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Rabbit Stalker Was Here
~ Rabbit Stalker
토끼 스토커가 여기에 있었다
~ 토끼 스토커


Real Name: Jungwon Moon

Alias: Rabbit Stalker

Meaning to Name: Stalks people, and ruins their lives while wearing a rabbit mask

Nickname(s): Rabbit, Bunny, Stalk, RB, RS, and Pinkie Bunny (by Razor)

Age: 19

D.O.B: September 19 2000

Birthplace: Incheon, South Korea

Language: Korean, English, French, Spanish, and Russian

Current Residence: N/A

Gender: Male

Species/Race: Human

Status: Active


Occupation: Online/Personal Stalker



  • A pair of Desert Eagles
  • Assault rifle
  • Hunting knives

Method of Killing:

  • Stalks his victims until they commit suicide
  • Stalks his victims until he kills them
  • Orders his proxies to kill for him

Goal/Reason to Kill:

  • Mentally ill
  • Loves the thought of murder


[C] Phrase: "Rabbit Stalker Was Here"

Theme song: N.O


  • Blogging on a website
  • Hacking into security systems
  • Listening to music
  • Messing around with a Rubik's Cube
  • Doing paintball with his proxies
  • Video-gaming

Special Items: Rabbit mask


  • Throwing off the police in his blogs
  • Easily hacking into the system
  • Listening to his music alone
  • Solving his Rubik's Cube under a minute
  • Winning in paintball tournaments
  • Playing video games with The Watcher


  • Messing up on his secret blogging
  • The security systems being a little advanced than his skills
  • Being annoyed by Razor when he tries to listen to music
  • His Rubik's Cube being stolen by Photographer
  • His proxies targeting him during paintballing
  • The Watcher cheating when playing video games


  • Getting caught by the police
  • Thrown in jail
  • Deepwater


  • Articulate
  • Captivating
  • Cunning
  • Confident
  • Logical
  • Obsessive
  • Sarcastic


Backstory: Born in Incheon, South Korea, Jungwon Moon was from a wealthy family. He was the youngest of the three, as his sister Jina and his brother Jungoh were the oldest. It was known that at a very young age, he was naturally gifted. Whether it was in academics or athleticism, he was succeeding in everything. He was known for being in the top 1% in all of the South Korean schools.

Despite being in the top of the school, he was still subject to bullying. Many were envious of his success so they wanted to get back at him, by tearing up his self-esteem. His classmates would always tease him in class and on social media about his physical appearance, and his strange behavior. Jungwon had rather larger eyes than the average Korean and had a wide face.

He would also act in a lewd behavior towards others who went near him. His behavior didn’t help at all because they continued to bully him. Due to the massive bullying, Jungwon grew depressed and turned to social media to find online friends. During class and in lunch, he would always be on his phone talking to his online friends. He would threaten anyone who went near him when he was on his phone.

This caused a backlash because there will be moments where the bullies would go near him, and when he tried to threaten them, they wouldn’t back down but instead get into physical fights with him. There would be days where Jungwon wouldn’t go to school since he would rather want to be online. This is because he never felt safe in the real world, so he turned to the internet world. He could only feel safe online.

When Jungwon discovered the dark web, he decided to search for it. He stood up all night searching for the websites, and live chats. The idea of the dark web had fascinated him, and he wanted to feel like he belonged somewhere. Jungwon was able to find a group of hackers from a group chat he had accidentally clicked on. He wanted to exit the group chat because he grew a little scared but a person who went by the name, “Owl” told him to stay. Jungwon soon stayed and learned about the history of the group of hackers.

The group called themselves, “Animals” with Owl being their leader. According to themselves and South Korea security, they would harass others, steal important information, and hack into security systems for pleasure and money. Under the guidance of Owl, and the rest of the group, Jungwon was able to learn how to hack professionally. He was appointed the name, “Bunny” due to him appearing innocent

Due to his prodigy in academics, he was easily able to pick up on the skills he needed. Jungwon was able to hack into computers, phones and any other electronics insight. It was even to the point he was able to crack into the South Korean social security system. With success in missions, he was highly praised by his mentor and the group. Years go by, and soon enough he was taught how to stalk online and in real life.

With enough practice, he was able to become skillful and decided to expand the business of the Animals. He had talked to Owl about the possibility of offering service towards others like a business. Owl decided to agree with it, and made one rule, however. They are not hit-men but merely stalkers. People around the world would search for their services and wire money so they can do the job.

Many wanted the group members to stalk online and offline, and send back reports. Others wanted them to hack into their enemies’ online personal accounts to expose them, or see if their partners were cheating on them. While it seems bad to join a group like that, there was some good in the services. Sometimes, they weren’t the bad guys as they did do some good like hacking into big companies and giving back the money they stole from their consumers, however it was rare.

A year later, Jungwon began to become more selfish and began to do dirty work behind Animals’ back. He had changed his name, “Bunny” to “Rabbit Stalker” To fit into his persona more, he had his sister create a rabbit mask for him to use when stalking in real life, and as an icon for his work. He used the mask to conceal his identity and in hopes to get more recognition. One day, a man came across his service and decided to offer a lot of money for a simple task. Rabbit Stalker decided to listen in and scoffed when he realized the man just asked to see if his girlfriend was cheating on him.

Rabbit knew it was going to be an easy job for him, so for 2 days, he was able to get enough information the girlfriend was cheating on the man. When Rabbit broke the news to the man, he soon ordered Rabbit to kill his cheating girlfriend. At first, Rabbit believed the man was messing around and insane, but the man was offering so much money, Rabbit couldn’t back out now. With no options left, Jungwon now prepared himself to murder the cheating girlfriend. When he entered the house, he knew it was wrong, but he had to put his own needs above his own morals. In a quick swift, Jungwon was able to commit the crime and clean up the scene.

As much as it went against the morals of Animals and himself, he knew he had to continue doing it. He loved the adrenaline and knew he would get more money doing these types of services. During the murdering, he was able to get out his remorse of allowing himself to get bullied, and the stress he had as a son.

To him, murder was the only way he can relieve himself. Months go by, and he begins to open up his services more. When Owl realized Rabbit was doing this, Owl disowned him and banned him from partaking with Animals. Jungwon grew angry and decided to continue on with his small business. He started to become more popular within the dark web and was known as a successful hit-man.

Jungwon was a prodigy for the dark web because he was successful in stalking, and successfully murdering his victims. He soon decided to test his skills by stalking his former classmates and bullies. In success, he was able to cyberbully them, expose them to their nasty habits, and their personal information. He was even able to leak their addresses and nudes for other hackers to harass them.

One by one, like a chess piece they began to commit suicide due to the disownment they faced. Despite getting revenge, he wanted more because he was still hungry. Therefore, he had planned to back-stab his family. He despised his father, a CEO who would steal money from his clients and other companies. So he leaked his father’s company information and his own father’s personal information. Due to this, his father’s reputation grew poorly and the company went bankrupt, with no other reason to live, his father committed suicide.

However, Jungwon was still not satisfied, so he decided to go with the plan to murder the rest of his family. To him, his family meant nothing to him, and he knew it was dangerous to be caught red-handed. Afterward, he fled away from Incheon, South Korea, and hid away from the real world.

Rabbit Stalker is all around the internet and in the world, stalking his future victims. He had built an empire for himself, as he now created the group, The Prowlers.

Owl, his former mentor, along with his former group members Animals are trying to take him down, however, Rabbit Stalker is always two steps ahead.


Orientation: Bisexual

Relationship/Partner: Razor aka Izumi Fujiwara and him have been together for quite some time. He does not love at all, however, continues with the games in order for her to not leave the group, The Prowlers. If she was to find out he does not in fact love her, she will leave the group. Therefore, he is only with her for benefits.


  • Jiae his mother
  • Jungyoon his father
  • Jina his sister
  • Jungoh his brother



  • Police
  • Detectives
  • News Reporters
  • His family
  • His bullies
  • Moon Jae-In (president of South Korea)


Hair: Brown

Skin: Fair

Eyes: Brown

Height: 5’10

Weight: 185

Body Type: Lean

Outfit: Black suit with a black tie

Accessories: White rabbit mask and black leather gloves

Distinguishing Features: White rabbit mask



  • Depression - Mental health disorder in which the person has a constant depressed mood
  • Anxiety - Mental health disorder in which the person has severe constant worry and/or fear
  • Borderline Personality Disorder - BPD is a mental illness in which impacts the way the person sees themselves and others with unstable moods and behavior


  • Stalking
  • Hacking
  • Computer Operation Intuition
  • Decodification
  • Imperceptibility
  • Tracking Evasion
  • Enhanced Intelligence
  • Escape Artistry
  • Crime Mastery
  • Have great skill in stalking, and hacking
  • Have great skill in tracking targets and able to hide from anyone
  • Understanding basic/advanced skills in computers
  • Able to decode anything on the computer
  • Able to escape from anything
  • Unable to be detected online and in-person


  • If not careful enough he can get caught stalking someone
  • If he gets distracted from anything his work effort can be ruined
  • When hacking he needs to make sure he is complete focus
  • He needs to always be in great focus when decoding something on the computer
  • His mask can be easily be detected
  • Being careful and not rushing is the main key for him to not be caught
  • Depends on stealth when hiding
  • Due to his clothing, he can be limited to moving around
  • Constantly needs to work on his ability for them to be in peak form
  • Unable to escape from water traps due to his fear of deep water


• Intelligence: 10

• Strength: 7

• Speed: 7

• Agility: 8

• Endurance: 8

• Stamina: 8

• Balance: 7

• Tolerance: 6

Notable Quotes

  • “You may now call me Rabbit Stalker.” - Owl had questioned Jungwon on his new icon and name, to which Jungwon replied with.
    • “이제 토끼 스토커라고 부르세요.” - In Korean
  • “I've changed my ways, it was time” - When Owl continued to ask him why did he change his motives when he realized Jungwon had murdered his first victim
    • “나는 나의 길을 바꿨다.” - In Korean
  • “I own you now.” - This is what Rabbit Stalker says once someone joins his group The Prowlers
    • “나는 지금 당신을 소유합니다” - In Korean


  • Rabbit Stalker is his alter ego
  • In the group “Animals” everyone has an animal name like Tiger or Hamster
  • Since he removed himself from Animals, they've tried to take him down
  • Learned how to hack by his mentor, “Owl”
  • He was placed on the top 1% in his whole school
  • He is one of the popular hackers in the Deep Web
  • He is able to hack into anything and anywhere due to his training from Animals
  • He is able to find where his victims live just by their photo or posting from their devices
  • His proxies are The Watcher, Razor, Crush, and Photographer
  • His former proxies were burnt to death due to their disloyalty (Hoodlum left due to war conflict in his country)
  • His IQ is most likely 155 according to his school records
  • Leader of the group The Prowlers
  • No one knows who murdered the rest of his family
  • People think he got kidnapped after his family murder
  • If he had not found the group, “Animals” he would have become a singer
  • Modeled after the song, "N.O", and physical appearance of Jungkook
  • His creator is Black Bullet235