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Come here me out...
~ Snow Demon


Real Name: Unknown

Alias: Snow Demon

Meaning of name: Large cat-like creature with thick fur. Covered in horns and spikes

Nickname: Dangerous

Age: Unknown

Birthplace: Raised by humans in Ellenwood,Georgia

Languages: Every language in the world

Gender: Non-binary

Race: Unknown

Alliances: N/A


Weapon: Claws & Teeth

Method of Killing: Bites their throat out and uses their claws to make a smile on their victim’s flesh. They drive adults crazy by killing their kids. and whispering into the adult’s ear in their child’s voice.

Goal: Kill all hunters. Drive people insane


[C] Phrase: "Come here me out..."

Theme Song: Mad Hatter by Melanie Martinez

Hobbies: Hunting for animals

Special Item: Shark tooth necklace (Given by his deceased owners)

Likes: Kids (Sometimes), Hunting, Winter, Fall

Dislikes: Annoying kids, Hunters killing all the animals, Summer, Spring

Fear(s): N/A

Personality: Deadly, kind (at times)


Snow Demon was a cast from Heaven adopted by humans. Liz, Oliver, Clara and Damien. His parent figures found him in the middle of streets panicking about all the cars. Feeling sorry for him, they took him in and became his family figures. It started rough at first, due to Snow Demon's distrust of strangers, but he eventually warmed up to them.

Snow Demon lived a happy life with the humans and would be taken out for daily walks, help out a little with the chores and would accompany them when they went out occasionally.

But it turns out that not everyone thought that Snow Demon was friendly.

One night, the family was woken to the sounds of yelling. The other people had decided it was time for Snow Demon to go. They chained Snow Demon up as they attempted to drag him away. The family resisted and tried to take Snow Demon back, resulting in the others accidentally killing the family in their state of fury. When Snow Demon saw this, he was angered and broke free from his chains, killing everyone around him. The city was evacuated and bombed in order to kill Snow Demon.

But Snow Demon never died. Whenever people went back to the city to check if he was dead, he killed the group but left one to live to tell the tale. He now inhabits the snow region, nursing his cold and bitter wound.


Orientation: Gay

Relationship/Partner: August (Another Demon)

Family: Liz (His Mother figure), Oliver (His Father figure), Clara (His sister figure), Damien (His brother figure)

Allies/Friends: August, Clara, Damien

Rivals/Enemies: Liz, Oliver


Fur: White with bits of red

Eyes: Blue

Height: 5'3

Weight: 120

Body Type: ??

Outfit: N/A

Accessories: Shark tooth necklace (From dead parent figure)

Distinguishing Features: Multiple Tongue


Disorders(s): Depression

Abilities/Strengths: Skill with claws

Weaknesses/Faults: See's his dead family figure


Intelligence: 9

Strength: 10

Speed: 10

Agility: 7

Endurance: 8

Stamina: 9

Balance: 10

Tolerance: 7


  • Snow Demon is part leopard
  • Credit For The BackStory; @3013gameheyes

(Still a work in progress)

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