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  1. Ray Sadienie Proxy‘s Backstory

Find the Hidden: Chapter 1


I’m going to try and keep this short I don’t have much time to tell.

As a kid I lived with my mom, dad, brother, and sister.

Our family was wealthy. My mom and dad were players in deals, loving, and games.

My parents were strict about talking or being around others.

When I was 5 years old, my mom introduced me to this tall, dark skinned, man. His name is "Sinsiner." my mom said,

“This is my daughter, Ray, this is Sinsiner and he will be staying over for the night.”

I looked up at the tall man who stood before me.

“Why do you have horns?”

Sinsiner’s eyes widened, my mom stopped. She turned to me and excused me and her from the tall gentleman, pulled me aside and scolded,

“How dare you say that to our guest!”

She said that harshly, looking at me with her piercing cold blue eyes that almost looked gray disgust in me. I felt guilty and looked down, not saying anything more, we went back to the man and I apologized. The man said it was alright and he forgave me.

|End of chapter one|

Welcome In: Chapter 2

I looked down not looking up to face Sinsiner his hair, black, long, and straight my mom turned to the door and opened it asking for Sinsiner to come in. Welcoming the man into our home I followed along.. of course not making eye contact with them unless they talked to me.

As we entered something felt off as if a dark presents has entered our house. I shock it off. I was just a kid my dad excused us to go play in our room with our toys.

So I did, I didn’t talk to the man that night nor the next day. He left and seemed to disappear no one talked about him since then it was only 10 years later when everything became a reck of a place.

|End of chapter two|

Medicine and Pills Is All You Need: Chapter 3

It was me my sister Tier, brother Jackson, and my parents home. We lived in the woods in some place others could not find Us, just the way it always had been this was a good thing for my father for he hated seeing others. He loved to keep our family a secret for our “safety” of course. I didn’t know much I had just turned 15 I loved to read books and I didn’t get much schooling nor work in due to dad never wanting us to be seen, but from what?

I never was allowed to question. I never thought of asking anything afraid to be punished or yelled at by my mother or father.

If I was to happy, excited, upset they had one awnser take your meds. They always assumed giving me pills and medicine will fix the problems. Weather the pills made my sadness worse, make me more sleepy or more awake, even if it made me feel nothing as long as it got me to listen to them.

To be the perfect daughter they ever wanted. Well my sister and brother where treated as if servants. I was treated the “best” but, then again. If i stepped out of space they would tell me to take my medicine to put me back in my place.

|End of chapter three|

The Similarities: Chapter 4

My Mother:

We never speak of where she came from or her side of the family.

-curly soft blonde hair

-Soft sweet bitter Blue eyes

-Pail soft light silky skin soft to the touch.

-She was a like a house wife they would say but yet she would do the same as my father

-love, play, deal,

-she seemed nice from the outside but nothing is ever what it seems.

My Father:

-side of the family is Japanese and Chinese I haven’t met any of my other family members

-straight dark brown hair most of the time out of his face

(if he’s stress it would be in his face)

-Brown eyes that’s seemed to be like chocolates or in the sun light like gold.

-Pail skin rough to the touch. His skin tone was darker then moms he got tan easier then mom.

He was in charge of the household all, but, he was worse then mom yes he did do the same things as mom such as love, play, deal, but, of course him and mom loved each other so much they always came back to each other they never loved any one else they faked it.

When I became a teen dad did things I did not know where wrong in the future touching me, pulling my hair, the pills, medicine to me he seemed like a normal dad if others where to know who knows what would happen.

My Brother:

-light brown hair in the darker shade it would look like my dads he resembles my dads look.

-Dark brown eyes but, light pail skin he would take my dads side on anything for they where father and son.


-Light blonde soft curly hair.

-Light blue soft colored eyes and similar look as my mom.

-Soft pail silky skin.

-I was shorter then my mother I wasn’t done growing.

-I was the favorite because I looked like my mother for that was the reason why my father teated me in such ways but if I stepped out of line, ...Take your pills.

My sister:

-Dark brown hair tied up.

-Light soft blue eyes.

-Pail soft silky skin.

-she was tall always looked tiered.

-She could not feel pain she was numb she would twitch at times we never knew why my father didn’t like those things about her he judged her.

(I always stuck up for her my brother always took dads side.)

|End of chapter four|

The Unseen: Chapter 5


It was a quite morning, The rose bushes a dark blood red the sun peeked threw the clouds.

My brother in the front of the house fixing the roses to make them just as pretty as they once were.

Only if the day was so calm but, death filled the air as if something was definitely wrong.

Our parents have not woke up yet which seemed to have frightened me, our parents always woke up around the same time as us? I shook it off and decided I will go check on them.

To my horror When I stepped foot in their room a cold chill went down my spin of an unfriendly presents was in the room, I went to my parents bed I called out to them to wake up.

“Mother, Father it is time to get up.”

I gently felt there skin as my eyes went cold to realize, they where no Longer alive. I stood before their bed in horror there was no sign of wounds, they where not old enough to just die like that.

Something killed them and little did I know It wasn’t finished. later that after Noon me, Tier, and Jackson all where quite. I was the one to make dinner mom teached me how to cook. To my shock When I picked up the knife... My heart pounding, I was trembling, I was caught off guard. It was as if my mind didn't know how to respond. I fainted the knife laying next to me. Buzzing, ringing filled my ears As I could hear Tier calling out to me. “r..ray....Ray..RAY! Wake up!” As I came to my sense to look over at my sister who was sobbing I slowly sat up I rapped my arms around her holding her close. “Im sorry i don’t know what happened? Please forgive me.” I said quietly not letting her go just yet.

Just then I felt my breaths get slower and my eyes widened. “What the hell is that...” out of the corner of my eye out the window in the trees I could see a tall, pail figure.

|End of chapter five|

The Chase: Chapter 6

It has become clear that we where not safe here any more. I grabbed the kitchen knife and We ran to jackson told Him that we where no longer alone. The tall figure came closer to the house we quickly left running threw the rose bushes and into the woods looking back to see if my siblings where alright.

Only to see the Tall figure Chasing us down we had to stay together no matter. We had to lose this person. No matter how fast we ran it always seemed to be close by, no matter where I looked the Trees seemed endless, no houses only trees. At this point we didn’t know where our home was It was endless woods for all we knew we could have been running in circles but, we didn’t give up there has to be a way out.

One second my brother was running in front of us the next he was gone the ground under him collapsed Into a whole his scream was heard. Me and my sister kept running my sister could not keep up I kept looking back at her seeing the Tall figure following It felt hopeless. Just when I looked away from Tier she disappeared No where to be found trying to hold back tears all alone I noticed the tall man was no longer in sight.

|End of chapter six|

The Paths: Chapter 7

I looked around to see not one but, 4 Tall figures. I kept running no longer looking back at them, I was panting I had to keep going, I had too I couldn’t give up now. My blue bow got stuck on a tree branch me stumbling and falling onto the ground my sight blurry felt my self drift away.. feeling hopeless, lost and scared. I got up kept running and running, until I was to tiered to run any more Falling onto the ground once again to pass out. When I came back my senses and got up I found 4 paths before me. looking at each one.

the first one normal dark fog woods.

The second small lanter or candles with bells lightened it.

The third Seemed to have thread along with ripped up clothes on the branch’s of the trees.

The Forth Had Thorn roses and a dim lighting to it where rose petals laid on the


I looked around to see the tall man was back Frightened I didn’t look which path I went down. For all I knew the tall creature was coming, ringing filled my ears my mind be came fuzzy I didn’t want to pass out now, I had to find the way out.. but, before I could think another thought I passed out.

|End of chapter seven|

Stay With Me: Chapter 8

I woke up in a cold, dim, dark room. 2 candles lit to keep a bit of light a small plate of food was set on the wooden table next to the bed I was on. Sitting up I could feel a warm liquid pouring down my back. A sharp pain filled my body, I felt my back to find what the liquid was it was a deep dark red blood my blood. I felt long cold, chilling, fingers, placed on my neck it was the Tall Man He had not left the room.

looking up at him, I could not remember his face for my mind was filled with static, head aches, and dizziness. I felt so sick but I didn’t make a sound in a dark, deep, raspy voice, I heard,

“Eat.. For you have work to do I can not let you die...”

The Tall Man cared (Cared meaning creepily stroked her hair).

My Body moved on its own eating up the food as he said. he watched as I ate bit by bit faster and faster, a sick twisted feeling in my stomach I didn’t care I followed the tall mans rules did as he told me did as he ordered he fixed my dresses and made me meals. I was one what like his daughter he took care of me and helped me teaches me things I didn’t know.

we grew close to each other though he was hash and strict on his rules and orders he still helped fix me when I was hurt or needed a guide. I always got lost in the woods that seemed endless and to go on for hours like an illusion, the tall dark trees everwhere.

we ate at noon quitely not a lot of woods spoken before we head off to do are work. I helped to end the humans the hunger in me was for flesh for that was what the tall man was feeding me he was doing tests on me. I ripped the organs of the human out one at a time trying every one until I found the one I liked the most The beating and throbbing of the human of the human heart bitting into it the warm blood on my hands.

it came clear I could not leave the tall man for it was too late the tall man made it fully clear he cared about me as if I was something special to him, yet at the same time a helper and test subject.

|End of chapter eight|

Tests: Chapter 9

back then it was more like... how do I put it.

-Hold it-

holding your breath under water for a long time as he timed you until the point you where choking for air.

-Dark space-

a room you are thrown into where you cant see a thing he times you and Watchs as your mind and body reacts as you start to lose your self and sanity you hear small noises buzzing, static, growls, hissing, screaming, screeching, all kinds of things and you don’t know if there is something there you lose your mind as they get louder you are kept in there for hours days nights some may have ended up eating at them selfs, well others starved, some completely lost sanity turned into a monster of beings.

another Thing was temperature, how you react to it he wrote down all of it he learns your triggers, yelling, quite, hurting animal, hurting kids, anything the tests don’t stop until he knew mostly everything he had too.

He Gave me med’s to keep me calm when I seemed like I needed them the most.

He learned that I was triggered when holding knives, yelling fighting, Injections.

He learned that I hated mediation he would force me to take it if he had too, he learned my body desitigrates in water, and that I dont know how to swim my body was dead but alive? He tried to explain I was stuck as a 15 year old my body was in a loop repeatedly over and over only things to kill me was water, and others I could not kill my self my body would not allow me.

when he learned everything he needed to know we settled in with each other he was now more calm I grown used to the sickness of blood coming out of my mouth and having bad nose bleeds, feeling dizzy having static in my mind, buzzing and ringing in my ears would be loud some times but I was ok with it.

|End of chapter nine|

Don’t Be Afraid: Chapter 10

One night I decided to thank him for all he had done even though it wasn’t the best life it was nice having him some times for Protecting me and training me, teaching me.

I realized I never really asked him any questions..,

“Sir, may I ask you something?..”

I said nervous looking down. He lifted my chin up so I was looking up at him in his raspy voice he said.

“Yes my child you may ask me any questions as need for I have teached you well and me and you belong with me and serve for me.”

i gulped looking at him my mind filled with white static making it hard to think.

“what are the test results?”

He got up left the room quitely and came back with papers he sat down on my bed in my cold loney room and handed them gently to me.


Full name: Ray Pink Sadienie

Eye color: blue

Hair: curly blonde

Race: [Mixed] Asian & ??? (Moms side of the family is unknown)

Age: 15(loop-15)

birthday: Nov, 15 1835

weakness: water (if she’s in it for over 1hour and 30 minutes her skin will start to designate and she can’t swim so she would drown.)

food: human hearts, and sweets

likes to fight with battle axe, kitchen knife, gun.

role: Helper, daughter, wife? maybe. good cook, short, likes reading, murder

Ability’s: heals faster then normal humans, strong able to break a persons scroll if mad enough, bones stronger harder to break then human bones, rare to have heart problem, can not blink for over 2 hours, can run for 2-3 miles non stop but is harder do to her chest.

there was a few other things but I can’t remember, I went to sleep that night with A mind of static. some time has past sense my brother and sister went missing I couldn’t help but to let my emotions take over as tears rolled down as I laid in bed crying I feel asleep to the ringing that filled my ears grew louder. knowing I would one day get away only to be brought back to them the creators out of the human eye where they can see you but you can’t see them.

the blood from the wound when I first met him was mixed with black blood which I assume was his blood it stings when touching your skin messing with your mind what I thought was a bite mark was just him marking me with a symbol it seemed to be a circle with an X on top. i tried washing it off no effect on it every few years he will do more tests to see if their is a change and remark you.

I kept a few things in mind. The woods seemed endless and like an illusion to the human eye bad times to go in when there’s fog, clouds out, dim or dark out. A safe time, when the suns out and you are feeling welcomed that is when you shall go in. The Tall Man is what I call the tall creator who’s face I can’t remember do to static always erasing it from my mind giving me headache. He had rule i must follow and I didn’t know his gender so I rather call it them, or he for the Tall Man didn’t mind turns out he only picks a few or one human to be his helper for the rest who did not make it I assumed died in the tests or became his food. my hopes was for one day to get out and find a normal life, but so far there’s no way out of this life you can’t escape him when he has already made up his mind. Time seems endless here it goes slower then it seems humans can’t see me for my voice to them sounds like whispers and static it has come clear that I am now out of the human eye and I can not go back. (Found in 2014 Posted 2018 Remade 2020)

Ray Sadienie Proxy theory By @333Littlemonster333

No Insane wants to grow up.

Having injections, death, work, family, kids. Nobody wants to worry about love or losing a close friend, but that’s something people have to go threw in life. Ray thought she could stay with her friends forever and that they would stay with her forever. I know it hurts cause it’s not easy having to grow up and lose loved ones but you know you have to learn to let people go.

I have been helping to work on Ray Sadienies story since 2014 and even before I stayed by the creators side for over 5-7 years working on characters, but I have a theory for Ray Sadienies Story.

Rays parents were bad people, they wanted a boy but got a girl, they wanted ray to be perfect for their standers. So back then they thought medicine can fix everything along with killing the person. Ray was always given medicine and pills to the point where she started having hallucinations. Her siblings went “missing” cause they decided to grow up and leave Ray behind because she couldn’t keep up. Rays was scared of growing up, she had issues with her father and her mother was lost hope. The Tall man is actually just Rays hallucinations of her fears coming after her and the fact she will always have to grow up. When Ray passed out in the woods that’s when she died.


  1. The tall man did not only kidnapped Ray but he trained her to be a killing machine.
  2. Rays Loop keeps her looking 15 forever until some one kills her.
  3. Ray’s birthday Is November,15 1835
  4. how old would Ray be in human years? In 2021 she will be 181 years old.
  5. Is Ray a human? Not exactly, Explanation Ray at first was born with the ability to see out of the human eye creatures. Not only this but after the Tall Man trains ray and puts her under many tests Sinsiners brother King Blackout orders for the Tall Man to hand over Ray. The Tall Man refuses at first but after some time King Blackout makes a deal with the Tall Man. This deal is something similar to the deal that Proxy 333 made with the Insanes. King blackout orders that he will return her alive to him when The Tall man needs her the most. King blackout gives Ray demon named Crystal. [short info] Crystal eats all kinds of organs It ends up over time giving ray a loud high pitched scream that can shatter glass. As well as Invisable hands. Crystal is non-Binary But wants to be seen as a boy.

The tests that King blackout does on Ray not only gives him information but made Ray Crazy making her to turn into Smiles from Insanes Brokenfeelings. Smiles fell in love with a guy named joon they had one daughter. Their relationship was toxic they fell in love fighting the cops. Only for them to break up years later due to InsanesVSGateways Fight where Ray returns back to The Tall Man in her normal form other then sharp teeth.

6. Rays hight is 5,1-5,3

7. What is Ray’s sexuality? Ray is Bi Sexual

8. Rays Code number when testing was 355

9. Ray personality Caring, harsh, protective,

10. Ray is afraid of medicine, pills, needles and heights.

11. Ray was a Nurse for some time where she would sell pills to drug people to lower them close to death so she would be able to sneak up and give them a heart attack.

12. Ray killed a 5 year old girl in her house where she stuffed the little girls heart into a pink teddy bear and named it soft.

(Info on soft -Just scroll past if you don’t care.) when you hold or are in the room of soft or the Teddybear you can still hear the sobs, Crying, whispers the 5 year old girl. Can soft age? Yes but it takes a lot of energy and time to turn into a teen and kid she can’t age far 5-17 in human form she can be 29. Soft is a rare angel who’s eyes glow bright white static she has 5 wings on each side and 3 white halos. She has the ability to bring others back to life and heal the sick [how ever! She will put a hand on ur cheek, forhead  or back the healing it taking her light/energy to heal your body faster it can damage soft if it takes a long time blood will start leaking out of softs eyes, mouth ,even nose if she pushes her energy to hard or Trys to rush it she will feel very weak and tired if she uses a lot of her energy to heal some one. Leading her to pass out after time. But she can give u the ability to see, hear, taste, and to move. Soft is a lesbian Married to Eyeless Zoey. What does soft eat? (Bugs & Sweets) Soft has a curse on her that also has to do with the broken loop she has on her age. The curse is if the Teddybear leaves the woods or house all the bugs will come to life infesting the town and woods, killing any one or thing in its path destroying the town leaving nothing but woods until the teddybear returns. What does soft look like? The little girl has soft brown hair and light brown eyes. In creature form she has over 30 sharp pointed teeth in her mouth that help her eat bugs her tongue may seem small and cute at first but when she’s hungry she will show you how long it can get opening her mouth all the way with pale soft skin she wears a white ripped shirt and a dirty worn down white skirt. Soft will only attack you if you hurt her friends or family. soft carry’s around a little metal pail to put all her bugs in. Things that soft hates? 1. Abandonment/being left alone 2.loud noises/yelling/screaming/Tunder 3. She hates her sharp teeth and tongue 4. She doesn’t like getting in trouble and doesn’t understand it and last thing is the dark.

13. Why does ray look so skinny? She’s not skinny she’s a bit cubby she just wears a white corset.

14. Ray’s was sent on a mission to retrieve Lost proxy 333 and teamed up with them.

15. In 2031 Ray or Proxy333 will be taken away by the tall man to set the other one free, proxy333 ether dies in a fire or goes missing or ray doesn’t complete her mission and the tall man kills her for not complaining the task she was assigned to do.

Theme Songs (Songs picked by @333Littlemonster333)

Ray and The Tall Man


Ray and Jeff

“The Haunting”

Ray and Eyeless jack

  1. “hit the road jack”
  2. “Gimme More”
  3. “Are you crazy”
  4. ”Who's Crazy/My Psychopharmacologist and I”

Smiles and joon

  1. “Partners in crime”
  2. “Smile “- Avril Lavigne
  3. “Pretty Little Psycho”


  1. “crazy”- melanie martinez
  2. “Happy pills”
  3. “this is to be a heart breaker”
  4. “bubble gum b*tch”

Rays Battle side

  1. “Electricity”
  2. “Evacuate The Dancefloor”

Ray and Sins Death Gate/Slendermans pet

  1. “Me and mr wolf”
  2. “Secret Garden” - Undertale

Ray Sadienie Proxy

  1. “daddy’s lessons”
  2. “Poker face”
  3. “Applause”
  4. “Love game”
  5. ”the red means that I love you”
  6. “Medicine”
  7. “Nurses office”
  8. “Wolf and the sheep”
  9. “Smoke and Mirrors”- The Yandere Song
  10. “mama’s broken heart”
  11. “nothing breaks like a heart”
  12. ”miss jackson”
  13. “Hit and run”
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