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The Bartender. 1941 is the maintenance antagonist in the CreepyPasta story of the same name: “The Bartender. 1941”.

Brief Description

The Bartender. 1941, also known as The Bartender or B. 1941, is a malicious and faulty entity that shelters inside the Haven’s Bar: an abandoned bar located in Westchester County, New York. Before its appearance, a former employee died within the perimeter during the early 1940s before the tavern officially shut down in 1945.

Many stated that it was the dead bartender who haunts its grounds. However, many countered, saying the revenant is the Devil or other unworldly creature in disguise, disturbing humankind through its wrath. Others implied another spirit took their carcass as a vessel. In the end, various theories were cut short throughout the years. Despite everything, the people who knew of their unquenched lust for flesh and blood named the being The Bartender. The digit “1941” was later added to its name--the number represents the year the main bartender died; it’s also the same year when the infamous entity emerged.

Many sightings and evidence led to the existence of The Bartender, yet some chose to discard the information. The topic itself was absurd; falsified intel and ghoul stories to boost the town’s attraction. As many held the tale, it became a folktale to prevent young children from wandering too far into the woods--or else a demon will catch and devour their souls.


Image by PaxArsenal

The Bartender takes the appearance of a towering humanoid adult male, or a hideous, decapitated corpse in tough, dark skin, wearing an outdated bartender uniform. The attire incorporates an ebony vest suit with matching dress pants, footwear, and tie. Other accessories include a silver string hanging by the side of its pockets (possibly a pocket watch), sleeve garters, fingerless gloves, and tie clip. Their clothing is contaminated in decomposing blood, essentially from the upper body. The creature notably smells like rotten cheese and decaying charred flesh. It’s speculated to be bacteria coming from its wound.

From the mandible and tongue, their upper skull is missing. What remains is the endless pool of clotted blood trickling down and other gruesome features. Fragments of skulls are still visible at the back hole. A black smoke-like substance wavers ever so slowly through the opening. Dismal purple and violet hues etch into the ends of the smog as it gently flows throughout the building. The smoke is said to be blazing hot, even toxic to some, and addicting to others.

*The Core is the heart of The Bartender’s existence or the very soul of the fiend. The Core is a circular ball radiating powerful heat. A small purple glow lace the outer layers of the life source. Their body acts as a protective shield while hidden inside the creature. It burns actively to hover and make more smoke. It’s their power source; after all, it’s what keeps them alive.


The Bartender. 1941 is known to be a malicious and bitter being. An undying hatred burns in their core and mind. The motive is unknown, yet it finds amusement in harming humankind. Most of their hobbies are to lure victims into the abandoned bar to secure their demise. However, The Bartender wasn’t always like this; the entity lives off of souls. They used to kill people outside the tavern, but so did their own painfully immense desolation as time went by. It didn’t take long before B. 1941 began manipulating and twisting their state of nightmare into an endless cycle of entertainment for the cryptic. Not so much for its prey. Those within the building could only pray before the bar consumes their mentality or The Bartender in its stead.

Emotionless is also a word to describe them when alone. Although, mental breakdowns are frequent from this creature, too, as their phobia spreads deeper into their soul. They became disruptive when rations run dry. The Bartender is a sensitive and self-conscious creature--if that’s surprising enough.

Abilities & Skills

Bar Manipulation - After the tavern closed down, The Bartender began manipulating the building like a spider to its web: splitting pathways, moving and locking doors, placing dead ends, as well as removing floor planks so unsuspecting victims could fall through, etc. It became an infinite maze for anyone that entered. Many haven’t been victorious in finding a way out.

Mind Manipulation - The Bartender. 1941 plays with the victim’s mind while trying to track them down. Depending on each person, the process could be painful, or the mind can endure the strain longer but never enough to not be consumed by madness. The bar does most of its work for them.

Smoke & Ash Manipulation - Several abilities assist under this category. Constructed out of smoke and ashes, their core powers this capability to release addicting/toxic smoke and acts as a heart. Another ability requires stamina to blow fume into their victim’s lungs, suffocating them. It’s a gruesome killing technique, but the fastest and most effective one. The manipulation is strong enough to slaughter 10-36 people in the same room.

Telepathy/Inaudibility -  The Bartender couldn’t physically talk without their upper jaw, only gurgle and groan. Telepathy is a thing for them, yet it’s limited. Their telepathic voice sounds feral and raspy from its huskiness and depth. Only the ones who they allow in can hear it, though there are exceptions. It also echoes when spoken.

Sixth Sense - Although losing three-fifths of their senses, they have a sixth sense: the ability to sensor heat. They could detect their victim’s movement,  yet it is still a challenge moving around without their other sensations assisting them since furniture and walls don’t have heat.

Soul Harvest - As a creature related to demonic influences, they harvest souls to feast to live. They can suck souls out of human bodies, thus being able to live without having human contact. The Bartender uses this technique very often, yet it slowly began their path to insanity and loneliness.

Enhanced Strength - The Bartender’s body is double in size due to the build-up of gases during decomposition, resulting in enhanced strength, yet flexibility and speed are limited.

The 1941 Incident: Origin

Newspaper covering the incident

On the night of December 9, 1941, an unfortunate death occurred within Haven’s Bar. It was a well-known tavern and previously concealed speakeasy during the Prohibition era. The head bartender, identified as Chris A. Brahms, was shot dead by an unknown firearm. Their body laid underneath the bar counter.

The supposed suspects fled the crime before the police arrived. Police weren’t successful in searching for the weapon, neither did they locate the escapees. While investigators examine the building and corpse, the customers and staff are to be interviewed by experts. Cremation is requested; however, its wounds never stopped bleeding.

A few days later, the corpse was reported missing.


  • The Bartender could potentially die if they left the bar.
  • The dead bartender's full name is Chris Alexander. Brahms.
  • Viewers can call them by any pronouns, although the creator refers to them as they/them/it.
  • They have known phobias towards mirrors, firearms, and rodents.
  • The Headless Horseman and the Dullahan are the main inspirations for its design.
  • In a fictional town of Westchester County, New York, is where they reside.
  • The audience can interpret the life of the dead bartender.
  • The Bartender. 1941's creator is PaxArsenal.

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