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It's up to you to suffer now
~ Sky's famous catchphrase.

Sky Derman is the daughter of the Slender man. From the age of 15, she will leave the mansion to try to escape the war between humans and Monsters. Unfortunately, search notice cards from her and others had been posted all over the villages. The SCP Foundation will catch her and she will be locked up there until she is 18 years old, where she will spend all this time having horrible experiences.


Sky was born to a father who is a monster (The Slender Man) and a human mother. At the age of 3, she saw, before these eyes, her mother being savagely killed by Lord Zalgo, the king of hell. 1 year later, Zalgo comes back again, and this time he attacks Sky by tearing out his right eye. Since these two emotional shocks, Sky's hair has turned red because normally it is black. At the age of 15, feeling weak to be able to do nothing about the war between humans and monsters, she will decide to leave the mansion, and before that she will write a letter where she will explain everything in it. She will give this letter to Splendor man. Then she left the mansion. She thought she would be calmer, but she was wrong. Several wanted notices have been posted all over the first village and surely the others. She will be caught by a man working at the SCP Foundation. He will take her to the nearest foundation where, from that day, she will spend more than 3 years locked up. And undergo many experiments a day such as tearing her tentacles many times and seeing how many times she can regenerate, doing the same with these arms, these legs, administering liquids in her to see how her body reacts, etc... She will try to escape in these 18 years, and it is by chance that her father, these uncles, and the proxies came to free her because before no one knew that she was there. She could not communicate telepathically because the SCP Foundation blocks the powers of certain monsters, especially for her and with her dangerous family. Also, since she was little, she has had a piece of her grandfather Cabadath's soul in herself. During fights, he can control her, but during SCP Foundation, none of that happened as he didn't feel her presence. Now she's 21, all she wants is revenge.


On the contrary, she is a very calm and kind person. When controlled by Cabadath, she becomes someone awful. Her voice becomes static-like her father's, Slender man.


She has red hair. her eyes are literally white except for the one hidden by this hair, which is deformed and from which the eyeball was ripped out by Zalgo. At the SCP Foundation, she had long red hair and a lock covering her eye and a gray dress that would fade over time. Now she has mid-length red hair, a long dark gray sweater reaching above her knees, high burgundy socks, gray ankle boots. She also very often wears a special harness due to that horrible back pain.


  • Sky is created by Derman68 on deviantart and Derman.master on instagram.
  • She was born on 28th February
  • She has never seen her grandparent (maternal)
  • The harness that artists often draw for Sky is a special harness for back pain. By dint of having these tentacles ripped by the SCP Foundation, she began to see severe pain and It's tight.
  • She speak German , French and English
  • She also speaks a foreign language (Demoniac) that only Sky and her family understand.
  • She is allergic to dog's hair
  • She is left-handed.
  • His blood is black on some parts of his body.
  • The skin of these hands and arms up to the shoulders are like those of his uncle Splendor. Gray and black
  • The first time she knows how to teleport alone without a family member, she was 13 years old.
  • Her tattoo on her thigh and leg is not one. It's one of those tentacles that runs down his back to his foot and is under the skin. So sometimes it changes shape.
  • If Zalgo killed her mother and gouged out her eye, it's because a monster has no right to have a relationship with a human. Slender disobeyed and Zalgo made her pay.
  • She has two tongue piercings.
  • and another her goal is get ride of all humans of the villages outside the forest
  • She has a relationship with Tim/Masky

Theme Song(s)

Psycho by Aviva


art by connartist93

art by ichelkai592_art