Ann Lusen Mia or The Nurse Ann has an unknown origin story, but she's known to be a murderous nurse.

Ann wears an unpractical nurse outfit, but it's black because she's an emotional person. Her body is covered with stitches. Her weapon is a chainsaw.


Before becoming a murderer, she was a shy, caring nurse. When she came back to life, she was turned into an aggressive, selfish, mad nurse.


Nurse Ann does not have an official backstory or creepypasta story, so her backstory is currently unknown.



  • She's 24 years old
  • About 5"7'
  • She pretends to like everyone.
  • Her birthday is on October 31st.
  • Her enemy is Judge Angel
  • Her right eye is missing, that's why she covers it
  • She was created by yaguyi


Theme song: Our Solemn Hour - Within Temptation