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I'm rotting and I need someone to finally satisfy my hunger
~ Usual phrase Rex says to him future victims.

Rex or Red Rex as it has become known, is a serial killer, but not a normal serial killer, it has supernatural forces and this because this being is half human and half demonic entity.

Red Rex is two beings in a single young human body, both physically, psychologically and spiritually. Rex was once an ordinary boy, but then an evil entity known as "Red Booster" entered his body, making him what he is now.

The moment Rex was possessed by this entity, he not only gained new abilities and new consciousness, but also got a new look.

However, while the red entity is inside his body, Rex over time will rot and become ill, in addition to his mental health will deteriorate completely, this because Red Booster is made of so much harmful energy that it poisons the boy's body if has not been able to strengthen his hunger for a long time. For this, Rex gets healthy and strong people, attacks them, one of his favorite ways to subdue his victims is to twist their limbs until they break and tear them off, at that time his victim will be immobile without limbs and suffering from intense pain, that will be Rex's opportunity to bite into some part of his victim's body to suck as much blood as he can until he takes the breath away from the unfortunate person.


Red Rex is a teenager, 17-19 years old. His height is middle, he's slim, and all the hair of his body turned red. The same with his eyes, red like fresh blood. His hair is a little long. He's dressed with a jacket of crimson color, the pants are crimson also. In fact, his name is not only because of his fusion with Red Booster, his name is because of the color of his body and his clothes. The Rex's skin is white. Something important to him is the black glasses that he wears in his hair, Rex uses this black glasses to protect his eyes of the hurt caused by the sunlight.


Rex has usually a calm demeanor. He's funny and pleasing, but his humor is so black. When his mental and physical health runs danger, his demeanor degenerates in madness.

First victim:

  • His mother.
  • His sister.
  • Priest Lander.


  • Vampire teeth to drink blood.
  • A superhuman strength.
  • A higher than normal speed.


  • His body is human.
  • Blessed things.
  • Spiritual energy against demonic beings.
  • The sunlight in his eyes.


History- Origin:

Rex and his family were in holidays at the beach. They were staying there in a hotel room. In that hotel they noticed that paranormal activity was happening but they did not take it much importance.

When they got home, Rex had caught a cold. At first he didn't seem to be that serious. What had actually happened is that an entity had managed to enter his body and spirit. Rex was sick for days, weeks ... and months. His behavior was degenerating into madness, his body was rotting / dirtying, all the hair on his body that was black was turning red as well as his eyes.

Rex was so bad that he no longer seemed to be the same person, he hurt himself, his strength was abnormal, he became aggressive and tried to kill his family and people in general, so his family had to chain him in his room.

In the end, Rex's mother concluded that it was all a possession so she contacted a priest. The priest Lander, who heard the boy's situation, decided to go to the house of the infected. There he met Rex inside his room sealed with chains. Upon entering and realizing that it was demonic activity, Lander tried hard to exorcise Rex and the demon from him, but Rex ended up breaking free.

Rex attacked her mother first, twisted and ripped her arms from her and when she was writhing in pain, the boy leaned up to her neck and sucked all of her blood to death. He then attacked Landre, who tried to escape, but Rex bit his back, destroying all their flesh, muscles and nerves to suck the blood.

Since then, Red Booster has kept Rex's body, as this entity seemed to like the body of this young man.

Pentagram.pngBy: Ed Dead