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God can only save you now...
~ Her famous quote

The Creepster (also known as "Creepster" for short) is the titular main antagonist of 'The Creepster'. She is been wanting to be a creepypasta, but her Adoptive Father told her that there lies, but look at that, she has became one!!


In the story, it begins a girl named Luna Alexa Smith, she was reading a lot of books about creepypasta and wanting to become a creepypasta, nothing worked when she was trying to become a creepypasta....her father told her that it won't work...she said she has too try harder to become one, and he grounded her and he became drunk. he hit her and yelled at her, so she had enough...she went outside, she started summon creepypasta, nothing worked. so she did herobrine....and it worked..herobrine was summoned, herobrine was shocked that it was not a was a girl, she floats up on top of the sky and dies..but she came back to life, she want back to the house, and set the house on fire and she saved her books....and her drunk adoptive father dies in the fire....she starts to glitch and she sees players spawning, so she is ready to haunt there lives into a living nightmare.


She has white hair, a purple beanie, a weird peach shirt type thing, light blue shorts, and gray boots, and she has black eyes with red glowing dots, with dark cyan tears and her skin color is darkish cyan.

The dark cyan tears are not really crying tears, just a birth mark, that is in her creepypasta form.


She is insane, crazy, twisted, wrathful, tyrannical, malevolent, sadistic, cruel, and psychopathy. She also has a conifdent in herself, but she can make some players in minecraft, there nightmare come true, and make their souls to come out of the fear inside of there body, from her scaryness and creepyness. She loves to scare people by putting redstone torchs on there house and turn their house to bedrock.


Look at the character power things.


She has a shaved hair back of her head.

Her best friend is The Nether Queen.

She uses her powers to turn players houses to bedrock, and they can not break them.

Her birthday is unknown, so her birthday is on the October 30

Her Theme Song

Melanie Martinez - Mad Hatter


Kesha - Run Devil Run