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Original Name: [?]Unknown


Given Name: 333 [Creature form]

Catch phrase:

”Death Haunts 3”

Other phrases

“Where you can not see but we can see you”

”Out Of The Human Eye”


Slendermans Child

Slender's Child

Lost Proxy 333

Lost Proxy

Gateway 333

Gate 333

Other Names:

The unknown 3

The Quiet One

Names D.I.D [Human form]

333 Human form.jpeg

Rachel, Jade, Alex, Ect…




Canibal, Slender's Child, Following Orders


[Creature form]

Site, Speed, Hearing, Strength, Durability, Mind control, Predicting future events

[Human form]

Site, Speed, Hearing

HOBBY [Creature form]

Lurking, slaughtering, hanging, destroying, eating, sleeping,

HOBBY [Human form]

Drawing, writing, hanging, eating, and sleeping

GOALS [Creature form]

To destroy and take power over those who have done wrong.

To be free from being under others' control.

Follow orders that the One's give it.

GOALS [Human form]

To get away from the Ones who are trying to control it.

[King Blackout]





To have a normal life to write stories and drawings.


Theft, Stalking, Destroying, Trespassing, Cannibalism, Slaughtering, Manipulation, Manipulation, Multiple identities


The Creature that only one could imagine almost as if it was out of a movie.

"I awoke one foggy night to the sound of rattling chains followed shortly by a loud high pitched screech. It was almost as if someone was putting nails onto a chalkboard, I slowly got up to look out my window. I could barely see through the thick fog only the dim light of the street lamps lit up the road by the woods where the tall lengthy creature stands. As I squinted my eyes to get a better look, I could barely see horns and what seemed to be two helos as if it was some sort of demon from heaven. I slowly backed away shocked at what I was seeing, the creature seemed to stretch out what it looked like to be wings, I could see the glowing piercing eyes the left was glowed white and the right was all black except for the red glowing dot that's light seemed to cut through the fog."


I heard a familiar voice outside. I went to go look at a person with dark brown almost, black hair was dancing outside under the street lights. The person seemed to have black ripped jeans, a black shirt with a green hoodie was wrapped around its waist. The person was wearing converse and seemed to be listening to music with headphones in. I was quick to check the time for it was 3:29 AM when I saw who I thought to be my friend Rachael, something felt off the person seemed to be saying something that I could not fully hear from my house. I went and opened the window to see if it got any better but not to my surprise it didn’t do much. I closed the window which seemed to alarm the person I quickly hid trying to contact Racheal.

Racheal is more of a morning person, my messages didn’t send something that was blocking my network signals. I tried to ignore it and got dressed to go talk to the person. When I reached my front door, I heard a loud screeching noise coming from my bedroom followed by the sound of shattering glass. I panicked and ran back up the stairs to see a creature with horns and wings standing in the dark of my room. I panicked as I didn’t think it saw me but it was looking for me. I went back downstairs and ran as fast as I could out of the house not looking back. I could hear the sound of growling coming from the back of the house.


333 personality is difficult to explain, a quiet, polite, gentle creature that can also be, rude, loud, manipulative, misleading, sneaky, dark-minded, cold, stubborn, controlling.

The Original look of 333 had

  • black white hair
  • black outfit
  • red horns
  • red eyes
  • normal human-like skin tone
  • When untamed hands and arms would turn claw-like turning them pink.

The version of 333 in the original was known to not be a fan of the snow yet somehow still liked the cold, 333 was seen to be just learning about Out Of The Human Eye. 333 human side still carries around a black sketchbook for all its drawings and notes.


  • 333 was created by an old user called TheQuite0n3/Thequiteone who's name was originally supposed to be "The Quiet One." Who is now known to go by 333Littlemonster333.
  • Found in 2007
  • Posted 2012
  • Remade 2018
  • 333 is a gateway who is a multi-verse character. Another fandom it's known to be in is InsaneHorrors which started in with king blackout. [who opened a portal threw the kid's closet into the human eye traumatized the kid by making a shadow guard come through the portal bite the kid who passed out turning it onto half gateway. Then kidnapped it and tried to make it stay by offering up things like being the ruler of Out Of The Human Eye, lots of money, anything the kid would want only for the kid to turn this all down.] Other fandoms 333 is in Creepypasta, Slenderverse, Universal-333, and others.
  • 333 angel side was broken and went crazy at age 12. 333 was originally made of all darkness and meant to destroy and slaughter anything in its way. If 333 falls into the wrong hands it can have the potential to destroy a whole city.
  • 333 is not interested in the feelings of love for it nor its human side have never really understood the meaning of love and affection. [With that sad 333 nor its human side is into adult acts the creator doesn't like to see their characters in those ways and kindly asks for people to respect their say.]
  • 333/Rachel is non-canon shipped with its friend toby.
  • 333/Alex is non-canon shipped with Zeff Pain who is from the fandom InsaneHorrors.
  • 333/Jade and Jane Richardson are close due to Jade seeing Jane Richardson as a mother figure
  • 333 has a pet demon dog.
  • 333 partner is Ray Sadienie Also known to be 355/Tall Man's Helper or Smiles from InsaneHorrors.
  • In 2031 Ray or Proxy333 will be taken away by the tall man to set the other one free, proxy333 either dies in a fire or goes missing or ray doesn’t complete her mission and the tall man kills her for not complaining about the task she was assigned to do.
  • 333 human side is originally from Russia and was known to be put on meds at a young age which caused it to possibly see things and hallucinate. As it grew older it was taken off the meds but these things may have worsened.
  • 333 human side suffers from slender sickness. That also started at a young age other than the name-calling, bullying, and feeling of being ordered around which led to a lack of emotions as it grew older with other problems. It didn't seem to realize the slender sickness nor the weird events. For it was known to be quiet and keep its moth shut about it. No one bothered to tell the child tithed wise so it grew up thinking these events were normal. As it grew older these events tended to grow worse. It went from swinging on the swing with no one around. To feeling like someone was watching but, whenever you looked there was nothing to see. There were other small hints of weird events, such as the phone glitching when Jade was trying to listen to music or watch a video on it's iPad. Jade would also see these being in its dreams and when it closed its eyes. These events were originally gonna be in a series of drawings and stories called "Slender Stuff."
  • Even though 333 has wings it can’t fly.
  • 333 Human side has a black sketch book with the phrase “Out Of The Human Eye” on the cover.
  • Both 333 and it’s human side bit people at a young age.
  • 333 represents good/ bad, healthy/sick ect.
  • 333 deal with the Insanes was if “If I stay by your side and don’t leave until I’m 24 years old none of you are allowed to hurt my family or friends. Deal?” In exchange of 333 helping them to get “better.”
  • 333 human and gateway side is known to have cravings for blood and flesh which they have learned to calm down by eating other foods to replace those cravings.

What is 333 Sexuality?

-Rachel [unknown] -Jade is gender- fluid goes by non-binary most -Alex gender-fluid goes by they/them most and is Pan sexual - 333 is gender-fluid/non-binary [genderless]

What is 333 Age? Ranges from…

3, 6, 7, 12, 14 to 24.

[Human side “dies” in a fire at age 24]

Likes- Drawing, writing, sleeping, swings, music, nighttime, rain, woods, swimming, running, blood, hoodies, converse, animals, and toys.

Dislikes- falling in love, emotions, spicy food, feeling of being controlled, wanting to be alone but not wanting to be lonely, not understanding, reading, competition, judgment, talking, teasing, yelling, snow, drinking water, skirts, crop tops,

Fears- human side: belts, heights, love, judgment, disappointing others, needles/shots/injections

Issues- Dyslexia, Auto processing, High Anxiety, Depression, Paranoia, D.I.D, Trust issues, small amounts of ADHD.

The human side of 333 mainly wears most common green, black white, black (maybe pink/red) some-times Purple.