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"We lost Frederick last night. Damn Engine went after the poor guy. He thought he was safe away from the tracks. Boy, was he wrong." -Edward's Fireman's Diary, July 7th, 1973

"Oliver" (Also known as The Beast,) is the main antagonist of "Sodor Fallout", a Thomas & Friends AU (created by Connor, also known as TidmouthThunderbolt) where the Island of Sodor has been greatly affected by an explosion at a nuclear power plant that The Fat Controller invested in, creating a horde of necromorph-esque mutant trains. It is a mutated Oliver that was experimented on by P.T Boomer, also known as Peter Theodore Boomer, who is the antagonist behind all of the events.


He retains the same appearance of Oliver, though his face is now replaced with a large mouth full of razor sharp teeth resembling a Demogorgon from the Netflix series, "Stranger Things". He also has tendrils that come out underneath his chassis in which they help him move off the rails. It carries around Oliver's face to use as a mask in order to fool other engines or people into letting it approach. It's tendrils can also come out of it's mouth and can control the eyes in Oliver's face.


Oliver was derailed and beaten up by 'Arry and Bert (Harold and Herbert) and was taken to the ironworks. He was then injected with an unknown substance, he then complained about nausea and pain before being put to sleep by the researchers.

After waking up, Oliver then proceeded to knock a flatbed onto its side and has been given aesthetics. Oliver's face has now ceased circulation and is growing tendrils, he then killed the ironworks twins afterwards. Diesel 10 was brought in and held up a good fight, and started to taunt it, calling it names like Monster, Creature and Beast, but the engine got the upper hand. It eventually killed Diesel 10 by tearing off his Claw and one of his buffers, when the now powerless Diesel 10 begged for mercy, the Beast picked up the thin end of his claw and rammed it into the middle of his face, killing him.

When Duck arrived at the ironworks, he is shown running from Oliver, who slowly corners Duck, seeing this, he begins shaking in fear, slowly backing away, until he hits the buffers at the back of the ironworks. At this point, The Beast corners him, as Duck is seen shaking intensely, looking around desperately for a way to escape. The last time Duck is seen alive is him shaking in fear, staring in horror as "Oliver" transforms into The Beast, The Beast then kills Duck, ripping out his eyes, stabbing him in the forehead and then hollowing him out entirely.

Moments later, he then begin to chase Percy, who was then diverted into a runaway siding, crashing into a pile of coal. The passengers scattered, trying to escape only to get killed by Oliver, he would then rip Percy's jaw off with it's tendril. Right when it was about to finish Percy off and eat him, Gordon, who was also mutated, thundered past. Since Oliver can only rely on vibrations and sound to look for prey, it thought Percy was escaping again, resulting in Oliver chasing Gordon instead, leaving Percy to slowly bleed to death.


  • TidmouthThunderbolt made a model Diorama of The Beast using an Airfix 14xx.
  • A running joke in the community since 2019 was calling The Beast "Olivore", to annoy TidmouthThunderbolt. It wasn't until late 2020 when he was given his canon name.
  • It is currently unknown if Oliver managed to kill Gordon. However, it is likely that he did not, as Gordon is an express engine and was going at speeds that a tank engine like Oliver normally wouldn’t be able to get to.
    • Though, it is possible that Oliver's mutations would allow him to go faster than Gordon, as the legs he gains would possibly make him faster than his basis.
  • In the picture where he kills Duck, Oliver appears to be missing his lamp. It's most likely that it fell off after he killed Frederick, as the lamp appears to be slightly crooked.
  • Interestingly, despite his mask resembling his concerned face, in the picture where he kills Frederick, it resembles Oliver's sad face instead.
  • While The Beast cannot see, it tracks down prey via vibrations and sound. Explaining why The Beast did not finish off Percy when Gordon shot past, as it thought Percy was escaping.
  • Oliver, along with Gordon after his mutation, is meant to trigger trypophobia.
  • The image on twitter where Henry (who was heading towards the Ironworks to look for survivors) encounter the Beast might have taken place after the test which Oliver was unleashed which he was pulling Toad.
  • In many fan made videos Oliver uses The ''Call Of Duty'' Zombie sound effect.
  • The Idea of the beast is from an twitter user.
  • The 1411 experiment is a reference to Oliver's base, the GWR 1400 Class and Oliver's number the number 11 (Being the 11th engine of the NWR).