stepped out. However, I woke up In a coffin from what it looked like, I could phase through it easily for some reason. I phased through the coffin and saw my mother sitting there at my grave just staring at it crying. My heart shattered right there, she was mumbling, "I love you." She got up and walked away. I began to cry knowing that I can't tell my mother I love her. I decided to go look around and think of a possible way to get a form. I knew I had to come back to the real world, so I needed to possess a body. I saw a woman, I floated toward her and began to take over her form. I could hear her pain as the room went black.

I couldn't see all, however, I could see there were shadows lingering over me. I could feel a presence, I could see crimson eyes in the dark staring. I heard a chainsaw behind me, but, I couldn't move. I was so dizzy, and it was getting colder. I woke up in a white room and there were doctors around me. They were just staring at me. Was this all a dream? The doctors began to ask me questions. After the =questioning, they gave a new pair of clothing to switch to. I walked to the bathroom and saw I had changed.

Half of my hair was white, and the other half was black. Then I knew. This wasn't a dream. I didn't know what happened after I took this form as my own, but I had to scratch the surface of who's the body I had taken as my own. I put on the clothes they gave me and decided to look around this hospital and look for a file about the form I took. The hospital was large and vast and a bit off.

The staff wore creepy masks and would carry around a pistol. What was the point of this? I was a bit thrown off. As I kept walking around I heard struggling noises, it was then followed by a scream. I ran toward the area of the scream and saw a girl trying to get a doctor off of her, as he was holding on to a syringe. I was able to disarm the doctor and inject him with the syringe he had.

The doctor fell down, and the girl was able to escape from his grip. The girl quickly thanked me and quickly ran away. I noticed a key on his belt, so I grabbed it and soon found the office. I opened the door with the key, and I began looking through the files. Soon I found the file of the person who I'm now controlling. Her name was "Charlotte Alexander Cohen" and she was 20. I looked at the other files about her but the rest of them were crossed over with a marker. I heard a noise come from behind me, and I knew I had to escape.

Luckily, I saw a nearby open vent so I crawled into it. However, I was able to feel someone grabbing my leg, and they pulled me down. I was able to grab the railing of the vent and kick the unknown person down. With all of my strength, I began to climb into the vent more. My journey was cut short because now there was a fan vent in front of me. "Great," I thought to myself, "Just what I fucking needed." I was able to find a nearby blunt object that was probably misplaced from one of the workers and stop the fan vent.

Since I was double-jointed I was able to crack my bones to fit through the small space. I continued to climb through the vents until I found a vent opening. With great force and patience, I was able to remove the vent and peek my head out. I was now in the showering stations, and I sighed of relief. Finally, I was able to remove the bloody clothes I had from the blood of the doctor I just murdered. Before I tiptoed to the last shower station, I was able to find a janitor's closet, and it was open. I was able to enter the closet, and I think I hit the jackpot. It was just a white cotton shirt, with white pants, and blue socks. There wasn't much, but it's better than bloody clothing in my eyes. I was able to enter the last shower stall and quietly wash my body and hair.

I removed the clothing and put on fresh new clothing. The bloody clothing would be a problem, so I knew I had to do something. I was able to hear the alarm go off with the flashing lights blinding me. The whole hospital went into lock-down with the alarms echoing, "Patient 11 has escaped. Patient 11 has escaped. Please follow the protocols." I knew in my head, they were talking about me. In my mind, I was kicking myself in the face, because I forgot to cover up my tracks. There has to be a way for me to escape this hospital, and I knew how. When I was walking towards the shower station, I was able to find a doctor's lighter, and I knew I had to get it. Quickly, I pranced to the spot and saw the man leave his lighter behind. I snatched the lighter and went to find a nearby vent. Finally, I was able to find a vent that was loose, so I climbed up the table below it and removed the vent filter.

I was able to place my bloody clothing in there secretly. And then I set the clothing on fire, the flames and smoke from the clothes began to travel around the vents, meaning the hospital will now be consumed with fire. I hopped down from the table and walked around the hospital trying to find an exit. But first, I needed to get my files from the Charlotte girl. I quickly paced myself to go back to the office, and luckily it was empty again. It was like luck was on my side. I opened the drawer again and snatched the files about Charlotte. It had her date of birth, social security, and other important documents.

I hid it under my clothes and walked away. Looking around, the smoke began to fill the hospital, with footsteps and screaming near me. I just needed to find an exit, and leave the damn hospital. What seemed like hours, I was able to find the exit, however, it was blocked off by a security guard. I began to curse under my breath, and think of a plan to distract him. The security guard was shouting at others to go to the other exits, and for some reason, he didn't allow others to escape from there. I took a deep breath and walked over to the guard. The guard looked at me with a suspicious look, and before he was able to yell at me, I hit his Adam's apple, and from there he hit the ground.

His arms clawing at his neck, as he struggled to breathe. I snatched his key cards, and weapons before I ran out of the door. It was nighttime with the rain pouring down and from the inside, the hospital was a Hell hole. I was able to find the guard's car, so I entered it and started the car. It wasn't a good car, but it was better than anything. The gas was kinda low, so that made me angry. I bit my finger, as I thought of a plan. Searching around the car, I was able to find some spare change from the guy, and when the radio turned on, it talked about there being a fire in Macon, Georgia. I facepalmed myself because my hometown was Washington D.C.

I knew I was going to have to pickpocket people for the moment, so I can get more money to get gas. I drove the car out of the hospital and stopped at a nearby gas station. I put a little bit of gas, and when I went to go pay for the gasoline, I decided to rob the place. "Go big, or go home," I thought to myself. I pulled out the pistol I was able to get from the guard and threaten the cashier.

The cashier gave me $350 and from there I ran away. I drove to a motel 5 miles away from the hospital and got a room for the night. I was able to sneak into another person's room and snatch some of their clothes. It was a gray sweater and black pants, and it was better than the clothes I had now. I showered again and put on fresh clothes. I sat on the bed and thought to myself. I have to get back home and start my mission. Takedown the being who stole from me, and the reason I'm in this hellish place. I was ready to face the demon.

The Nightmare Land (Origin Pt. 2)

It was getting late, so I decided to rest for tonight. I knew I needed to get a lot of rest if I want to destroy that being. However, no matter how much I tried to sleep, I could feel something watching me. I didn’t want to open my eyes, because I knew what I could probably see, however, I did it anyway. When I opened my eyes, I saw a black smoky figure hovering over me, I knew who it was. The Night Demon found me. My eyes widen, as the demon crawled back to a dark spot from the wall. I stood up from my bed, to see the demon had Lucinda. I tried to speak, but my throat was closed. Glancing at the wall in front of me, I could see the demon was smirking as she began to stroke her sharp claws on Lucinda’s face. Finally, I was able to speak, so I yelled, “Get away from her! Leave her alone.” 

The demon chuckled at me and began to crawl towards me again. Each bone crackled as she began to crawl on all fours, and her grin was twisted showing her sharp teeth. The sunken look on her face as her bones were sticking through her skin was terrifying. I couldn’t move, I just couldn’t. When she crawled on my bed, my vision began to blur because I couldn’t breathe anymore. It was like she was stopping me from breathing, and I could feel my lungs collapsing. She crawled up to my ear and said, “You’ve grown Lucille…If little Lucinda didn’t allow you to escape, I wouldn’t have punished her.” My eyes widen, as she spoke those words. My head snapped towards Lucinda’s direction, and I can see her face was sunken in. Her body showed skin and bones as she was hugging herself staring at the floor.

I looked back to the demon and asked, “What the hell, did you do to her!” 

“What I always do…I broke her mind.”    

I cursed at her, demanding she stop this madness, but she just remained with her stupid grin on her face. I was able to break the trance I was in and jumped out of my bed. Face to face with the demon that ruined my life for so long. I knew I had to fight her one way or another. My fists were in front of me, and then I lunged at her. I was able to give in a couple of good punches, but then the demon grabbed my wrist. She grabbed my neck and slammed me to the bed. In a blink of an eye, she was hovering over me with drops of blood hitting my face from her mouth. I was able to hear some bones cracking and when my eyes shifted to her hand, her hand was morphed into a bone dagger. She clasped her hand over my mouth and stabbed me on the stomach.  

Nightmares Hurt (Origin pt 3) The Final Chapter

My skin turned white after they stabbed me,they walked towards me and whispered in my ear"P a t h e t i c how sad your gonna die here" the demon began laughing as they grabbed Lucinda's hand and teleported away.I felt as if my sanity was draining I felt lifeless as I fell to the ground and began to bleed out slowly by slowly my world went into a shade of black I felt a tear shed down my face as my heart was stopping I closed my eyes and bled out or so I thought.

I woke up in a hedge maze a book laid in front of me with a note on the front of the book saying “read me” I quickly grabbed the book and began to walk and I opened it without knowing that a tripwire was in front of me and I tripped.I looked at the sides of me and saw a contraption and felt something hold my leg down I looked and saw a person with purple hair hold my leg down I tried fighting back but failed they then pulled a lever which activated the contraption and I was shot with the thing inside the contraption I fell to the floor and bled out or so I thought.

I woke up in a hedge maze with a book laying in front of me with a note saying “read me” I then silently said I had an odd sense of deja vu,and walked past the book and looked down and found a trip wire and stepped over it and began walking to the left and fell down into a pit of lava?! I screamed in agony as I was burnt to a crisp or so I thought.

I woke up in a hedge maze with a book laying in front of me with a note saying "read me" i then suddenly just ran over the top of the book and jumped over what seemed to a be a tripwire.I quickly stopped moving as i saw a pit of lava laying in front of me i quickly felt a quick sense of deja vu and noticed a ledge i could jump over to.

I quickly jumped over and felt something get stuck in my leg i looked down and saw a arrow in my leg i pulled it out and looked ahead of me and saw arrow dispensers and looked down and saw more arrows in my leg i screamed in pain as i ran away from the area with arrow dispensers and quickly ducked as i saw a bunch of arrows shoot at my head i quietly crawled and then jolted away and ran as quick as i could but quickly screamed in pain and fell onto the floor.

I saw a spear in the heel of my foot I screamed like a banshee as i pulled it out of the spear and got off my foot and limped to what seemed to be a forest the trees were Blood red and seemed to be rather...Concerning considering i saw heads in the tree branches screaming in agony i quietly limped forward among the agony tree's.

I looked behind me because of a noise and saw a huge bowling ball behind me i tried limping fast as i saw a left path that i could move to so i didn't get crushed...I limped over there and stood on that path for a few minutes and looked beside me and was hit with something i screamed the words "OW"...i soon discovered i couldn't open my right eye rather fast and decided to look what hit me in my right eye so i had to look down with my left and what i saw was a metal ball with my blood on it not giving up hope i quickly limped over to what seemed like a door.

I gasped suddenly and began quickly limping over to the door and on it,it had the words "EXIT" i quickly opened the door and saw Noelle,Lucinda,My Parents,And all of my family.I quickly limped in for a hug and fell to the floor and i felt something stick me all over my body and i felt my body go up a bit in the air I screamed in pain as i felt my body fall to the floor i looked around me and saw anyone...Was all that a i suppos- Supposed t- supposed to...I felt my body faint from the physical pain i endured.

The Moment before i fainted i saw someone levitate over me,he wore a black cloak and had one blue eye and one orange i felt my body go cold as i fainted...I had reawakened in a fountain of what seemed to be...filled with rainbow water i noticed rainbow trees around the fountain as i got up and looked forward i saw the cloaked person they were writing...something i walked toward them they suddenly disappeared and a note fell from the area he was in.

I went to it and picked it up and saw a message on it,it read "Greetings I'm an ally,you kept dying and it was rather hilarious as i watched you scream in agony,wanna know the best part it was and is when you fell in lava but i revived you with the power of the fountain of light,im known as "The Raging Reaper" and i'm here to make a deal but your not ready for power you haven't bloomed into the darkness of yourself yet a lot of secrets lie within that soul of yours and you still have a lot of humane parts of yourself hidden in that form you took,if you keep holding onto that light side of yourself you'll stay the same "weak and pitiful" side of yourself however if you let go of the light and choose the path of night you'll have all the power you need to take down that entity,And Until your ready you won't get power so stay strong and there is a lot more hell to go through you don't know what the victims of this maze have been through." the message ended there and the note disintegrated out of my hands leaving a pile of dust and ashes in my hand.

...Pathetic FUHUHU What...? Oooh im pissed at this reaper i said angrily as i turned around and saw a noirette run past the area behind the fountain I ran after her and saw her approaching the arrow dispenser trap i ran to him and pushed them to the ground he looked at me with green eyes Dad...? his eyes twinkled as his face ran with tears i helped him up and hugged him tightly Larry looked at me and said "What happened to your hair and your body its...different WHERE THE HELL WHERE YOU?! NATALIA IS DEAD HER HEAD WAS SMASHED IN BY NOELLE SHE WORE SHOES PINNED HER TO THE GROUND AND SMASHED HER HEAD USING THE SHOES IT WAS AWFUL" i told him to quiet down otherwise any nearby enemies would hear us he quietly asked me why i killed him and i replied i didn't they did i gave them my body in exchange for your lives to be spared they didn't spare you i commited suicide at the age of 20 im supposed to be 40 but i died at 20 he said "time sure flies by doesn't it oh and that blonde bully Lil-" i noticed a knife in his stomach he collapsed and behind his corpse revealed Noelle she silently said "Quite Predictable i only wanted to match everyone's expectations aunt Lucy he literally left Natalia for dead And im sorry but i have to kill you its an order and i live to serve Goodbye" She lunged at me and i quickly evaded her and grabbed a rock and bonked her on the head leaving Noelle knocked out cold.

Im sorry Noelle i said quietly as i walked away which turned into running from my desperation to get out of the maze soon enough i was in new territory i was near a lake filled with white water and beside it was black water a sign was in front of both lakes the white waters sign read "Purity" and the sign with the black water read "Corruption" i walked over to the white water and looked at it then i did the same with the black water but my curiosity got the best of me so i touched the black water with the tip of my finger and something latched onto my hand!.

It kept trying to drag me into the dark water but i kept pulling and pulling and pulling until it let me go but i saw some black substance go all over my arm i screamed as i felt something sink its teeth into my arm i screamed in agony as i felt blood trickle down the arm with the black substance i jumped into the "purity" lake and felt the teeth let go and i watched as the black substance disintegrated into nothingness i saw my arm and it was covered with teeth marks i felt nauseous and decided to sit in the lake of purity for a bit and decided to try to sleep hoping that nothing could get me in here.

I woke up for what to seem too be hours later,and began to notice things were different and a lot of corpses were everywhere.some mutilated,some with cuts,some bludgeoned,some with crushed faces,some with a bullet in their head,some with knives in their eyes...and worst of all there was one with no limbs there was traces of black hair on the corpse and there beside her laid a man with multiple skin pieces missing his eyes seemed to be green then suddenly i fell to the ground...this can-c-can't be n-no i felt tears stream down my eyes my eyes widened as i saw someone stand in front of me i backed away slowly and suddenly they lunged i screamed...then woke up back in the purity pit.

My mind had felt cleansed of all my insecurities as if my mind was as pure as an angel i felt....strange i felt as if i could take on anything and because of that feeling i got out of the purity pit without even thinking and decided to move forward through the area coming across through new area's and new enemies but whatever happens i know i can get through this no matter what I WILL TAKE YOU DOWN =).


Before the Story 285894282478934.jpeg

Lucy has grey eyes, with a pixie hair cut for her white/black hair. She normally wears small earrings, which she pairs with her gray sweater and black pants. Lucy can be seen running with her brown combat boots, with her fingerless gloves holding a weapon. When she is hiding from the crowd, she wears a red wig, with blue eye contacts. She wears a pair of pink earrings, with a black dress that is paired with black/orange stockings, and black heels.

Method of Killing

  • Stealthily snapping their victim's neck
  • Using their multiple copies to kill everyone in her path
  • Leading their victim to their doom
  • Stabbing their victim in the back
  • Hugging someone then stabbing them in the back of the head

Weapon of Choice

  • Mp5
  • Pistol
  • UZI
  • Butcher Knife


  • If Her were to children were to die it would weaken her however if you even stab her once it won't immediately kill her and instead it would send her into her final form.
  • Using her parent's death against her
  • Talking about Lily Bailey
  • Tiring out (you just have to survive until she's weak enough)
  • Showing her a photo of Her Husband


  • Singing to her children
  • Protecting children
  • Reading
  • Happiness
  • Protecting others from the wrath of The Demon
  • Watching horror movies with her kids
  • Heavy Metal


  • People who kill children
  • Lying
  • Mean People
  • Animal Cruelty
  • Abuse

Theme Song

Björk - Army of Me

Story Of Her Children

The main theme: Winter's Lullaby

2 weeks after the night she summoned the demon she found out that killing people was not easy for newcomers like her but she learned over time its not good to be alone, so she stopped killing and began looking for a lover. Day by day she would try to find a lover but would fail she began to feel lonely but soon met a man by the name of William she soon began hanging out with him every day and soon enough he asked her out and she accepted. As time passed she grew even happier than she ever had felt, but every night she would sleep she would have the same dream of the night demon torturing her beloved.

In June she took a pregnancy test and it came out positive she was overjoyed to have a bundle of joy she told Michael and he was bursting out in tears from how happy he began to take Lucy to the doctors whenever she needed to be there. On February 11th her first child was born the time was 11:58 it was a girl and she named her Lillith Williams, when it turned to 12:00 am her second child was born it was a boy and she named him Axel Williams.

8 years later Lucy got pregnant again and the day she went into labor her husband died from a car accident while driving Lucy to the hospital. Luckily the baby wasn't harmed but Lucy was depressed, her only one and only love she felt a connection to died and what was she going to do. The ambulance found a note in the car with Lucy when they got her out of the vehicle it read "my darling I will never leave you and I will never lie, you're the only one I have ever felt a connection to and I'll love you to the end of time don't forget I'm with you no matter what keep persevering cupcake~" the child was born and was named Lily B. Williams.

Lucy's Blood-Lust Form

Created with Rinmaru

This form is her only life leftover if she dies Which leaves her with 1 life left, She Is Extremely Strong and will not stop until your dead, Her speed is mid-level and the same with stealth. Her weakness in this form is Wormwood or to protect yourself use any sort of Protective herb or pour Holy water on yourself to drive them away from you.

  • Their weapons are a Machine gun, A UZI, And A demonic Blade
  • Their Defense item is Demonic shield to protect themself, You have to throw the wormwood at them


  • She is 30
  • She has 3 children
  • she had been married until her husband died
  • Her favorite horror movie is The Exorcist
  • Her favorite song is Heart-Shaped Box - By nirvana
  • Her favorite Horror Game is Resident Evil
  • Her Mother is alive
  • Her favorite books by Stephen King are Cat's Eye, The Shining, Misery, and Carrie

Fun Facts

  • Creator - Frara
  • Editor - Black Bullet235
  • I based Lucy off of my Creation from a Gacha life mini-movie
  • The masks described in part one of her origins was drawn by me
  • The Latest part of chapter three lucy's 4th execution was inspired by chiaki nanami's execution in danganronpa the end of hope's peak.