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Stitch, formerly known as Jeanna Leah, is the proxy to the infamous Slender Man. Sold at a young age as a slave for richer families, she was abused until she suddenly died, and reborn...

Basic Info

  • Name: Jeanna Leah
  • Taken Name: Stitch
  • Meaning?: She stitches people's eyes and mouths shut
  • Status: Undead
  • Nicknames: Stitchy, Slave, Proxy, Blind-ass Bitch (Brook)
  • Age: 16
  • Languages: English, German, Italian, Spanish
  • Birthplace: Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Current place of residence: Unknown
  • Species: Humanoid Demon (Formerly human)


Stitch, pre-selling, was a quiet, and sweet little girl. She was very obedient, and never ever disobeyed or broke rules. She loved school, and had lots of friends.

Post-selling, She became untrusting, and silent, She hated herself, and hated everyone else. She drew herself in more and more and more, until she never even spoke, only nodding her head or making gestures.

Post-proxy, sadistic and anger came into her personality, and she let out all the anger she had held in over the years. She loves to cause pain to others, and doesn't care for consequences. She loves that Slenderman took her in, and is often happy to do his bidding. This plays into her extreme loyalty, and is extremely loyal to the supernatural demon, as well as extremely obedient, never rebelling.


Stitch has long, curly, silver hair down to her waist. Her skin is pale and on the back of her neck is the Slenderman symbol, but it is often covered with her hair. She has large blank eyes, and long slender arms.

She usually wears a crooked black, spiky choker, with a maroon turtleneck, and a black jacket with a fluffy hood. Her face is often blood-stained, and her knife and sewing needle is in her hand.


Stitch was once known as Jeanna Leah. She had a peaceful childhood, up until she turned 14. Her parents died in a tragic accident, which mention the engine breaking down due to black substance in the gears and mechanics.

One day, a week after the funeral, she was kidnapped on her way home. She was then sold as a houselady to rich people, and kept for them. She was passed, owner to owner to owner. She started hating everyone, because of the constant emotional and sometimes even physical abuse experienced. One day, she accidentally broke a plate, and the woman in the house was so furious, she took her sewing needle, and sewed Jeanna's eyes shut. Jeanna cried and screamed, but the woman, when she was finished, pushed her into the forest and left her for dead. Jeanna eventually found a river, and stooped down to cool her face.

When she got up, she felt a hand on her shoulder. She was terrified, but the man comforted her. He promised her a new life and a new face. She happily agreed. But then she felt a searing pain in her neck. She blacked out, but wakes up later. She can see again! She was ecstatic. She looks at her reflection, but sees that she has a new face. But not the one she wanted. Tense, angry, and with this urge to kill, she went on a rampage. She killed every single one of her owners, before realizing she loved the thrill of the hunt. When she murdered the ones who took her sight, she stood there, laughing manically, before stitching the mistress's eyes shut. "How do you like that?!" She screamed, as she stabbed the dead girl. She felt a cold hand on her bloody shoulder, and she turned around. She was insanely happy when Slenderman said that he would take her in, and she happily kills for him. He does let her go on her own little killing sprees, but she is mostly obedient to her master.


  • Enhanced Stealth
  • Enhanced Speed
  • Enhanced Strength
  • High Intelligence



  • Her knife
  • Her sewing needle


  • Stabbing them to death
  • Stitching their eyes and mouth shut


  • Following orders
  • Revenge


  • Reading horror novels
  • Stitching
  • Fixing plush toys
  • Visiting her child
  • Comforting her child



  • Sweets
  • Murdering
  • The taste and smell of blood
  • Indian food
  • Chocolate
  • Spaghetti


  • Her victims surviving
  • Disgusting food combos
  • Failing
  • Heights
  • Falling
  • Slave Owners



  • High Intelligence
  • Unbending loyalty
  • High Success rate
  • Large bouts of energy
  • Blind Trust


  • Fear of heights
  • Fear of Failing
  • Anger is unmanageable
  • Goes off the bat sometimes, not even her leader can stop her



Both her parents died in a car crash, and she never knew them that well. The day she was taken by human traffickers, she became an object.



Stitch despises Slenderman's other proxy. She often feels like she has to compete for Slenderman's attention, and Brook's negative and sad outlook after murdering her own brother just drives her insane. She think Brook should be more thankful for Slenderman taking her in, and Stitch has made up a lot of mean nicknames for Brook, as has Brook for Stitch (Some of Brook's colourful nicknames for Stitch is 'Blind-ass bitch', 'Stupid slave', and 'Prick'.)


  • N/A


  • Stitch was created by Rainisrelaxing
  • She calls Slenderman 'Slendy', and he doesn't even care
  • The black substance mentioned in the origin is from Slenderman himself, since his original plan was to stalk her and then kidnap her, brainwashing her into becoming his proxy. But the slave thing was unplanned, and put his plans on hold for a number of years
  • One of her owners raped her and forced her to carry their child, but when she returned to kill them, she found the child neglected and abused, and {Redacted: Saved for later}


  • Her theme song(s) are:
    • Stronger than you - Chara Version