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Revenge is all I crave and Revenge is what I will get...
~ Slasher's favorite quote.

Slasher, once known as Juong-Joon, was a normal teenager boy with three wonderful siblings and a amazing group of friends. But everything changed in his life when he made the worst mistake ever which was falling in love with the wrong girl.

Slasher is a work-in-progress right now and his creator is Leslie H.


Jung-Joon was a regular 13 year old who lived with his older sister Sungha-Joon followed by his younger brother ShinSoon-Joon and his twin brother Sung-Joon. JJ loved his siblings more than he loved himself ever since his parent's died JJ was never the same ever since he was always judging himself and feeling depressed all the time. Sung-Joon on the other hand was the opposite of JJ he was always smiling and trying to cheer up his brother but nothing seemed to change JJ's emotions. One day when JJ was left alone in his room he had decided that he was tired of living and tried killing himself fortunately his twin Sung-Joon found him and stopped him not before JJ slashing the knife against his left eye blinding him and leaving a scar on his left eye.

After that attempt of Suicide JJ was never left alone ever again. When JJ and his twin where in 11th grade his twin warned him to not get in between his romances since Sung-Joon always dated whatever girl he wanted and he wouldn't take no for an answer. JJ promised his brother that he would never have any intentions to get in his dating life since he was not interested in love. JJ thought he wasn't interested in love but he was very wrong when he made eye contact with Leilani Hernandez a freshman girl.

JJ fell madly in love with Leilani and so did she although neither of them confessed to each other their true feelings. Sung-Joon had started to watch them and he constantly argued with his brother asking him if he loved Leilani which JJ denied it. That was until on Leilani's 16th birthday JJ decided to kiss her knowing that his twin loved Leilani what JJ didn't realize was that his twin had seen him kissing Leilani and that was not good. A few month's later JJ's older sister and younger brother died in a car accident one day before JJ's birthday bringing depression in his life again.

Shortly two weeks later Xavier (a friend to both JJ and his brother) died by suicide in mysterious and unknown circumstances the last words that Xavier spoke unto his friends was "I'm doing this for your own good" which sounded suspicious to authorities it seemed as if Xavier was forced to kill himself. JJ and his friends felt that something was totally wrong with the unexpected death of their friend and they where right. Five days later Theodore was found dead in his bathtub filled with electrified water the only thing JJ and his friends heard in the call from Theo was his screams. Now JJ and his remaining friends where more afraid it seemed as someone was targeting each of them but nobody knew who would do such a thing.

A month later a fire happened in the apartment Leilani, JJ and Ryder lived in Ryder has slept in that day while Leilani and JJ went out to only find their apartment building on fire. JJ ran inside the building and desperately tried to save his friend but he didn't succeed and Ryder died in the fire. JJ became more alert and knew that either him or Leilani was next and he was not gonna let that person kill her but he failed at protecting her too.

Leilani was kidnapped and JJ was taken to her only to have the option to shoot her but JJ didn't have the guts to kill the girl he loved but he didn't have to because the person who kidnapped them grabbed the gun and shot her in the forehead. JJ lost everyone he cared about and was charged for murdering Leilani and sent to prison during that time JJ called his brother Sung-Joon but he never responded his calls. When JJ was finally set free from prison he was filled with rage and he wanted to kill the person who had done this to him when he was finally face to face with the person who killed his loved ones he was surprised to find out that it was his twin Sung-Joon who had killed everyone he knew. Jung-Joon died thanks to Sung-Joon who pushed him towards a window and JJ died by falling into a car.


Slasher has turquoise/green eyes with a visible scar on his left eye he wears a earring with a cross on it, he has slightly pale skin, and has dark brown curly hair.


Slasher's personality is very hard to understand since he always seems to be serious all the time but in reality he is one of the most compassionate creepypasta ever he is kind to Sally and Lazari but can be very aggressive towards Jeff the Killer and Homicidal Liu since Slasher finds it ironical that Liu forgave his brother for almost trying to kill him. Slasher hates siblings who kill each other since he suffered something similar with his twin brother.

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