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made by Austin Thao

Saint William was the 6th grader every time he goes to school, he always talks to his friends, but six bullies still appear to mess with them. Everyday Saint went into a deep depression. One friend died, one got injured, one got stabbed, one looked beat up. Of course, Saint William was fine, well, if he wasn't 13 years old. He started staying home for weeks. His mom and dad were worried he didn't even eat, watch tv or listen. His dad and mom left. He was sad, crying for one 1hr. He should have got better luck in the past.

Once his friends came to sleepover he was relieved but he was still depressed his friends asked him what's wrong Saint told them and they said "it's ok bud even if a friend died he's still here" that cheered him up 7 hours passed and it was 11:00 he was so mad that his parents left him leaving by himself because he knows when it's tomorrow his friends leave he had to figure out what to do but his anger was so triggered he couldn't hold it in he roared like a monster when he was possessed by the demon named "Sider" then his friends woke up looking worried one of them said "that's Saint's voice lets go check" they went and saw,he was holding a small knife for cutting he went insane he teleported behind his first friend his head cuts in half his other friends turn around slowly they run but another director gets cut,another,another and the last one Saint put on a mask and said "do you want to die..." his friend said no Saint said "wrong..." he stabs his last remaining friend and says "im sorry but you have to meet an end"

He continues his killing spree every time he kills, he gets inhuman speed turning himself invisible he was finally caught for what he's done he got sentenced to death row in a gas chamber he runs in a circle making the gas unbreathable he went so fast he split it in half and jumped then he killed all the cops in the prison place. He gave himself the name Saint the Killer. Someone was a challengeable opponent. He was just fast like Saint the Killer. He threw knives, and his victim turned left. He exited the house. Saint was still finding the survivor and made it his goal ever since the survivor is still alive. At the same time, Saint the killer roams looking for him and killing families. What changed Saint Williams is the bullies. If they didn't make a friend die or his parents didn't leave him, he would think of have life protected, but now he can never change.

One year has past the survivor was still worried still dreaming about him and having nightmares he wakes up every minute because he's a serial killer an insane one mainly he covered his house nothing but pure darkness he wasn't that smart in the dark,in the dark is more scarier he got up and flipped the switch on *click* he went to get some food he saw something in the distance it was a note he went outside and it said "YOU HAVE TO LEAVE OR HE COMES RUN" it had blood on the message,Saint the Killer was standing there the survivor ran into the forest without thinking Saint went with stealth and speed the survivor did not look back he would of had more nightmares forever on he didn't give up just yet because he found the police station he went in there Saint the killer teleported inside there when the survivor was explaining what happened the cops got killed (all of them) then he ran again he saw cars Saint sliced all the cars in half though *BOOM* explosions the survivor then went back to his house.

Saint was trying to cut it in half. All directions he did were no match. The survivor thought that would hold him, but he remembered that he could teleport as soon as he opened the door. He went outside and...splash blood came out of the survivor. The survivor had one last word "you forgot something look" the cops catch him Saint tries to cut in half runs everywhere trying to teleport nothing worked, the survivor then died the cops rewarded him a cap badge and said thank you, Saint was back at the prison he was trying to create a strong sword with his dagger he used the metal from the prison, and once he was out he freed all the prisoners with his new-made ultimate sword and killed all the cops again. Still, this time he was possessed two times by a demon named "S."

He then started to roam the cities and killing a lot of people to satisfy his blood lust...