Sadie Marie Benette or Suicide Sadie lost her mother from cancer then her father began abusing her, and she later committed suicide because of it driving her into depression. Now she has turned into a ghost and she now protects the children and people on earth who are suffering abuse like she did, and protecting them from the same fate she endured. Follow her story of being abused, being driven to depression, committing suicide, and returning to earth as a spirit.


Sadie wears a white dress that reaches her thighs and she wears no shoes. She has bleeding black scars on both her legs, along with her neck and arms. Her right eye is pitch black and empty, due to her suicide attempt becoming sloppy. She has messy wavy white hair that reaches her waist.


Suicide Sadie is very reserved, usually being in a depression or emotionless state. She does not act slutty, sassy or lovable at all actually. She's overprotective especially around children and becomes highly aggressive towards others who try to harm them. 


Sadie Marie Bennett's mother died of cancer when she was small, and it mentally took a toll on her and her father. Her father went into deep rooted depression, and used alcohol as an outlet and eventually took all his emotional and physical rage on his daughter. She was terrified of admiring to the police about her father and it dug her deeper into depression. Eventually, she couldn't take it anymore and quickly tried to slit her own throat but it got all sloppy and she ended up stabbing her own eye. She came back as a ghost and took possession of her father and slit his own throat and staged it to look like a double suicide.

Now she roams around making sure kids and people alike who are suffering from abuse (mainly physical and emotional) to protect them from the same fate she endured. She stalks and drives the abuser slowly insane, giving them one warning to change their ways. If they continue she will either stage it to look like a suicide or an accidental death.


  • She is bisexual.
  • She died at the age of 18.
  • She is taken by a man named RoadWalker
  • Her creator of Deviantart is pnckes