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~ The Joyful one

The Joyful One aka Lucinda Fern was a normal 8-year-old girl until her sister Noelle killed her mother and performed a ritual to bring The Night Demon a form in the real world. She was soon brought into the dream world and went into the dungeon and helped Lucy Angelov out of her cage and helped her escape, the night demon quickly found out and grabbed Lucinda by the feet,Lucy tried to hold on but Lucinda let go,Night demon began torturing Lucinda until Lucinda's sanity was fully broken. This angered Noelle but she couldn't stop her master. Mind broke Lucinda fully snapped and began to go on a murder spree in anger.


She has blue hair with red tips, wears a small green sweater with a black skirt, black boots, with black stockings and black finger gloves, she wears a pink heart choker.


Lucinda fern was a normal girl until her sister Noelle had mind broken her father and made him kill her mother then himself. Noelle had switched her mother's body bag with a mannequin and performed a ritual on her mother's body giving the night demon a form in the real world. The night demon brought Noelle and Lucinda into the dream world welcoming them into her mansion with the night demons friends, The Sorceress, The Mortician, Nemesis, Meurtrière, Covert, Purity, Eko, and Widow. Lucinda went into the basement and helped Lucile Angelov get out of her cage and helped her escape. However, The Night Demon was watching and punished Lucinda by breaking her mind. Noelle tried to stop her but failed and was knocked out. Lucinda was fully mind broken and began on a killing spree in a fit of rage and had to serve her master.

Theme song

Lucas King - Broken

Weapon of choice

  • Flamethrower
  • Knife


  • If her sister is killed she dies from an extreme emotional connection (my friend black bullet235 gave me this idea and I give her full credit)
  • Her parents being mentioned
  • Her friends dying

Demonic Form

This form is