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The Scream Sandwich is an odd little sandwich inhabiting the Mirror Plane. Though appears to be an ordinary cheese sandwich, it actually has a strange trait that could lead to the end of humanity.


The Scream Sandwich looks like an ordinary grilled cheese sandwich. The type of bread is speculated to be white but with its odd nature, the actual type of bread remains unknown. However, through taste testing, it is known to have both Swiss and American cheese.



The Scream Sandwich upon discovery

The Screaming Sandwich was discovered during a C.A.P.S. sanctioned experiment to test the "Elevator Game". C.A.P.S. agents Dennis O'Connor and Richard Pine came across the sandwich as they explored the parallel version of the hotel they conducted the experiment in. The sandwich, which was on a plate at the time, was placed on the floor in the middle of the hotel's hallway. Moments after the two agents acknowledged the sandwich, the subject's anomalous ability activated. Soon after the sandwich began its vocalization, the volume of the sandwich began to increase gradually to the point where physical harm was done to the agents. This prompted O'Duffey to shoot the sandwich with his gun, effectively destroying it and stopping the screaming. The sandwich, however, reformed into its original shape and began to vocalize again.

Powers and Abilities

  • The Scream- The reason for its namesake, the Screaming Sandwich has the ability to vocalize, gradually getting louder each time it says a word. This ability is triggered by looking at the sandwich The only word it has been recorded saying is "walla". The sandwich "says" this in rapid succession, each time rising in volume. It is agreed that the sandwich can get louder infinitely if given the chance. The Scream can get loud enough to destroy eardrums, cause internal damage to those nearby, and even bring down entire buildings. The Scream can overtax sound-absorbing materials if it gets loud enough. So far the only way to stop the sandwich from screaming is to deform it.
  • Reformation- The Screaming Sandwich has the additional to reform to its original state no matter how deformed it gets. The sandwich had survived deformities such as:
    • Being shot with a high powered rifle
    • Being chewed
    • The human digestive tract
    • Thrown into an incinerator 
    • Dipped in sulfuric acid


  • Do NOT eat the Screaming Sandwich, it will reform and begin Screaming.
  • The Screaming Sandwich may be an obstacle created by The Senses in the Mirror Plane.