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I'm sorry... I can't read your future... Maybe because you're already dead...
~ Vincent's Catchphrase

Vincent Russo is a young man that does Tarot Reading. He tells the clients about they're past and present, but the Future Tarot card always ends up in 'Death'

Vincent is rumored to be deceased by the time of 18th Century Italy.

Personal Information

Full Name: Vincent Russo

Gender: Male

Alias: Tarot Reader, Mr. Fortune Teller

Nickname: Unknown

Age (Of Death): 32

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 167 lbs

Date of Birth: Unknown

Birthplace: Verona, Italy

Language: Italian, English


Weapon: The 'Death' Tarot Card

Method of Killing: Once a person see the Tarot Shop, they will be manipulated and forced to go in the shop. Once they go inside, they see Vincent at the entrance. He asks the person to take a seat at the reading table to read his/her fortune. The Past and Present card will be normal, but when he reads the Future Card, it will always be Death.

The Death Card will take place right after the person exits the shop, that causes the shop to disappear. Although the Death Card doesn't mean the end of life, but it will end everything from the client's life. From a Relationship, to money. This continues on every hour, which causes the client to end his own life, but the body won't be found ever again.

Reason to Kill: It's because he thinks that the Death Card is speaking to him, and controlling him to read someone's fortune, but to end it with the 'Death Card


It is still unknown where Vincent came from, but it's rumored that he died in the 18th century Italy because of a very brutal, and gruesome tragedy after getting the Death Card Itself from another reading.


Vincent has silky brown hair and glowing red eyes. He wears a simple black tailcoat and brown pants. He has white gloves and black shoes.

Creepy Appearance/ Distinguishing Features: Red Glowing Eyes


Intelligence: 8

Strength: ???

Speed: 7

Agility: 7

Durability: 8


  • Although a Tarot Reader, Vincent takes an appearance of a Butler.
  • He thinks that the Death Card is his his Operator/Master and Observer, so he takes his orders from the Death Card itself.
  • It might be possible that he committed suicide rather than being in an accident that lead to his death.
  • The Tarot Shop can be anywhere in the world.
  • If 2 or more people enter the Tarot Shop, the Death Card will speak to Vincent, telling him the easiest one to use the Death Card on.
  • Vincent thinks that Most of the Targets of the Death Card are people who are easily broken and has a fragile personality. That way, they will easily commit suicide.
  • This is Shalinah-Chan's 6th Creepypasta OC
  • This is also her First Male Creepypasta OC.

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