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Red Booster (With demonoligical name Blajkaj Redrürko) It is a demonic entity or evil specter whose objective is to find human bodies to possess, the ones that serve it the most are living, healthy and strong bodies.

this entity can be invoked but also partially taken out of human reality. It is part of a demonic species called "Boosters", which are ghostly beings allegedly made of negative energy in its pure state, these beings take over things, in this case, Red Booster takes over human bodies.

The goal of Red Booster (like everyone else of his kind) is to bring the human race out of the pain it is in. In fact, regardless of whether or not the person chosen by the Booster is unhappy, this specter will still "save them from their pain" by killing him in a way that looks like suicide. In this case, the Red Booster possesses human bodies, he uses that body to kill other people by stealing their blood and in the end controlling the possessed body to commit suicide and the demon is free for another body.

How does this entity looks:

Red Booster is like a mass in a gaseous state, a very dense red smoke. His face unlike the other Boosters shows an evil expression: a smile and cold eyes with a frown. His stature becomes that of an average adult, and his body is not exactly defined, so his legs and arms are not distinguished, the only detailed limb is the head.


Red Booster seems to be one of the only ones of his kind who has evil intentions. The most effective way to know how bad this entity is is to see how it acts with the people it owns. Seeing that he has enough mentality and consciousness to control a human body not only to commit suicide with said body but also to murder more people with that body, it is concluded that this specter is extremely malevolent in character.

First victim known:

Daisy McLeod. A teenager cause of the invocation of Red Booster. Thanks to her this entity now walks among our dimensional plane.

Known Skills:

  • Possessing and controlling people.
  • Immortality.

Known weaknesses:

  • Blessed things.
  • Spiritual energy against demonic creatures.

History- Origin:

It's unknwon its original source, how it was born or formed. Some say that it was created from the blood shed in death during the entire time of human life on earth. By the way, it is not exactly known his age / how long he has lived / when he was born.

Its only true origin is upon its origin in our dimensional / spiritual plane. A frustrated girl named Daisy McLeod summoned the entity to get revenge on everyone she hated and had hurt her. Consequently, Red Booster being summoned joined the spiritual part of Daisy. Not only did Daisy begin to get sick and slowly rot, but she also changed physically. The hair all over her body reddened, her eyes as well. Daisy obtained certain supernatural abilities and in order not to continue getting sick and rotting she went to kill those she needed to kill. She went with them and killed them by sucking all their blood. To some she first she twisted and tore the limbs off.

Finally when Red Booster fulfilled her objective, to know that Daisy's body was not so necessary, so he controlled the girl so that she threw herself on the train tracks committing supposed suicide. The demon was left free and in search of another human body to possess.


  • The only Booster that possess life.
  • At some point, quite possibly when he was not yet on the human dimensional plane, Red Booster had neither color nor temperature.