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I'll Cut You Up!
~ Razor
~ かみそり


Real Name: Izumi Fujiwara

Alias: Razor 

Meaning to Name: Due to her choice of weapons 

Nickname(s): Izu, Mimi, Fuji, Kuro, Shiro, and Zumi 

Age: 21 

D.O.B: May 15 1998 

Birthplace: Okinawa, Japan 

Language: Japanese, English, Korean, and Chinese 

Current Residence: Unknown

Gender: Female

Species/Race: Human 

Status: Active 



  • (Former) Ballet dancer  
  • (Current) Proxy  



  • Face razor
  • Razorblade
  • Razor saw
  • Box cutter
  • Black Daito sword

Method of Killing:  

  • She races towards the victim and slices them up with her various weapons  
  • She throws daggers at her victims from far away  

Goal/Reason to Kill:  

  • Insanity  
  • Mental Breakdown  


[C] Phrase: “I'll Cut You Up!

Theme song: Love Me. Love Me. Love Me.


  •  Cabaret 
  •  Jewelry making 
  •  Blacksmithing 
  •  Metalworking 
  •  Origami 
  •  Sewing 
  •  Reading 

Special Items: Razor necklace 


  • Watching cabaret performances  
  • Creating jewelry with her razors  
  • Blacksmithing her blades  
  • Working on her Daito sword with metal  
  • Making doll origami  
  • Sewing up her clothing  
  • Reading about fairy tales 


  • Not having free time to watch cabaret performances  
  • Her jewelry failing  
  • The blades become dull over time  
  • Daito sword becoming broken  
  • Origami being ripped up by Rabbit Stalker  
  • Sewing up her ripped clothing  
  • Being told to grow up  


  • Deepwater 
  • Snakes 
  • Storms 


  • Barbaric 
  • Clever 
  • Cruel 
  • Dirty 
  • Petty 
  • Weak-willing 


Backstory: Izumi Fujiwara was the only child of Itsuki and Yuuna who was born in Okinawa, Japan. Both of her parents were Japanese-American Marines stationed in Okinawa for their respective jobs. Despite being in a military family, her parents would teach her to always be a proper lady and to be a good girl.

Her parents didn’t want her to enter military life because they wanted a prim and proper little daughter, so they only taught her basic military self-defense. They began to manipulate her, stating that a proper little girl would have no negative emotions nor would she be dumb. Therefore, Izumi studied and made sure she would be on top of her classes.

According to them, she had to be a smart, happy, and proper little girl for them. Throughout her school years, she would never get lower than an A+ because according to herself, she was a good girl. Whenever she would feel sad, angry, disappointed, or anything else than happy, she would imagine her parents yelling at her to be a proper lady.

Her parents were enforcing the mentality of being a smart proper little girl. When having negative emotions, she would push it down and fake her own emotions for the satisfaction of her own parents. To satisfy her own parents, she had enrolled in ballet. Ballet was a graceful and feminine dance for her to join, and her parents supported it.

However, her mother Yuuna became obsessed with the idea of her perfect little girl being a ballet dancer, so she enforced Izumi to train harder. Izumi would train for days and days perfecting each mistake she made according to her mother.

Izumi practiced to the brink of death because she wanted to satisfy her own parents. She needed to show her parents that she can become a prim proper ladylike they wanted her to be. Due to training herself to the brink of death, she began to suffer the consequences. Izumi began to suffer from eating disorders like Bulimia, and Anorexia. Since she was suffering from the two eating disorders, she had become anemic, which took a toll on her body. Her skin began to turn white due to the skin condition pallor and her hair began to fall out. To hide her unladylike appearance, she began to wear wigs to hide her balding head.

Yuuna her mother would always compliment how beautiful her hair was, and how pale her skin is. Izumi wanted her to know the truth, but it was worthless because she didn’t want to destroy the fantasy they had for her. During ballet classes, she would suffer from nosebleeds, fainting, and minor internal bleeding. Not only was she suffering in her ballet classes but since she was enrolled in Tohoku University, she constantly pushed herself.

Tohoku University was the best university Japan had to offer, but their grading system was strict, causing Izumi to push herself over her limit. When she began to practice for an upcoming ballet performance, she began to neglect her studies for her classes, which was a mistake that cost her everything. One day, when she entered her class she realized there was an exam which she did not study for.

Knowing she didn’t study for the exam, she knew she was going to fail. Skipping the exam would cause her grades to drop, so she did the exam. For nights, she would continue to think about the exam and which score she got. This made her begin to scratch her skin and bite her fingers.

She tried her best to stop this form of self-harm because she knew if her parents found out, they would yell at her to be a proper lady. A week later, she was in her ballet studio practicing with her friends, until she saw her mom walk into the studio fuming with anger as she held a paper. Izumi walked up to her, and saw her exam score was an A-.

Her mother began to scream at her for being a bad girl and for getting a bad grade in the exam. Izumi tried her best to explain she was too busy with ballet, but her mother dismissed her. Her emotions began to swirl around, and she tried her best to handle her emotions. Her mother left her behind as her tears spilled onto the floor. Izumi picked up her items and walked back home with shame in her name.

When she entered the house, her parents began to yell at her for having a bad grade and that a proper lady wouldn’t have that type of grade. Izumi snapped at them for having high expectations of her, but it landed to her getting slapped across the face by her father. Izumi dropped her stuff and ran to the shed with tears streaming away.

Izumi laying in the bathtub art by rinngososaku

So many negative emotions were swirling…the emotions her parents told her not to have. Bursting the door open, she grabbed a garden knife and began to cut her wrist open. Each thrush was harder than the other one, and she began to scream. She just wanted her parents to be proud of her. Her punishment was deserved because she had been a bad girl. Izumi continued to cut on her wrist until her mother found her cutting down to her wrist bone.

The pain kept her feeling safe and happy. She felt emotionally numb, but now she was physically numb. Her mother took the knife away, and they sent her off to the hospital. When she was in the hospital, she was under strict suicide watch for two weeks, and in the hospital, her emotions were wrecked. Dazed out for most of the days as she muttered she was a good girl.

She deserved to hurt herself to show her parents she is a good girl. Izumi began to remember the blood pouring out of her wrist, making her feel happier because the pain reminded her that she was a good girl to hurt herself. When she came back from the hospital, she was no longer their precious little girl. She was a different daughter for them now.

The pain was what kept her alive, and when she tried to explain to her parents she was still their little girl, they dismissed her. Her mind snapped with emotions warping inside her. Walking down the shed, she pulled out a sharp item and walked back to her house.

Tears streamed down her face, and her heart quickening, she rushed towards her parents. Her parents needed to know she was a good girl. They had to see the smart and proper lady they manipulated to be. Her raw emotions got the best of her and with no remorse, she murdered her parents to show them she was a good girl.

After the murders, she began to twitch and scream outside because she was a good girl. A good girl can have emotions, a good girl can cry, and a good girl can kill. Izumi just wanted her childhood back as her human rights were stripped away. 


Orientation: Heterosexual

Relationship/Partner: Rabbit Stalker is her operator for the group The Prowlers. He is of tall build, with brown hair mainly wearing his rabbit mask. In her eyes, Rabbit Stalker and her are dating and she believes one day he'll propose to her. However, they are not in fact dating, and he allows it because he's afraid she'll leave the group if he doesn't accept her.  


  • Itsuki her father
  • Yuuna her mother




Hair: Black

Skin: White 

Eyes: Black

Height: 5’2

Weight: 115

Body Type: Thin 

Outfit: Black long sleeve Lolita dress with ruffles, black gloves, black knee stockings, with black lolita shoes

Accessories: Black ribbon on dress, and stockings  

Distinguishing Features: Pale skin 



  • Bulimia - A serious eating disorder which has the person binging on food then take methods to avoid weight gain (via. purging)
  • Anemia - A condition in which there is a lack of healthy red blood cells in the blood
  • Pallor - A skin condition in which the person has a loss of color in their skin to the point it's pale (common in Anemic people)
  • Histrionic Personality Disorder - HPD is a personality disorder in which the person has unstable emotions along with distorted self-esteem, the person tends to behave dramatically to get attention


  • Peak-Human Condition 
  • Adrenaline Activation  
  • Razor Attacks 
  • Slash Projection 
  • Blade Construction 
  • Impalation 
  • Speed Throwing  
  • Have peak-human condition  
  • Ability to attack with razors and sharp objects  
  • Project slashes  
  • Constructing blades in great skills  
  • Impale anyone with great skill and accuracy  
  • Able to throw anything sharp in great speed  


  • Due to her peak-human condition, she needs to constantly work out  
  • After her adrenaline wears off she passes out up to three days  
  • She is unable to slice through steel with her razors  
  • She needs certain metals and machines to create her perfect razors  
  • Her slash projection relies on her ability to throw and her razors  
  • If she is not careful enough, her blades can have defects and be useless  
  • If she is not careful enough, she can impale herself as well 
  • Unable to throw large razors/blades at targets  
  • In order to throw at a great speed, she needs smaller razors/blades  
  • After the adrenaline is worn off she knocks out for 3 days  


• Intelligence: 8

• Strength: 8

• Speed: 8

• Agility: 7

• Endurance: 7

• Stamina: 9

• Balance: 9

• Tolerance: 4

Notable Quotes

  • “I’m a good girl, mother! I promise you, please.” - When her mother found her self harming, she pleads to her mother she was a good girl 
    • “私はいい子よ、母よ!約束して” - In Japanese 
  • “You promise that I’m a good girl?” - Rabbit Stalker tried to recruit her for the group The Prowlers, and reassure her she was a good girl 
    • “あなたは私がいい子だと約束したの?” - In Japanese 
  • “I’m a good girl! No one can tell me otherwise!” - After she attacked her family, she snapped and screamed as she ran away 
    • “私は良い女の子です!そうでなければ誰も教えてくれません!” - In Japanese


  • Izumi translates to Spring
  • Fujiwara translates to Wisteria Plain
  • She has combat experience due to her parents being Marines
  • She creates her own weapons since her old weapons broke due to cheap metal
  • She taught herself black smith and metalworking for her weapons 
  • She is quite flexible due to her ballet experience 
  • She is the only child  
  • She has a wig to cover up her bald spots
  • She actually suffers from Pallor, which causes her skin to whiten
  • She also suffers from Bulimia
  • Her nicknames Kuro and Shiro are Black/White in Japanese due to her black hair and white skin
  • Due to her Anemia, most of her hair fell down, so she wears a black wig to cover it up
  • Despite being small her height and possibly underweight, she is still quite strong 
  • It could be due to possible adrenaline that's in her system 24/7 
  • After her adrenaline is gone, she always passes out for two to three days straight  
  • Modeled after the song, "Love Me. Love Me. Love Me.", and physical appearance of Riisa Naka
  • Her creator is Black Bullet235