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Sophia Mae Jackson was once a normal girl with a great family. That is until her little sister murdered her, wanting to have all the love from their parents all to herself. Join her through her journey of betrayal and revenge.

Sophia was always the emotionless type until blood and guts come into the photo. Ever since she was young she loved horror, but would never consider doing the stuff she read about until after her own demise. She can also be quite cocky to some people. Her lack of sympathy makes it quite hard to keep friendships.


As a child, Sophia actually came from a good home. Her mother, Sophie Ave Jackson, and her father, Jacob Lee Jackson, loved her very much. They always made sure their daughter was as happy as she could be. But after Elly, Sophia's little sister, was born they had to divide their love and affection. Throughout Sophia's life, she noticed Elly was getting jealous of the attention she was getting. Elly wanted to be the only child in the family and would do anything to get that.

Elly often sabotaged Sophia, in hopes to make their parents hate her. Sophia knew what was happening, but forgave her little sister. But, when Elly was ten years old and started to plot her older sister's death, that all changed. Sophia grew more cautious and told her mom and dad. But sadly they failed to believe her.

One day, both sisters were walking home from school, and that was when Elly decided to push Sophia in front of a moving vehicle. It was a very foggy and dark day, so nobody saw what happened. Her sister got away with murder, but Sophia's ghost never forgot. The last words Sophia heard from her sister was "Bye, bye, sissy" and they haunted her undead spirit forever. She wanted bloody revenge. Sophia's ghost now roams streets, possessing vehicles and running over every little girl she sees, in hopes that one of those children would be her dear sister.


  • Sophia's ghost has the same appearance as when she died, looking like a wounded pre-teen is easy to lure in attention.
  • Sophia can't express emotions normally anymore, due to the fact she only feels emptiness beside her thirst for vengeance.
  • Sophia was 12-years-old when she was killed.