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This page is a dedication page for all those users who have made a difference that benefit the wiki. These users may have made it from average users to the staff team or remained as normal users who still made an impact on their characters/presence online. The users mentioned on here can write something about themselves if they wish.

Agent Kansas632

Agent Kansas632 is the official creator of "Jake Forge", "Experiment 24", "The Mockingbird", and many more as well as being a former content moderator of the site. With characters that scream towards the reader about time/effort being placed within the Creepypastas he makes, Agent was given content moderator for his assistance to many users by editing spelling/grammar mistakes, giving helpful suggestions, or just being around when trouble struck.

Despite this user admitting that the Creepypasta Files Wiki was just not for him anymore (can be found here: Agent Kansas' Resignation), he will be known to leave enjoyable examples of grand Creepypastas whilst being able to help the site as much as possible, even sometimes coming back to the site to see how everyone is doing, and talking with the staff regarding ideas for characters he may have, or ways he can help them and other users develop theirs further. Brief and sporadic as his visits may be, he still does care for the wiki and the users here.

AnimeGirl45 (Known as Mother of the Wiki)

AnimeGirl45/DisabledCFWUser was a user who was one of the first staff members to take charge and help the wiki grow. She was recruited by Toby Lee Rogers (a past administrator at the time) to help the users and stop vandalism. There was a time she took a break from the wiki, leaving Toby to do all the work, which stressed Toby out a lot. She was the longest administrator to take charge during the 2018-2020 period. She never left the wiki for three years and helped the wiki grow to the best of her ability.

She helped many users deal with problems along with help create pages, add categories, and add more accurate information. She will forever be known as the "Mother of the Wiki", for being there in the time of need and being one of the administrators to never leave the wiki and being loyal. She left her position at the beginning of 2020 and still returns to visit and help.

Message from AnimeGirl45:

Hello! Stay awesome creepy noodles! Help this wiki grow and keep the environment positive! Hope y'all enjoyed your stay here at the CFW! I hope to see many stories from talented writers! If you have an idea, don't be shy! Go start a page and share your horror story! So put your hands on that keyboard and begin writing out your story! Anyone. Can. Be. A. Creepy. Noodle! Peace out! And stay tuned folks as monsters of unimaginable horror will have their stories on here to keep you up at night!

I loved my time here at the wiki! I'm really grateful for the fact of how much the wiki has grown and how much people have stepped up to share their story! Thank you for all your support fellow users.

- AnimeGirl45/Sophie


BlackBlooded was a female user who was active on the wiki from 2016-2017. BlackBlooded had originally created a character named Macabre and was extremely active on the wiki helping add information and categories.

But however, BlackBlooded slowly became inactive and soon requested for her character to be deleted. She was never given staff rights but however, she shall be remembered for her activity and help to the wiki in the beginning.

Black Bullet235 (Known as BB)

Black Bullet235 - otherwise referred to as BB for short - is an administrator responsible for the majority of edits, reviews and collaborations to the site as from 2018-current. The majority may know of this user due to her infamous and featured article titled "Operator" along with other well-known creations such as Kitsune, Crush, Razor, Rabbit Stalker, Volatile, Bachelor, etc.

She is seen as highly influential, determined, inspirational and overall quite joyful in her position as it was before receiving administration-rights. Many of the users here did tend to leave a friendly message on her wall asking for assistance on their own creations (most of which she did oblige to complete thoroughly). Even before receiving staff-rights, BB was seen as an ideal member of staff given her professional, mature and upstanding appearance to the site.

From the 6th of February 2021, BB received administration after a successful public vote elected her position. Since then, she was seen actively dedicating her time to the wiki, even under stressful situations concerning her personal life. Despite her worries and doubts, she never attempted to give up and continued to work endlessly until the 3rd of September 2021.

After she attempted to contact other staff-members to help aid in the wiki's progression - and retrieving little to no communication back as a response - she handed in her resignation.

However, after discussing with Critic, BB was able to return to the wiki and receive her admin rights on February 2nd 2022. She plans on revamping the wiki once more, and help it expand. She continues to contribute to the wiki with fresh Ocs, and interacting with the users. BB plans on becoming a renowned Creepypasta creator in the near-future by publishing Creepypastas in the official Creepypasta website. Her work are also shown in Quotev, Wattpad, and Amino respectfully. With The Watcher, and Rabbit Stalker being the most popular.

CriticizerHere (Known as Crit)

CriticizerHere is admin of CFW who is often known for her appearance on the wiki to criticize many OCs, whether it being mere fun to sharing helpful advice with the creators for future improvements.

During her first time entering the site, she was quite hesitant to try anything new such as adding her own creations or even reviewing famous/recent Creepypastas. But, with help from people such as Anime, Rae, Chaos, and many more, she grew fond of the hobby and decided to become a reviewer of Creepypastas to help stories strengthen in fear. She has made her own Creepypasta creations on the site, these include Uth'tamas, Sabrina Mayne, Cheeky Charlie, Is The Darkness Your Friend?, Peculiar, and many more.

While she may seem busy at times to "forget" a promise made, she wants you all to know that her time spent on this wiki (whether good or bad) was a pleasure to serve with such a grand community. She has proven time and time again to have truly deserved her position as an admin on the wiki, providing feedback to users, enforcing the rules, and being an all-around great person to talk to. Whilst being firm on the rules, she has been willing to listen to people and help them with editing their characters so they fit more with how the wiki rules work.

Message from CriticizerHere:

As of the 29th of January 2022, I've been planning on removing myself as administrator/bureaucrat once new candidates for staff-members arrive and take over instead (as seen here). For now, I prefer to review certain creations or edit pages that require improvement in terms of layout/structure. I can also take reports for any suspicious activity if needs be (provided I haven't retired and lost my staff-rights).


DuckWaffleYT was a male user who was active on the wiki around 2017-2018 (around the time Toby lost her administrative position). He helped many users and helped with vandals while the wiki was before a mess with no administrators to help keep everything in control.

Though he denied the invitation to the staff team, he shall be remembered as one of the users who helped the wiki in the beginning.


EnderChas was the second user to be promoted to bureaucrat by Toby Lee Rogers during Toby's impersonation in March of 2018. Alongside AnimeGirl45, he helped Toby remain calm while punishing the impersonators.

His time as bureaucrat/admin was very short-lived as he was causing trouble on The Minecraft Creepypasta Wiki (CFW's older sister), resulting in him permanently losing his position. He is no longer on Fandom, and the time he left Fandom is unknown. But he shall be remembered as one of the 2 people who helped Toby through the impersonation.


Evita was a former administrator/bureaucrat of the Creepypasta Files Wiki and one of the few people to be promoted by Toby to stop a vandal from vandalizing the wiki while Toby was globally blocked. She is the original creator of the Creepypasta character "The Phantom of the Evening" and has been known to share her popularity with the site alongside the previous owner of CFW, AnimeGirl45, and previous administrator, Toby Lee Rogers.

Evita was known for her assistance in aiding during the time the wiki was under attacked and since then has been attending the wiki's Discord server to continue helping the site further. She resigned on the 11th of September 2019, giving her bureaucrat status to the user CriticizerHere and recently deciding to become active on the site again on the 15th of July, 2020.


GhostClick was a user who was part of the staff team from 2018-2019 when she or Fandom disabled her account and suddenly left without much of a true explanation given.

She helped many users with factual details behind many famous Creepypastas and added accurate information to the wiki for Creepypasta characters she herself did not create, such as Rouge and Wilson The Basher.

She helped tremendously and even if she left randomly, she shall be remembered as one of the best and first administrators to take charge and help the wiki grow.

Halfdevilhalfgoddess (Known as Chaos)

Chaos was a friend to many of the staff (as well as earning herself administrator) and is a wonderful spokesperson who many should see a rant about issues the wiki or the franchise has. Despite the personal complications she may face, she still attempts to continue her work here with a smile on her face and passion for the users here, however bad the Creepypastas may be. Her own creation is a Creepypasta known as Piggy (seemingly a work in progress character).

If you ever want good tips on how to begin, develop and end a good rant about modern-day problems with this long, forgotten franchise of horror or wish to just have a good buddy to know, Chaos is that adviser as well as a buddy you can count on. However, as of recently, Chaos has seemingly vanished from the site as well as the Discord server.

Not much was known about the matter, but Criticizer (a friend who had contacted Chaos many times) would assume personal conflict had intervened with her attendance. Since then, Chaos departed from both the site and server as a whole, leaving some to wonder if she might return in the future at some stage.

Idea Informative101 (Known as Need Help)

Idea Informative101 was an outstanding individual who was eager to learn who to improve his Creepypasta "NightShift" and continue to create and develop his own Creepypasta website that can be located here: Idea's Creepypasta Website.

He was ready to handle tough criticism and followed the advice/help from the user CriticizerHere, leading his Creepypasta to become a large step-up than what was made previously. Even with his gradually obvious departure for the months later on after his creation was improved, he will be one of the rarest and most appreciated users to join this wiki and make their first, good impression towards many.




IrrelevantViewer was a formal a bureaucrat of the site as well as an excellent reviewer of Creepypastas. Despite his decision to no longer attend the site (found here: IrrelevantViewer's Leave), he felt his newer position as of recently was to assist younger writers continuing their inclusion in the franchise by taking in requests for criticism. This return was greeted with open arms and he now is well-known within a similar business CriticizerHere had decided to take up on the site.

However, he has also assisted the site in two other ways: one way from giving out a free to use template for Creepypasta character pages (can be found here: IrrelevantViewer's Template) as well as making his own creation: Reviewing Murder. We very much hope this user won't be leaving with regret or sadness but rather happiness and pride in the helpful hand he had given the site.

JustAMemer (Known as JAM)

JustAMemer has been quite the blogger in terms of good information and hints towards the Creepypasta fandom. Whether it being OC Mary Sue testing to misconceptions of multiple fans attempting to shape their own creations into the realm of Creepypasta itself, this user is to thank for the largest heads-up any fan desires before writing.

This user also has often been seen posting intriguing creations such as "Shadow People" (the Creepypasta Contest entry), "Cabin Trip", "The Beginning of the End", and many others. He is a person you can rely on if you are ever in doubt of the existence of the place known as The Slender Mansion and what exactly is considered a good Creepypasta trait to own.

Messenger of Heaven (Known as Mess)

Messenger of Heaven was an administrator and counselor of this Creepypasta Files Wiki and has been known by many for her assistance with problems throughout her time spent here.

Despite her long disappearance, she had recently returned and opened a new contest to make up for lost time which can be found here: Creepypasta Contest where a few of the members on here have entered already.

Mess has been known for spending her time helping those in need, whether it is for the wiki's guidance or personal issues they couldn't resolve by themselves. Mess will be one of the many memorable staff who improved the wiki for the better.

She resigned on July 8th, 2020 due to personal issues with a few of the staff members of the team.

N0bodiSpecia1 (Known as UniquelyKnottedSoul)

N0bodiSpecia1 was not your casual user who attends this wiki. Crafting from the deepest corners of his subconscious, the majority of his works are to make his readers laugh within their seats at home, enjoying the terrible nature of newer OCs while his creations mock their many flaws/errors such as "Marian Suzan" and "Killer the Killer".

If lost on what to find as good Jokepastas or needing good inspirational information regarding Creepypastas, you can interact with this user for such things.




RaeLotte was an administrator of CFW, which we are all are grateful to have on this site, creating unique and intriguing Creepypasta characters that help introduce the new concept of "loner". With characters such as "Eerie" and "Ripper", Rae was able to construct the basic ideas for many aspiring fans into complex yet understandably great characters who don't need dependence on other Creepypasta characters to be seen as a Creepypasta themselves.

Recently, Rae had become inactive but soon made an appearance within the general Discord server. If you wish to find a perfect tale of both horror and twisted happy endings, Rae's creations are the reading material you need. As from the 22nd of November 2021, she was demoted for inactivity on the site but still present in the server as a former staff-member.

ScarlettofHydraIsland (Known as Scarlet)

ScarlettofHydraIsland - known as Scarlet for short - was a content-moderator responsible for editing the wiki's creations for improvement and revamping previous creations marked for review/deletion since 2019.

She was inspired by BB to continue editing the site to seek a possible promotion to content-moderator. And - on the 3rd of April 2021 - Scarlet successfully was promoted to such a position by public vote. From there, she attended the wiki frequently for SPaG corrections, adding categories and improving other creations as well as her own.

However, as from the 4th of September, Scarlet had resigned after viewing her weeks of inactivity on the site. As a result of this, she has decided to distance herself from the fandom overall. She has considered parting herself from the Discord server associated with the wiki after BB's departure. Still, she is available to contact if it is necessary.


TheJacobSurgenor was a former user in CFW. He's known for helping build up the canon Creepypasta wiki pages like, "Sally", "Laughing Jack", and more. While he had a quick temper, he would be known for his helpfulness and dealing with rulebreakers.

It's unknown if he was ever a staff member at CFW. However, his help was still appreciative. He's no longer active in CFW, however he will be known for helping build the wiki.


TheKnow was the founder of Creepypasta Files Wikia. They had created many pages and helped many users before going inactive in October of 2017 shortly after Toby joined Fandom.

Though they have left the wiki, they still created it and helped the wiki develop in the beginning to what it has become now. They deserve a place on here for founding this wiki for it to grow.


TheTimeJumper300 was a former user of CFW. He was known for being friends with Arrow, and building the wiki pages they are today. He has vanished from the wiki back on 2018, but his help will be remembered.

Whether it was helping Arrow, building wiki pages, and being logical towards others. He will be known for being helpful.

Toby Lee Rogers/Arrow-chan (Known as Father of the Wiki/Arrow)

Toby Lee Rogers was the first administrator to take charge at the beginning of 2018 as she adopted the wiki in February of 2018 and helped stop vandalism on pages. She also took care of the wiki before she adopted it from a wave of vandals in December of 2017.

She helped many users and helped the wiki grow bigger along with adding other admins to the staff team. She took care of the wiki in the time of need and cared a lot about it.

She was, however, stripped off of her administrative position in December of 2018 after vandalism. She has since been allowed back onto the wiki and she is here to help the wiki which she took care of since the beginning. Though she may have some bad patches in her past, she will be remembered as the administrator to take charge and help the wiki grow into what it is today.

In early March of 2020, she was promoted to a content moderator, though there was a 3 month period where she was serving a global ban which expired on June 28th, 2020. She resigned on July 8th, 2020, but will have a temporary stay on the wiki to continue working on her Creepypasta X until the end of the month.

She had been given the role of administrator for 1-2 months (end-date being between 14th of August and 14th of September) as a trial run to re-entering the staff team of CFW. However, she did not finish the trial, and left due to personal reasons.

Withersoul 235

Wither was an admin of CFW from 2018 to the autumn of 2021. He was given admin by the father of the wiki, "Arrow". He made rare appearances at CFW. However, when he did appear in CFW, it was to deal with rulebreakers, and provide house-cleaning. He may not have been particularly active like other users, but he did leave off an impression that can be admired.

He's known for his great knowledge of video games concepts, and the horror genre. If you ever need help with Creepypasta ideas, or video games ideas then he's the man to talk to. He hasn't created any content for CFW, but he has helped other users in the wiki to become successful.