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Sadiya is a relative of Zalgo in the I Eat Pasta for Breakfast comic series.


Sadiya has four main forms to go off of, her most recognized form would have to be her Day skin (Sadiya has two major skins.

Art by Chibi-Works

Day skin and Night Skin.) The day skin is a result of her own exoskeleton, hot pink hair, having two curly hair tails, black eyes with light blue irises. She wears a gray bow tie, blacktop, gray shorts, and black boots. Sadiya’s night skin has white straight hair, her transparent demon horns, and has vibrant skin, like a night sky, otherwise, her outfit stayed the same. Sadiya‘s mindscape form looks more human than her previous two forms, having black puffy hair, pale brown skin, blue eyes, and a cream-tan gown that is attached from the neck to her feet. Her human appearance retained most of her body features, with the addition of vitiligo blood-red skin, a light blue dress and Mary Jane's shoes.


She is a rather sassy and no-shit kind of person. She does have serious loyalty as long as you keep her trust. She will put family over strangers (all aside from her father Abbadon). She is smart, reliable, and kindhearted despite her sassy ways. [1]


  • Mindscape is a form demon offsprings take when entering the shared mind of their inner demons. 
  • Her human disguise is her least favorite, without the cover of her exoskeleton she feels vulnerable and exposed. Her skin also resembles vitiligo with a darker variety. 
  • Sadiya is 250 years old and her height is 6’3”
  • Creator is Chibi-Works
  • Sadiya was featured in "I Eat Pasta For Breakfast" later in the series.