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I saw it at my apartment window, it's eye o-or lenses gleamed in the night. What disturbed me the most was the fact that I lived on the 10th floor...
~ Survivor's account of The Collector.

The Collector is a cosmic entity of an unknown origin. The similarity between eyewitnesses of the creature explains that the creature has a vintage camera for a head and is extremely tall. It has 4 long fingers protruding from the sleeve of a jacket and carries a book with an infinite amount of pages. The creature does appear to be hostile as it has been known to "collect" citizens by taking a picture of them with its camera. The victims are then trapped inside of a photo which is revealed to be a time-looping pocket dimension.


The Collector has a fascination with all creatures in the multiverse from humans to animals. It has the ability to trap any creature regardless of size and shape in a pocket dimension taking the form of a photo. This photo is then placed inside the book it carries. It has the personality of an explorer and is extremely curious. The creature is either incapable of speech or just simply chooses not to.


Work in Progress


  • Anyone who manages to look inside of The Collector's book will immediately be driven insane by the incomprehensible forms of the beings it collects.
  • The creature is capable of dying but it is professional in the manner of escaping most situations.
  • The creature was trapped in a portal by one of the beings it attempted to collect.
  • The creature teleports by flashing its camera to escape from situations anyone who is affected by the flash will receive permanent eye damage.
  • The Collector appears to be the last of its kind as there have no other sightings any relative species.